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Apr 8, 2007
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In my dreamworld.
    1. effloresce
    2. effloresce
      i'm your bitch tho <3
    3. effloresce
    4. effloresce

      You are the only one sided conversation I have on here, but I guess I get you in other ways. ;>
      I fell asleep staring at our skype screenshots - you're so nice.

    5. effloresce
    6. effloresce
      small potato :<3
    7. effloresce
      send me more dick pics
    8. effloresce
      ur still a cutie tho ;>
    9. effloresce
      tehehehehe we were such cuties
    10. effloresce
    11. effloresce
      i love you.
    12. Diamond
      Send me a message if you knew me. <3
    13. yes
      Which is why I asked, silly. :lmao

      Anyway, answering your other question, I'm fine! I'm going to walk my dog in a few minutes. And I'm listening to Heart and Soul by Bea Wain. :love fav song 4 eva <333333 ALSO, it was my mom's birthday on the sixth and my family came over. Then it was my sister's birthday on the tenth and we went to a restaurant with my bro and his fiancee and my parents. THEN yesterday I had to go to my cousin's house because he had appendicitis so we visited him. And everyone was there, it was great. Although two people I used to be friends with were there and that was kind of awkward because they're like...I dunno like ghetto mexicans. And I used to be (WHEN I WAS 8 PSSSH) but I totally changed for the better and they are the exact same.

      OH! And I'm going to Las Vegas sometime soon. I'm going to watch Cirque de Soleil's LOVE show as a present for my birthday. lOvE it<3333333
    14. yes
      Woah, Marc. What's with you?
    15. yes
      I meant hello.
    16. yes
      You mean:

      Hell Marc! How are you on this wonderful day full of wonderful opportunities waiting to be taken?
    17. yes
    18. yes
      Yes, that is a very heinous crime punishable by two years in prison. You'll have nothing to do but watch Spongebob all day.
    19. yes
      So you don't watch it anymore?

    20. yes
      naw man naw. you ain't feelin dis? WHAT ABOUT THIS? CAN I TYPE LIKE THIS? Or HoW aBoUt tHiS? How about this? How About This? how about this? how....about...this? Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs? Art thou feeling it now, Mr. Krabs? Can you feel it, Mr. Krabs? Can you feel it Mr. Krabs? Can you feel it Mr. Krabs?

      So, you wanna know if I can feel it?
      Do you really want to know what I'm feeling?
      Yeah yeah!
      I feel like a real BARNACLE HEAD.

      I have no idea where I'm going with this. Maybe I should stop.

      Do you watch Spongebob, Marc? If not then you will not get anything I said.
    21. yes
      I don't think anyone other than Lil B says they look like Jesus. :lmao People would get mad yo. Ya feel me?
    22. yes
      Hoes suck my dick cuz I look like jesus
      Young based god come in straight with the heater
      Niggaz gettin mad cuz I dress like jesus christ
      I'm that pretty bitch imma fuck her all night

      Young based god on the wall like a plasma
      Make yo man bitch suck my dick cuz I'm handsome
      Young based god got the cash in a bulletproof
      Rob my man bitch and I fuck ya in the ass too

      Go mouth bitch and I look like a princess
      No homo bitch that pretty bitch with your sister
      Ride round town in a limousine flat screen
      Real cool ^ (use bro) tidy shirt n some tidy jeans

      Straight waterfront bitch is mad that I made it
      Yo bitch suckin dick and yo head is skinheaded 
      Young based god put the cakes in yo faces

      Hoes on my dick cuz I'm flex... 
      And I look like jesus christ bitches on my dick

      Hoes suck my dick cuz I look like jesus
      Young based god come in straight with the heater
      Niggaz gettin mad cuz I dress like jesus christ
      I'm that pretty bitch imma fuck her all night

      Hoes suck my dick cuz I look like jesus
      Young based god come in straight with the heater
      Niggaz gettin mad cuz I dress like jesus christ
      I'm that pretty bitch imma fuck her all night
      I'm sorry if you get offended by this but TBH I thought it was ridiculous. If you look up the YouTube video, oh God it's hilarious.
    23. yes
      straight up *swag*

      See you later, Marc! Have a nice day ma home boii yea go get dem hoes
    24. yes
      It didn't really take too long, only about FIVE SECONDS. Pssh, yeah. Master of photoshop right here. *swag*
    25. yes
    26. yes
      Aren't they beautiful?
    27. yes
      oh my GOD, marc. I am so sorry you can delete that it's just... :lmao
    28. yes
      That was very gay. Gayest think I ever read. It's cool tho its cool. And of course I do! OK, gay shit is fine sometimes.

      Marc, I am 50 years old haven't you been to my prof what why did you think... I am a fifty year old male living in alabama what come on marc why oh gosh.

      Nope! TBH, my dad went to Santana (a place in CA) and he bought a pirated version of it. :sag Oh well, he wasn't going to take me to see it anyway. Why don't you want to? Have you seen the first two? You probably have so why don't you go see the third? It's very bittersweet and GOSH, I feel like crying again.

      Gay shit is alright when it comes to my nephews. I've taught them to be very open minded people. :hmpf
    29. yes
      I'm kidding he's not stupid. I love him with all my heart. He and his brother are like my world yooo. no gay shit tho
    30. yes
      D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Now that was gay, Marc. But it's okay, I like it.

      It wasn't about a movie, it was about me watching movies and not doing anything productive, you know. OH WALE. And this is why I didn't want to say anything because then you just have to say something like, "No you're not," and I'm sure you get tired of it. Thanks though.

      ANYWAY, I saw Toy Story 3!!!!!!! I'm probably the last person to watch it because gosh really. I had to cover my ears with socks because my nephew was trying to spoil the movie for me. Stupid kid.
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    In my dreamworld.
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Darkblond and Blue eyes.

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