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  • Hey, kind of an odd question...

    I remember you saying The Blood of Heroes had a somewhat typical sound to it, at least to your surrounding scene, and I was wondering if you had any names. Really digging the album (again) and waiting for number two I'm in the mood for something similar.

    Also, wer r u?
    lol, yes.

    Definitely, if there's anything similar floating about. Really enjoyed that split, both Iceburn and Engine Kid's sides. That would be awesome.
    Did Kid Engine ever do anything as intense as their split with Iceburn?

    I got their first album, Bear Catches Fish, but it honestly sounds like a lot of Slint worship and nothing like what I had heard there. Any other albums I should look towards instead?

    Or any bands in the similar vein?
    You once told me you there was a Boris cover of Boris. You told me you have it. I want it.
    I just bought a textbook on Computer Networks by Tannenbaum. But it doesn't go properly into mathematical details. Do you know of a textbook that does?
    thanks for the rep :)
    scorn really is some evil sh**!
    though i must say that i enjoy mick harris' more dub/breakbeat oriented stuff like "evanescence"
    Just saw the entire trilogy this week. Freakin' awesome.
    I found myself liking 2046 the most out of the trilogy. I felt as the movies kept getting better along the way. I do admit that Tony Leung was pretty fucking great in In The Mood for Love.

    I'm planning of watching Ashes of Time one of these days.
    Downloading those movies as we speek. I already have Fallen Angels ready, but I'm having minor troubles finding a decent sub for it. I'll probably watch it later at the end of the upcoming week. :amuse
    Thanks! And that's pretty freakin' cool actually, great idea. I'm planning to see other Kar Wai Wong movies, now that my vacation has finally kicked in. :D
    By that definition, almost no music should be bad music. Even scratching on the wall might inspire interesting emotions to someone.
    What exactly is awesome about Sunn O)))? :argh I never quite understood the logic behind droning without complexity. I mean even when you speed up their music 10 times it sounds like a piece a child could play easily. :argh
    You should accept me in the Pimps group.
    It'll give me motivation to start posting there more. :3
    They have an allure--that's for sure. Just had inspiration one day.

    And lol; neither of us have had a Residents sent in a long time.
    Men's voices don't make me up and wanna have sex with the song :/

    I've fuckd my computer many a times while listening to Ann Haslam on the other hand
    I recently started reading Crossed and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And, oh man, is it Garth's darkest hour or what. I've seen the most horrible things Preacher had to offer but in no way did that even prepare me for what Crossed had to tell.
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