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Sep 23, 2010
Oct 2, 2004
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Darkness over 9,000!!!

Devilguy was last seen:
Sep 23, 2010
    1. butcher50
      thank you for pulling my ass out of the fire, Devilguy :hurr

      i really miss you :(
    2. Naruko
      I understand when you see something happen and it doesn't get reported or dealt with you can feel mods don't care or have biases but it's just a matter of workload and what we see. If people more consistently used the report function we could be more consistent in modding all fandoms and stuff, and I'd prefer that - fact is we don't have enough mods to sit in every thread all the time and watch every post that comes out, we really have to count on the community for help and when you guys report...it helps a lot. Anyway, again, I can understand if you've ever seen something you disapprove of not be dealt with because it wasn't reported (or it was their first offense so it was a warning or something you don't see) and you think we're biased or half-assed and I can just say I can see how you get that impression but please keep using the report function - it helps us a lot.
    3. Naruko
      Your reasons should be based on whether a mod has seen that post or not - no mod saw that post til the report came in, and when it came in the guy was dealt with - who gets dealt with and how depends on whether we see it and the users history, nothing else. If it seems someone is getting an unfair share, it means they may have more people reporting them, the community at large dislike their stance more, I can't say on that - all I can say is we're consistent on what is viewed and flame and bait and the gradient of punishments and I didn't understand mocking mods for not taking action on a post when they hadn't even seen it.

      I mean, we're good, but we're not *that* good :LOS
    4. Naruko
      Why is it funny we haven't banned someone when we haven't seen the post? :S
    5. Mouten
      Thanks. Check out my sig.
    6. gabzilla
      I should change the settings

    7. Mouten
      Nice. I will look for a Cara one.
    8. Mouten

    9. Devilguy
      OMG, a bit too violent for my taste, and the ho yay is strong in this one!:hehee
    10. Mouten
      Konan is impressive hm.
    11. CrazyAries
      I was not offended at all. I'm debating over whether i sould post it....It might be erased.
    12. CrazyAries
      I'm guilty on the essay front. I am thinking of posting one and one of the things you just will be part of my conclusion.
    13. CrazyAries
      Thank you for the rep. You do make me laugh, because you speak the truth. I still find it fun to discuss this manga, but, yeah....
    14. Mouten
      "Considering her history with two boys consumed by homolust, she probably considers her vajayjay to be the safest."

    15. Mouten
      Ohh Konan vs Madara

      This would be an interesting battle if Kishi wasn't sexist.
    16. CrazyAries
      Thanks, man :).
    17. Mouten
      Thank God Sasuke's power-up won't transform his body.
    18. Mouten
      Free Sasuke :yell
    19. gabzilla
      No problem :D It's always entertaining when people try to excuse Kishimoto's sexism.
    20. Devilguy
      Blazer Drive has been great so far (vol 5). Most promising manga in years.
      The last times I was this hooked for a shounen were Code Breaker (which has turned to crap unfortunately), The Breaker (still going strong) and Defense Devil (decent but not great now).
      It may turn into crap but right now I think it is a great manga that proves that blaming all of naruto's shortcomings on the shounen genre is just lame excuses.
    21. Mouten
      Thanks for 53 reps. :3
    22. Mouten
      lol @ Jiraiya in Blazer drive.

      I remember the Sasuke&Itachi parallel at the beginning.
    23. Mouten
      Apparently, you have to worship Kishi in order to post here :amuse
    24. Sasuke
      Good to know you're still alive and well. I know where you're coming from, I'm still around but I rarely take the time to comment anymore, I figure I might as well still read it but it just doesn't hold my interest very much now.
    25. Devilguy
      I come back here from time to time but, like I said about six months ago, my days commenting Kishit's infamous drivel are over.
    26. Sasuke
      are you alive =/
    27. Mouten
      Naruto is Bleach-level exciting to be honest.

      I'm only looking forward to new chapters of my favorite seinen.
    28. Mouten
      I'll stop reading, too.
    29. Mouten
      Don't worry, Sakura is on her way :amuse
    30. Mouten
      Sasuke: The one meeting Itachi will be you...

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    ninja cats, Tonton
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    Part2, only during Hebi's run
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