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Aug 24, 2009
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    1. DemonDragonJ
      Thank you for the +rep; I certainly have heard of Berserk, and I have contemplated reading it, but I am making an effort to limit how many manga series I am reading at the present time.
      1. RemChu likes this.
      2. RemChu
        Yeah, I think you would love it. Very hardcore manga.
        May 15, 2019
        DemonDragonJ likes this.
    2. Takano-san
      :mako KaWs9XapLig
      1. David likes this.
      2. David
        So good. I've been listening to that one for months now.
        Nov 28, 2018
    3. SwordsPlus
      Perhaps the Space Race that happened between the US and Russia should be brought up in your thread (in the Cafe). Didn’t the US and the Soviet Union competed against each other for dominance in spaceflight/technological superiority back then as well? The result of that ended up opening a whole bunch of possibilities regarding what is possible outside of Earth.
      1. SwordsPlus
        Probably because there’s potential for major technological advancement (especially related to space travel, and even colonization of places outside Earth) in the case of the US, if Trump’s plan actually succeeds.

        It’s probably just me being optimistic, but usually what happens in history is that when military technology advances, so does technology in general.
        Jun 19, 2018
      2. David
        Hey, responding with a PM because of the character limit.
        Jun 20, 2018
      3. SwordsPlus
        Checked out the PM. Going to take me a while to respond, because this is a sensitive issue.
        Jun 20, 2018
    4. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      lmao I’m sorryyy >.>
    5. Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
      Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
      Why are you never on discord anymore playa?
      1. David
        School, work, internship and everything else. It's considerate of you to check on me, though. How have you been?
        Jan 27, 2018
      2. Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
        Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
        I'm doing alright. Nothing really stressing me out all that much. You still with the same girl?
        Jan 28, 2018
      3. David
        Yep. It's been almost 2 years now. Damn, time flies.
        Jan 28, 2018
    6. Orochibuto
      Thanks for the rep. Oddly enough for all the opposition no one negged me.

      As for the ad hominem, the only one I received was from Gunners, which its completely meaningless as the guy has a rage-hate boner on me from quite some time ago, so it was irrelevant.
      1. Ashi
        Seriously, Just shut up.
        Aug 6, 2017
      2. Krory
        Seriously, Shut just up.
        Aug 6, 2017
      3. David
        He's fine as far as I'm concerned, guys.
        Aug 6, 2017
    7. Dayscanor
      Thanks for the rep.:)
    8. Fin
      Hey Dave thanks for the relish (rep)

      No hot dog is a hot dog without it

      And no hot dog is especially a hot dog with ketchup (neg)
      HOT DAWG
    9. Mider T
      Mider T
      Lol Wut? I was implying she committed suicide out of grief that Charlie Murphy died. How did you get lookalike out of that?
      1. David
        Ah, I thought were posting the typical NF bait to trigger someone by implying she looked like Charlie Murphy. I also didn't realize he just died. My mistake -- I'll correct the rep later.
        Apr 13, 2017
    10. Ryuzaki
      Damn I'm surprised you're still here? I thought you left man? Welcome back though! Glad you liked it normally I don't agree with parallax but yeah how's everything been?
      1. David
        I didn't quite leave -- I'm just not really active. I lurk every now and then and post once or twice a month.

        I'm alright! Just working as a food server, going to school, and maintaining a healthy relationship. I'm also taking some martial arts now. What about yourself?
        Apr 13, 2017
      2. David
        Congratulations on modship, by the way. Deserved.
        Apr 13, 2017
    11. Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
      Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
      Are you actually winning the contest right now or is someone else winning?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
        Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
        Maybe I shouldn't have posted a joke pic. I might not have 0 votes then lol
        Jan 25, 2017
      3. David
        You have a vote tho
        Jan 25, 2017
      4. Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
        Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
        Then I can safely vote for myself without being the only voter who did :troll
        Jan 25, 2017
    12. Ryuzaki
      Where you at these days?
      1. David

        I've been occupied with primarily with school, work, and my relationship.

        I browse the forums occasionally for a few minutes at a time and post kind of rarely, but that's about it on here right now.

