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Oct 18, 2018 at 8:05 PM
Dec 31, 2012
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Ōka Shichibukai

DiscoZoro20 was last seen:
Oct 18, 2018 at 8:05 PM
    1. Gledania
      Seem's Like Kizaru was not Yonko level 13 years ago but Vice admiral.

      Wonder how will the #Tierspecialistgang react to this :whistle
    2. Gohara
      Thanks for that rep again!
    3. Gohara
      Thanks for the rep! :p
    4. Gohara
      Thanks for the rep! Lots of quality posts from you as well in these discussions.
    5. Gohara
      Thanks for the rep!
    6. Gohara
      Thanks for the rep! I don't really get how most of the Admirals should automatically be considered physically superior to Lord Katakuri. They mostly do not yet have any amazing feats in that aspect. I can at least somewhat understand giving Akainu an edge in that aspect, the character is exceptional even for an Admiral. Although even then, giving Akainu an edge lacks proof.
      1. Gohara
        And there are no stated disagreements for the other aspects such as speed, defense, and Haki. So I have no idea why we should automatically agree that the Admirals have all around stats that are on a new level compared to Lord Katakuri's.

        I respect opposing views of course. But it would be refreshing to see evidence posted for the Admirals. :p
        Feb 9, 2018
      2. DiscoZoro20
        Yep I even asked Sherlock to provide proof for those claims as you probably saw and all he said was constantly "benefit of the doubt, Akainu, Kaido" which are all horrible arguments especially since as you said Akainu and Kaido are exceptional even compared to admirals.
        Feb 9, 2018
    7. Gohara
      Thanks for yet another rep my friend!
    8. Gohara
      No problem! :p
    9. Gohara
      Thanks for the rep! :p
      1. DiscoZoro20
        You´re a smart reader you deserve all the reps my man.
        Dec 29, 2017
    10. gold ace
      gold ace
      Your so mad :skully
    11. gold ace
      gold ace
      Just keep negging. Just keep negging. Just keep negging negging negging neggingm
    12. gold ace
      gold ace
      What's with the neg rep man?
    13. DiscoZoro20
      What? Stop trolling :D
    14. Freechoice
      Thanks for the rep :brofist
    15. Gohara
      Thanks for the rep. :p
    16. Mockingbird
      Truth be told,i think he's just pure trolling.
    17. DiscoZoro20
      Hmm probably not. Seems too easy to break their defense and they aren?t exactly fast either.
    18. Mockingbird
      Oh thank god you're not one of those guys.How about people who say Trebol and Diamante are M3 level or possibly stronger?
    19. Mockingbird
      While we're on the topic of Dressrosa though.Do you believe the mofos that say two-legged Kyros is stronger than Luffy/Law/Zoro and one-legged Kyros is stronger than Sanji?
    20. Mockingbird
      I probably would have appreciated this arc more if all the unecessary crap was removed.I'm not saying it's the worst arc but it's definitely not one of the best.Doflamingo is always a fun villain but his crew has been a disappointment apart from Vergo of course.
    21. Mockingbird
      I think things will get better story-wise and battle-wise in the this manga once we leave Dressrosa.2 fucking years we spent on this arc.I think it's time to move on.
    22. Mockingbird
      I feel like this is the start of a beautiful friendship :D Personally i couldn't care less which one is stronger.Both of them being equal makes a lot of sense.Besides hypothetically even if one was weaker than the other that doesn't make them any less cool.I feel like the new fans of OP focus too much on powerlevels anyway.
    23. Mockingbird
      Exactly.Their fans downplay each other.Why can't people like both?
    24. Mockingbird
      Btw,Both Shanks and Mihawk are absolute monsters.I don't hate Mihawk as a character at all if that's what you thought.He's a stone-cold badass.
    25. Mockingbird
      I wasn't trying to be confrontational.I simply put forth my opinion.If i offended you i apologise.You seem like a reasonable guy.Im sure you can agree to disagree.
    26. LyricalMessiah
      Hey, even though we disagreed, I wanted to thank you for having a civil debate with me. You made some good points and I want to thank you for sharing your time to discuss the topic with me in a civil manner.

      Best regards.
    27. Dove
      ahh do you recall what sig i was wearing above the song
    28. Dove
      is it this one z5kgzef9ELo
    29. Dove
      hey which one?
    30. Vengeance
      Oh, thank you smile-big
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