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Oct 18, 2015
Apr 25, 2006
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Aug 15, 1993 (Age: 26)


Active Member, 26, from Canada

dilbot was last seen:
Oct 18, 2015
    1. Katzuki
      Summer~I want it to come as well. My birthday :ohpek

      Ehh, D :

      Well, cold's not that bad but Summer is always nice <3

      Hahaha, you swim in the ocean or pool?
    2. Katzuki
      Swimming tournament? How nice~One of my hobbies is swimming <3

      Thanks~ I don't really know . . I could ask the person who made it though. I'll tell you if he knows. :lmao
    3. Katzuki
      Hey, long time no see~How are you?
    4. Basilikos
      FMP, one my favorite series. :pimp

      Did you enjoy it, sir?
    5. Bender
      Courage the Cowardly dog= :dance :dance :dance

      That big white headed dude was scary as fuck
    6. Jeroen
      In response to your post in the Quick Suggestion thread in Anbu Central..

      You can get the Library for OP, Bleach and Naruto removed if you so desire.
      Post the ones you don't want to see anymore in the following thread:

      I posted the link in the Quick Suggestion thread, as well.. then I realised that this would be more effective. :lmao
    7. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      It was a question, I made a thread, don't like it, don't post.
    8. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Nope, that was just really rude and uncalled for. Spammers gonna spam!
    9. Trias
      Goddammmit. They so had to cancel their European tour two years ago... Wonder if they'll be doing that again. Honestly I've been out of concerts for a while so I've not even been checking.


      At least they didnt play Art of Life? :ho
    10. Trias
      Fuck. Where.
    11. Katzuki

      Ohh that's interesting.
      I love Girugamesh. It's my favourite Japanese band EVER. :<3 I love pretty much all of their songs and the vocal's voice has a magnificent ring to it.

      I highly recommend them. If you'd like i can post links to a few songs so you can try them out.

    12. Katzuki
      mind if I befriend you? :ano
    13. Katzuki
      :lmao :lmao True true.
      Just think about it like picking the best among the best. :ho

      :uwah Yeah! You better not choke! :lmao
      Such beautiful songs indeed <3<3

      Oh misery! Hmm let's see.

      Blue Blood's always first. I remember watching this video drum cover from this Japanese boy. Man, it was epic <3 I also love Crucify my love. Aw so saaddd I cry every time I start singing it ; 3 ; Hmm I also like I.V. Love the video. I also get depressive when I see Hide's guitar. :-( Tears <3<3<3
      As you see I'm the depressive kind of girl xD <3 and Scars! GOD I'm in love with Scars <3<3

      Aw it's so hard to choose only 5 songs. :D:

      Do you like any other bands? :distracted
    14. Katzuki
      Waaahh :iria
      Sounds soo awesome <3
      You met Pata? :x3 Kyaa so cool!

      Are they really? I'll be sure to check out their tour dates and stuff. Thanks for the info!

      What's your favourite song? I know it's a hard question. :lmao
    15. Katzuki
      You went?! :wtf Wahhhh You lucky!!

      It must have been epic. EPIC.
      I love their songs<3 X-Japan for ever <3<3

      You must have been super excited. :haha

      I wish I could go to one of their concerts. . . :argh
    16. Katzuki
      X-Japan = :<3 :<3
    17. Patchouli
    18. Trias
      What the hell, that's certainly turning into Dallas.

      Has he posted "real" documents, or he just claimed he had it?

      I wonder what Yoshiki says about all these. I'm sure he'd be the one to know if his illness is that far, and if Masaya has been a douchebag like this for the last decade.
    19. Trias
      No no, he had said he was simply not satisfied with the life of a Rockstar, etc. These incidents seem to have started around the time he left the band, so I was just wondering if the entire thing was connected somehow.

      After all, it's not like Yoshiki and Hide were speedballing together after banging groupies. X Japan did not have exactly what you could call a "rockstar" life of the american "sex 'n drugs" rockstars.
    20. Trias
      Wow... I've read it but... wow. Apparently maybe he had a reason to leave X Japan, after all. Yoshiki probably.... does not want to lose him as well, no matter what. I hope Toshi becomes well, and I think somehow he'll come over all these shit, and start it anew with his "sworn" friends.
    21. Trias
      Not really, I'm not up to date with what's going on with X Japan for a few months now. I was too pissed off with Galneryus' new vocal replacement and... :/ Well, what's up with Toshi? Maybe I can find more info?

      He's getting all "oh-I-dont-wanna-live-a-rockstars-life-I-want-to-be-indie" again? Or something else?
    22. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      Wow, must be scary. The scariest movie I've ever seen was Evil Dead/2 and The Shining lol

      I had a bad night. I couldn't go to sleep lol
    23. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      Sorry, my web keeps turning off on me lol

      My sleeping pattern is 2:00 am :D
      From 1 to 10, how scary was it?
    24. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      I hope I forget it too. I have a weak stomach and heart and will be up all night worrying about it and thinking about it :(

      Was that movie scary? I hear it is and it isn't...
    25. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      I would have to agree. I saw some nice people (which is very rare especially if they are around my age lol) and wanted to befriend them. I love making friends ^^

      So, did those images want to make you hurl? 'Cause it did for me...:(
    26. Terra Branford
    27. Shinigami Perv
    28. Trias
      Oh, well, they usually take the videos down... fast. If X Japan made another DVD from this world tour, it'd be great though. Will they be touring europe any soon, I wonder. And well, it's natural, Toshi had not been singing X Japan songs for literally years before they reunited and such. And at some concerts he gets to the stage before warming his voice up, which results in it cracking and stuff. I mean, hell, even the Last Live was like that. Of course, it is still awesome, heh!
    29. Trias
      Well, not all the stuff he made should be considered pop-rock anyway, some of the stuff he had done was something between rock and metal, but not with a solid classification of genres. I mean, Enter the Psychommunity. I hadn't heard like something that before when I listened to it first time, it started like an acoustic song, then turned into a March with electric guitar leads! Crazy. And, dunno. Its kinda complicated, his death, that is. I believe it was not suicide, like Taiji Sawada said. Some fans DO want to believe that it was a suicide, because apparently, dying like that without a conscious wish to die, is worse than committing suicide, for some. I can't decide whether it is worse or not, but I still think it was not a suicide.

      And, whaah. You're talkin about the concerts on 28 29 30 of March last year , right? I mean, I WISH I could've gone to those, but I had no ways of doing so, I didn't have money, plus I had university exams I had to prepare for and stuff.... but I hope I'll be able to see them live. I have to be quick though, because in every concert, I feel like Yoshiki will have an heart attack. >< The guy really fights with drums and gives everything to it, despite his age.

      And yeah, I'd be great if I'd somehow get Hide's stuff from you indeed.
    30. Trias
      I should actually somehow find Hide's own stuff (with Speed Beaver, etc) because I'm tired of listening to them over Youtube. But goddammit, I had failed to find mp3 for those, since they're not as popular as X itself. Maybe I'll pimp it once I do.

      Hide was such an awesome guy. And, he still is, wherever he is.
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    Aug 15, 1993 (Age: 26)
    asian, speak cantonese

    kicking reason to the curb. Flying in the air making the X!
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