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Sep 21, 2018 at 8:13 AM
Apr 7, 2006
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Dec 6, 1986 (Age: 31)


Dreamer of Possibilities, 31, from Portugal

Deathbringerpt was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, Sep 21, 2018 at 8:13 AM
    1. DemonDragonJ
      What is the origin story of your username, and what is that symbol in your avatar?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Deathbringerpt
        Oh yeah, DLC for KoF 14's out. Did you try it yet?
        Apr 14, 2018
      3. Charlotte D. Kurisu
        Charlotte D. Kurisu
        Bitch I cut you for my chocolate. I cut people for less. :tiredpepe
        Apr 14, 2018
      4. Charlotte D. Kurisu
        Charlotte D. Kurisu
        Not yet. I'll try it when my friend comes over. He's the only dude I play KOF with.
        Apr 14, 2018
    2. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      shit man. I need to fuck.
      1. DemonDragonJ and Deathbringerpt like this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Deathbringerpt
        Feb 22, 2018
      4. Charlotte D. Kurisu
        Charlotte D. Kurisu
        Ivy gives that succubus vibe like Gianna Michaels for example... She can turn back a gay dude into a tail destroyer again. My dick is still movin ffs. :wow

        I want a mommy for my kids and a mommy in bed. Guess am just a romantic. speaking of mommies... https://twitter.com/tashalej this chick needs to do an Ivy cosplay. :wow
        Feb 22, 2018
      5. DemonDragonJ
        @Charlotte D. Kurisu, I know that feeling, as it has been quite some time since I last had sexual intercourse with another person, as well.
        Apr 12, 2018
    3. DemonDragonJ
      Thank you for the +rep; it is always good to meet someone else who appreciates such music.
      1. Deathbringerpt likes this.
    4. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Stay safe death :catfeels
      1. Deathbringerpt likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Deathbringerpt
        Just your typical annual forest fires blazing through Portugal that's right on queue. Just this one time it hulked out out of nowhere and BBQed close to 100 people which is some fucking paranormal shit. I'm all good, thanks for the good vibes, bro. I'm sweating like a mass murderer on trial but alive.
        Jun 19, 2017
      4. RemChu
        Good to hear you are sweaty and alive.
        Jun 19, 2017
        Deathbringerpt likes this.
      5. Charlotte D. Kurisu
        Charlotte D. Kurisu
        glad you're safe man.
        Jun 20, 2017
    5. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      No I get ya man. Time is a bitch. That's why I plan ahead my weekends. Been pre-occupied with Work and Persona that I am yet to play the Nioh and Nier DLCs. I am actually playing RE5 when my friend comes over, and I remembering why I liked the game so damn much regardless of its flaws. I'll replay Bayo/Vanquish in August as well. I'd like DMC5 but Dino Crisis w/RE456 gameplay is still the dream.
    6. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Man I dunno if it's your jam, but I jumped on Persona after cleaning up most of Nier. And it's pretty tight. Besto battle menu in an rpg yet for me personally.
      1. Deathbringerpt and Zyrax like this.
    7. Moira
      Fuck you, nigga, don't rep me.
    8. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      yo death. do you have skype?
    9. Freechoice
      onepunchman is equivalent to my life
    10. Zorp
      Best of luck with the new job, man. Sounds like you're trying to wrap your head around the project's needs. Hope it all pans out. Digital marketing, eh? It's a step up from Internet banners of lonely, beautiful women wanting to "get to know me." :maybe

      I'm doing well. My busy season just kicked off today with the H-1B visa pool in the U.S. Despite the government increasing companies' fees for hiring foreign, skilled workers, the companies are moving full steam ahead. One company said they're going to give us around 200 cases to handle, so I'll be up to my neck in Indian Programmer Analysts in no time.
    11. Zorp
      I'm long past due for a good pep talk. :cat
    12. Furious George
      Furious George
      Reminding you that you never thanked me for reccing Bloodborne. Bi-atch. :datass
    13. Kaitou
      A friendly reminder that I still got the code. :hurr
    14. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      If I am, I'm going to make it a written in voting poll, cause I have no idea who the nominations would be.
    15. Kaitou
      Alright, no problem bro and thank you.
    16. Kaitou
      You read the PM? :D
    17. Stunna
      Thanks. :catsalute