        I forget if we've crossed on Skype and I haven't chatted there in a long time, but I'd still get notifications there. Let me know if you have one and if you'd like to add me, and if so, I'll PM you my UN.
        Nov 6, 2016
      2. Ryuzaki
        Yeah for sure, you can add me: mkeehl2007, i'm usually on in the background. But yeah, for sure.
        Nov 6, 2016
    13. dynasaur
      are you still alive?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. dynasaur
        I'm glad you're still good. You've been quite busy
        Oct 26, 2016
      3. David
        @dyna -- I have, but it's still a choice to not be on here that much. That said, I know I'd still enjoy catching up with any friend I met on NF. I'll message you on Skype soon.

        @Rem -- I'm sorry to say my phone still hasn't been activated. T-mobile has lagged in everything from shipping SIM cards to activating my account. I'll text you when I'm able to.
        Nov 6, 2016
      4. RemChu
        no hurry
        Nov 6, 2016
    14. RemChu
      How have you been my friend? So glad HxH is back OuO
    15. dynasaur
      i uh won't be on skype lol

      just pm then if you want
    16. dynasaur
      How are you doing?

      nothing much, just the same stuff
    17. dynasaur
    18. DavyChan
      Amazing. Surprised you went through the effort of typing up this marvelous summary for me. Thank you!

      As for the "if you do something correctly and well, you'll still mostly get insulted for it" that was right on the money! Omg, I feel like that so much but I feel like I am the only one who realizes this :(.

      As for me trying to have people understand me, it's a little less complex. I am the type of person that it's a " this is me, take it or fuck you" situation. I am who I am and I let people know not by overexerting myself, but by just being flawed beautiful me. But when people don't like it and go out of their way to mock my innocent foolishness and playfulness, then I pop off. I in the end have no animosity towards anybody in particular, it's just that this is the way I am by nature.

      For this next part I think I'd be incorrectly analyzing it if I didn't acknowledge the fact that it sounds like you really want me to leave :XD. I'm sure that's not what you meant but it kinda sounds like it.

      As for the community being toxic, I definitely agree. The only thing is that I am not really in a good situation irl. I have this severe itching disorder that makes me itch severely and have severe sharp body pains whenever I am tired, whenever I am in sunlight, whenever I am nervous (at all), and whenever I can't control my breathing (i.e. standing for extended periods of time). I have friends that are unsupportive of my struggle and are bleh to be around at best. I have to deal with applying for college while at the same time having to learn how to drive, two things of which are hard with my itching. I still have school to deal with, projects, aggravating parents, and I have to recover a failed class. all in all, my irl situation is in shambles. I go to Narutoforums as an easy release. I have nothing to do and nowhere to go irl (as I can't and don't leave my house unless necessary). I need to do something to spend my time. Because my time now is spent only on school, SSB4, listening to music, watching youtube, eating, fapping, and going on Narutoforums.

      I don't honestly know what this last part is. I don't try to turn people against me. I'm assuming you are questioning whether I hate people teaming up against me. If so, then obviously. And you can analyze me and talk to me all you want. Love talking to people who listen and have something interesting to say.
    19. DavyChan
      Thank you! :). It's very nice to see that someone isn't a lunatic. But yeah, I should. I might not because if i do then it will make me look weak. I wanna tough it out. Idk...
    20. RemChu
      eh, text me bro
    21. RemChu
      Uh yeah, that is how gossip works!

      Sorry to hear you are "leaving" How is school and stuff man?
    22. RemChu
      Uh read those VM......just wtf
    23. Intus Legere
      Intus Legere
      Fine by me. No, I don't mind chatting.
    24. Finalbeta
      Nah man, Ging > Netero.

      This is an anime made for Ging's hype, all the story is focused on Gon reaching up Ging, who should represent the top
    25. Finalbeta
      Razor > any royal guard 1 vs 1
    26. Intus Legere
      Intus Legere
      Hey, David. I'm in the BD Skype group, but I'm not very active.

      Bada, Ying, PoW, even VBD ... all of them are far more active thre.
    27. Freechoice
    28. Asriel
      Not to worry, I'm just working my obligatory paradoxical reification of self-intuited facetious shitposting. ;33
    29. RemChu
      Sick thank you
    30. Mider T
      Mider T
      I was going to but was preoccupied:catnoworries
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