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Feb 11, 2012
Nov 26, 2010
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St.kitts (Caribbean Island)
highschool student


Active Member, from St.kitts (Caribbean Island)

Dashido was last seen:
Feb 11, 2012
    1. Icegaze
      Thanks for the +rep, Dashido.
      Kumo always FTW! :awesome
    2. Itαchi
      where are my manners lol, thanks for the rep!
    3. Itαchi
      its eddie rath, he raps about naruto. Search on youtube for him.
    4. Saru
      definitively...when i say that like 2 akatsuji dudes where dying an arc i was like, ok either Kishi is making a new akatsuki..or he needs to slow the fuck down

      I agree. Not sure what happened there.
    5. DaKakz
      lol glad you liked it ;)
      Yeah I agree about the BD, it seems like whoever has the most fans wins
      If Choji has more fans than Itachi, Choji will defeat Itachi there
      There is no logic behind the arguments in the BD
    6. Samehada
      Thank you for the rep! I have to agree, when I found my sig it made me laugh for 5 minutes :hoho oh Kisame...
    7. Icegaze
      Thanks for the rep, Dashido. ^^
    8. Skeith
      Don't worry, I'm doing my best with these.
    9. Dashido
      T_T sry Mangeykou and Dragonus...didn't mean to delete you message ...just the lil kid's :maybe :noworries
    10. Necessary Evil
      Necessary Evil
      thx for the rep bro. :)
    11. GangWarlord
      I like your signature, it speaks the truth.
    12. redneuro
      oh dude that black panther one used to be my sig, but it was so huge i figured it was annoying people. its so badass though
    13. Icegaze
      Here's even better:

    14. Arinna
      I'd rep you but I'm out of rep for the day :D don't worry about neg. I got a neg when I first joined too.
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  • About

    St.kitts (Caribbean Island)
    highschool student
    Favorite Character(s):
    Kakashi,Killer bee, Omoi, Naruto(ofc), Jiriaya, Itachi, madara, DARUI!!
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode:idk ....but i kno wuts not filler arcs -.-
    Chapter:to many awsome ones 2 choose from
    o.o i like track..anime...manga...and yyeeaa...thats it..

    reading manga..wacthing anmie ..researching religions...track and field


    This is what Darui does to your fav character:

    Top Tier Shinobi:laserbeamDarui :datass

    Darui isn't the black Kakashi

    Kakashi is the white Darui :datass
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