      The set's from the Disney short "John Henry," based off of the American folk tale of the same name.
    18. gabies
      r2 ulqui fans :sag
    19. Kaitou
      Why does your steam description sounds so weaboo-ish? Are you trying to be a trap? :lmao And are you 24 or 28?

      Talking about weaboo. I remember when you dissed me and called me a weaboo for getting Hyrule Warriors early. :pek
    20. Kaitou
      No problem bro and I added you of course.
    21. Kaitou
      whats ur steam

    22. YoungChief

      Ya know, those dark souls 2 promo's look on par with the current dark souls 3 footage we have now, maybe even better in terms of lighting, aint that some shit
    23. root
      Heyhey, you asked if I could post some more translated Bleach poems? I did, in the volume cover thread o/
    24. Zorp
      Hey, no sweat. I figured you had stuff going on. A couple months ago, I was actually able to buy the official Nintendo Gamecube Controller Adapter for the retail price of $20. Guess my patience paid off! The only things I still want are a Marth Amiibo and a Fox Amiibo. Not too worried about the Fox Amiibo because I can get it for $19 new on Amazon, which isn't bad. The Marth Amiibo continues to be one of the most sought-after ones out there. I still can't believe that Nintendo would market it for Smash, Code Name S.T.E.A.M. and other games only to not produce them at nearly the rate required for people to actually use them for said games. It's unreal. On a similar note, I've been playing Splatoon lately and am unsurprised to see that the 3-pack of Splatoon Amiibos have dried up everywhere. The Amiibos unlock in-game missions. So I'm literally missing out on game content due to underproduction, which is upsetting. At least the majority of Splatoon's fun lay in the multiplayer. Have you played it?

      I had no shortage of laughs seeing your comments in the E3 conference thread. What a ride. I'm new to the whole "paying attention to E3" thing, but I understand it was one of the best in years. And, yes, I am a rabid FF VII fan. First RPG I ever played. Besides that, I'm interested in Horizon and The Last Guardian (if it's ever finished). I would be more excited for KH3 if I had ever played a Kingdom Hearts game. Hopefully they will be re-released to I can get up-to-speed. Same goes for Shenmue. What are your top picks from the conference?

      How is life giving you trouble right now? I know you were studying abroad for a bit, but I didn't know what kinds of debauchery you were spending your money on lately. It takes a world of self-control to live within your means and beyond. I find that the more you make, the more you want to spend...
    25. Naruto
      Ya, tenho mas ? de ir dormir -_-

      Mas fodasse irritame quando vejo pessoal a defender estas empresas gigantes.
    26. Naruto
    27. Naruto
    28. Didi

      don't think it's this one cuz it doesn't have TTRL but it's also good


      this one's just TTRL and Inception main themes

      8HIdjU0DZkQ (this one's mostly james horner and a bit less interesting imo)

      all three made by the same dude, some funny stuff in there

      but from what I've seen now so far, very first link in this post was probably it, combined with the second
      I dunno, can't find anything more so far. If I'd have had it ready I would've linked that in the rep, not tell about it :lmao
    29. Didi
      dunno if I can find it, but I'll try
    30. Rythik78
      Thank you for the rep.
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  • About

    Dec 6, 1986 (Age: 31)
    Favorite Character(s):
    Orochimaru (Naruto)

    Yumichika/Tousen (Bleach)

    Brokama (One Piece)
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    I got a goate.....that?s about it

    Hanging out, drinking, reading, watching movies, etc...
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