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Aug 9, 2005
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First-order universe
Rogue rogue, 'pataphysician
    1. Toby
      Hey you still owe me that beer
      1. NO and Itachі like this.
      2. Toby
        Boiii i see you online now let's schedule another drinking session
        Jan 20, 2018
      3. Toby
        Well dio didn't
        Think he's a steamwhistle guy
        Jan 20, 2018
    2. Toby
      Hey boiii whats up
      Did your career pan out as expected?
      I miss T-Dot, the curry and our beers
    3. Splintered
      That would be a shame. Maybe one day when I outgrow this dodging all personal things, eh. Our talks was one of my favorite things on NF<3
    4. Splintered
      Just wanted to be here at the end. And good to see good peoples as well.
    5. Splintered
      Dave, dear.
    6. parker pyne
      parker pyne
      yes yes yes
    7. Splintered
      Oh god anything but that
    8. Splintered
      I was like "hey there is a problem" at the website and I was about to step on some faces at the campus, but the website actually worked holy crap. I have no idea how I'll celebrate, probably a part of it will be hysterical laughter, then gross sobbing, and then be taken over by an irrational wave of fear because I don't know what happens after this. After that, I'll probably make a weird screeching noise, turn into a pterodactyl, and blackflip into the sun. That sounds like a logical next step. I'll see what happens when I get the actual diploma.
    9. Splintered
      Dave. DAVE. dave dAVe, I've been cleared for graduation, GRADUATION, graduasa, greosapfdsflsd;fds I really wanted to tell you because I dunno it seemed appropriate because DAVE also I know I should have graduated like four times since now but that's not the point also you are awesome and did you know DAVBBSDFE
    10. Splintered
      Honestly, not much, I've always been the quiet, introvert type, so reading, videogames, and just dealing with general life stuff that happens. Uh... I look after my niece and nephew a lot? That's as close as excitement as I get, but it usually is just them making a mess of my house and me cleaning up after their dumb selves.

      Quiet life is for me.

      I always assume Dave sits in a room full of smart people, doing calculus blindfolded while listening to classic books on tape for fun :3
    11. Splintered
      I wouldn't be me if I didn't have passive avoidance issues, although the questions never bothered me :] I don't have an answer because I'm still trying to figure out my best course of action.

      Also take care of yourself D:
    12. Splintered
      Are you enjoying it so far? Probably because you're the kind of weird guy that loves all that math and rules crap. You going to teach after this? I want to call you Doctor Professor Canada if you do.
    13. Splintered
      You're getting your phd? That's amazing, congrats all around. Dr. Dave sounds awesome.
    14. Splintered
      Something physics-y. But my brain dies at the sound of the word so I can't quite remember. But I'm pretty sure you were on your way to becoming king of science Canada.
    15. Splintered
      It's the worst most boring story ever, basically of the tale of two sides who just want to the otherside to shut up and do all the work.

      I have all the credits and applied but the application process it slow as balls, and then I got the "I don't have enough requirements" which is bullshit. It registers that I don't have a language credit up to 201, but that's because I skipped 201 and went straight to Chinese 202 and got an A. I even contacted a department head ahead of time to get it straightened out and they said I was good to go. But I guess not (might be my fault because I actually was messing around with my classes at the time). And I'm not taking 201 again because that shit costs money, it's been semesters since I had Chinese, and I fucking got that requirement fair and square.

      Now I'm starting email tag (late though and that's my fault) and I might have to go back knocking on some doors soon. Blarg.

      What about your war stories?
    16. Splintered
      Funny story.
    17. Splintered
      Currently I'm up to bothering you because I've always enjoyed that but other than that not much. Glad to hear about that second coming though, it might have sucked if that part of the plan fell through.
    18. Splintered
      I'm back on Narutofan so you can take your conclusions from that. But I'm never if not enjoying it anyway, and it's good to see Dave has not died or thrown in jail for being Canadian scum <3
    19. Splintered
      Dave. Dave.
    20. The Boss
      The Boss
      Feels so good to be back. :cry
    21. buff cat
      buff cat
      I'm glad someone got that Oblivion reference. :sag
    22. Sophie2

      I?m not even going to bother replying to him this time. He seems to understand that ?Markets and Regulation are two distinctly separate things?, but he fails to appreciate that regulation is required only because markets are not efficient or self-correcting (over relevant time periods, at least).

      He also pretends that Kenneth Arrow?s seminal paper on private healthcare market inefficiencies does not exist, even though I have linked to it several times in that very thread?he?s literally not worth wasting time on.

      In any case, thanks for the rep; I appreciate it. :3
    23. Kitsune
      Oh btw, Blaze is right. You were just being nice but the section does kind of work that way. Don't take it bad though.
    24. Kitsune
      omg I see penis in your profile. :hehee
    25. Splintered
      Any king could bring stability, just destroy the competition. People want food, and unless the Dragons can also breathe out potatoes, that will be difficult. IMO, she always thinks that Westeroes will accept her with open arms and that she will fit in better there. But other than the fact she'll destroy the Others, people won't necessarily care.

      I also don't think that she'll want to leave the East. She's already ruling there, enacting change, and they love her for the most part. She's more Dortharki than Westeroes, I just don't think she's realized that yet because she's chasing her brother's ideals. So unless she unites Westeroes and the Eastern Continent, I don't know... I especially don't see a lot of the Northern Kingdoms bending a knee to a foreigner who doesn't really know their customs, gods, or people. And who they kicked out of power less than two decades ago.

      I also think that splitting up the kingdom makes less sense politically than it does just emotionally. I think there's poetic justice in the fact that the seat everyone wants just ends up being destroyed because all of the misery it caused. The people are too different and sometimes they just don't want to be ruled by another kingdom (ie, the iron islands).

      Nobody wins the game of thrones, it just causes massive amounts of misery until it becomes clear that they can't have it anymore. Self determination :3
    26. Splintered
      I thin Dany is going to see she grew up in the East (is it the East?), and that she expects the Westeros to just fall in love with her. But why should they? Besides the Martells, I mean. Everyone is doing their own business.

      The Others could unite them again under one foe, but outside of a common badguy, why should they be ruled under one kingdom if they don't want to. If the North doesn't want the South to reign over them, those differences won't be changed because Dany has dragons. Even though Dragons are awesome.

      I don't think your unapproachable, but you are smarter than the majority of NF, and rarely do things off topic so I think that might intimidate people. I dunno.

      Dave is Dave :3
    27. Splintered
      Jamie to destroy the iron throne, everyone rules their own kingdom.

      Or democracy!

      Intimidating and unapproachable? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    28. Splintered
      You know, the more I refresh myself on what's going on in the book, the more I don't like the idea of Dany getting the throne.
    29. Splintered
      Work with what you got. *shrugs*
    30. Splintered
      Depends on who's in power.

      If it's Cersei, yes. With joy in my heart.
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    First-order universe
    Rogue rogue, 'pataphysician
    Favorite Character(s):
    Rosenstern, Guildencrantz
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Procrastination, sangfroid, 超伝導性
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