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Death Certificate
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  • That is an awesome image in your avatar! Where did you find it?
    Death Certificate
    Death Certificate
    I googled grim reaper pictures and I found it. Can't remember the name of the artist.
    I understand; that image is still amazing, regardless of who illustrated it.
    Seeing as you liver in London, have you seen the Movie: Comes a Bright Day? Good movie.
    hmmm, so you are picking it up then, the combat looks bad though, only good thing about it is the finishers but the attack animations suck severely, I ll pick it up cheap though but still since u re similar to me in taste, I ll wait for ur input b4 I decide
    One Piece Registration

    Registration for the very first tournament in the 2012 season is up! I'm the creator of the Naruto and One Piece tournaments so let me know if you any questions. Come join the fun :pirate
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    Satan mushrambo likely has the lavender ball move as well right?

    Yes one might call me a booty warrior:maybe
    Ok then I get your point so he could defeat him before time stop?

    Also you posted what you said on your page not mine.
    The Golden mushrambo that fought lanacuras is a alot stronger than the one that fought satan mushrambo, considering that he absorbed the same cards that made satan mushrambo took. Not to mention that hyper mushra, hyper sago and hyper kutal able to defeat satan mushrambo with hyper sago and kutal holding satan mushrambo while hyper mushra delivered the final blow. Also note that Mushra, sago, and kutal tried this tatic against lanacuras and failed to even harm him.
    Really from what I remember Gold Mushrambo was able to defeat lanacuras in there fight although that may have only been because he got inside of him.

    And satan Mushrambo also had the ability to stop space and time and even before that he still had the upper hand on Gold Mushrambo.
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