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Mar 28, 2020 at 9:51 PM
Dec 10, 2011
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Jun 15, 1993 (Age: 26)


Well-Known Member, Male, 26, from Philadelphia

DaVizWiz was last seen:
Viewing thread Sannin Vs Leaf Village (Part 1), Mar 28, 2020 at 9:51 PM
    1. Hayumi
      Thanks for the rep lmao. I'll definitely take your suggestion to heart.
    2. jesusus
    3. jesusus
    4. Hi no Ishi
      Hi no Ishi
      Thanks for that!
    5. Djomla
      Sick avatar, dude.
      1. Yamato likes this.
      2. DaVizWiz
        Thanks, and for the rep
        Dec 23, 2019
        Djomla likes this.
    6. Freechoice
      legit question: Have you considered commissioning artwork of Jesus using Ohed Fehr as a base, if you're interested in seeing that description. In seriousness that's one of the most unconventional and yet fitting answers I've heard of for a good physical description of jesus.
    7. Krory
      Coming in to back your chat room strangers? Good. Step up clown, I’ll knock that makeup back on your mother where it belongs.
    8. Austin
      Imagine repeating the imagine internet theme like a teenager, and then claiming the other guy is the one needing detachment
    9. Austin
      Coming in to back your chat room strangers? Good. Step up clown, I’ll knock that makeup back on your mother where it belongs.
    10. Austin
      Coming in to back your chat room strangers? Good. Step up clown, I’ll knock that makeup back on your mother where it belongs.
    11. Austin
      Is this the alley? It smells like sadness and failure. You’re aware you can chat with people in real life? Rather than a dead manga forum? You should try that. In the meantime, welcome to IL, where the annoying children of this board reside in permanency.
    12. Austin
      My rep is locked rn, I’ll hit you tomorrow, and I’m reporting your buddy, apparently you chat room wastes travel in packs, let’s get his neg revoked and hopefully that rep sealed up tight
      1. DaVizWiz
        Wow, look, it’s a child who has wandered too far from his alley. Back to the chat room Austin, before daddy whips you back.
        Dec 20, 2019
    13. jesusus
      Hey bro I could have sworn your join date was 2006 last I checked
      1. DaVizWiz
        I was 12 then, so I’d say no haha
        Dec 17, 2019
        jesusus likes this.
      2. Freechoice
        You old chubby goofball
        Dec 21, 2019
    14. Hina uzumaki
      Hina uzumaki
      Thanks for the rep.. Btw congrats on your engagement
      1. View previous comments...
      2. t0xeus
        Dec 13, 2019
        DaVizWiz likes this.
      3. Hina uzumaki
        Dec 13, 2019
        t0xeus likes this.
      4. Kisaitaparadise
        :tiredpepe mind ur own business, randoms
        Dec 13, 2019
        jesusus likes this.
    15. Sufex
      Thanks for the reps
    16. Mad Scientist
    17. Shark
      Hey Viz,

      Was wondering if you had a tier list or if you're ever going to post it
      1. DaVizWiz
        Never made one, and probably not, I have no desire to create one
        Dec 5, 2019
      2. Shark
        Why not? You don't think it'll be interesting to try and make one (even if you don't take it 100% seriously or consider it 100% accurate)?
        Dec 5, 2019
      3. DaVizWiz
        Not really. If anyone wants to know where characters rank imo they will see it in my posts or they can ask me
        Dec 5, 2019
        Shark likes this.
    18. Mad Scientist
      Mad Scientist
      Thanks for the rep! :D
    19. MSAL
      Thanks for the rep :)
    20. Zero890
      Thanks for the rep i appreciate it.
      1. DaVizWiz likes this.
    21. Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse
      Looks like you are not much of a poster anymore. So Happy Birthday here.
      1. GANDO likes this.
    22. Zero890
      Man where are you?
    23. Yamato
      Are you JAFL? :hmm
    24. New Dawn
      New Dawn
      Was it Kishi's intention to make Akatsuki the most powerful ninjas in NV?

      Because I get the feeling that as time went on (due to fandom/marketing), Kishi abandoned his original plot story in favor of popular characters and that led to poor power scaling which eventually made most of Akatsuki guys not as strong as they were suppose to be.
    25. New Dawn
      New Dawn
      Nice catch with LoTR. Most western works are based on the Bible but Kishi draws from many things including the Bible. I think his bro works on a satanic manga and Naruto was originally suppose to be occult magic rather than ninjas.
    26. New Dawn
      New Dawn
      Bruh do you know that Akatsuki was based on the Book of Revelations in the Bible? The 10 Kings who make a secret pact with the Anti-Christ to rule the world?
    27. New Dawn
      New Dawn
      Don't you find it funny why Akatsuki didn't collect blood samples of all shinobi? Like they could've gotten Orochimaru's from his invasion of Konoha and finish Orochimaru off with Hidan. They could also do that with all the Kages. Even today, FBI/CIA guys collect DNA samples from suspects' food, drinks, skin, hair, fluids, etc.
    28. New Dawn
      New Dawn
      And if you rank him in team battles or wars, would his Low Kage Tier raise him up to High Kage? I mean, Hidan could've probably finished off Madara when he returned in Flesh. Shika could've dug him up and acquire madara's sample, shadow bind and finish Maddy off with the ritual.
    29. New Dawn
      New Dawn
      Would you consider Hidan a support character or an assassin character? Or both? Because he would be a huge asset in team battles. The stronger guys can acquire the blood drops and Hidan will sit back and perform the ritual.
    30. New Dawn
      New Dawn
      Where do u rank Hidan in kage levels? I notice your rankings are quite fluid (taking battlefield, intel, support, utility of troops into consideration) rather than just 1v1 combat. In that case,when you rank him do you consider that he can kill high level ninjas by having spies acquire blood samples from them?
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