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Apr 23, 2019
Jun 17, 2006
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Online entrepreneur.


Itachi: God Of The Gods.

Divinstrosity was last seen:
Apr 23, 2019
    1. Addy
    2. Grimmjowsensei
      Oh wow I've seen it. Was pretty boring overall but there were some gold shit.
      I am just wondering why they skipped the 5 year old Itachi using chakra punches to save Sasuke and his mom. Makes no sense.
    3. Grimmjowsensei
      Haven't seen it yet. I guess I'll watch it @dinner though :awesome
    4. Grimmjowsensei
      Return of the King baby !

      Like the old days. I love it.
    5. Grimmjowsensei
      Oh yeah I just saw it. Its amazing. The wank is just obnoxious. And this is just the beginning. I am not sure if my heart can take it.
    6. Grimmjowsensei
      wut. Anime is aired ?
    7. Nikushimi
      Whoa. Haven't seen you in ages. Glad that's changed. :lbj

      Where'd you get all that from?
    8. Grimmjowsensei
      yeah library is pretty much dead. Battledome is alive but novel discussions won't fly in there.
    9. Grimmjowsensei
      Maybe we need a board to discuss the novels :maybe
    10. Grimmjowsensei
      He looked below him at his mother who was carrying Sasuke.

      His mother looked suprised at the sudden jump of Itachi.

      A rock that would easily crush the mother and her two children.

      “I will protect you.”

      He tightened his fist.

      A shinobi's taijutsu is not about muscle strength.

      Even a five-year-old child with an underdeveloped body could break a rock if he achieved good chakra control.

      He raised his fist upward.

      His chakra travelled through his arm which was engulfed with a blue flame.

      When he hit the rock, his fist created a loud sound upon the rock's destruction.

      While being showered by stones, he landed without making a sound.

      “Are you all right?

      And without trying to hide her astonishment, she stared at Itachi with her eyes wide open.

      His mother was a jōnin, which was why she was even more amazed at what Itachi had done.

      “It's dangerous here, we better go to where the others are gathering.”


      “That you can do things like that without even having entered the Academy. You really are your father's son.”

      So Itachi was like post skip Sakura before he started with the ninja training :skully
    11. Grimmjowsensei
      Is that from his novel ?
    12. Grimmjowsensei
      Yeah I heard it from some people that it is written by a different author(forgot the name). Thats why I wasn't as interested as I'd be if Kishimoto was writing it. But I didn't know Kishimoto was illustrating it, so it gives some bit of credbility I guess.
      But still, it is more or less in the same boat as the movies for me. I'd still give it a go if they end up translating it.
    13. Grimmjowsensei
      I heard about it, but I also heard that the books aren't "canon" because they aren't written by Kishimoto.

      So I'm not that interested.
    14. Grimmjowsensei
      Yeah that bugs me as well. If you love the guy so much, you may as well make an arc or a spin off for the guy.
    15. Grimmjowsensei
      There wasn't :datass

      But TBH I expected Itachi to become central a few chapters later :hurr

      Though the reactions from the haters is priceless. I laughed my ass off yesterday. Literally :lmao
    16. Grimmjowsensei
      How do you feel about Itachi becoming the center of the plot again ? :LOS
    17. Grimmjowsensei
      The king is here

      Now all we need is some translations :awesome
    18. Grimmjowsensei
      Recently ? No. I actually haven't read or watched anything decent for a while.

      I've seen first 20 something episodes of Shingeki no Kyojin, which is currently one of the most popular mangas out there. Most reviews are positive, so you may give it a try. I didn't love it though.

      The only manga I can recommend is vagabond. It is about Miyamoto Musashi, the greatest samurai ever lived. It is interesting mostly because it is about real characters. Art is amazing and characters are pretty solid. You have to be a bit patient in the beginning though.
    19. Grimmjowsensei
      I think I may have seen that episode. I remember seeing some Itachi fillers. I'll check it later today.
    20. Grimmjowsensei
      Yeah last chapter was sweet. Itach's badass shot with "The True Hokage." Man I've waited too long to see that shit. Itachi wasn't in the chapter, but once more Kishimoto solidified what he thought of Itachi. This guy really loves to wank Itachi as much as I do :oldryoma

      Its sad that it is ending, but at the same time, for the last year or two, I wasn't really attached to the manga aside from the bits and pieces about Itachi that appeared here and then.
      It was bound to happen evetually. But yeah, its time to say good bye to this part of our lives for real this time.
    21. Grimmjowsensei
      Bro I thought you'd be back for a while after the last chapter.

      The True Hokage
    22. Amanda
      Thanks for the rep!
    23. KnightGhost
      Well what about now you still think that?

      I mean to me even when it comes to hype i don't see how he is superior or even on Itachi's lvl.

      He had the wisdom of a kage at 7 ,soloed ORo at 11,Madara's own will said he was invincible ..etc..etc sasuke said he was perfect.

      Kabuto flat out said there is better noone Better then Itachi as a edo tensei this is massive has he even had edo madara at the time.

      so i really don't see it but i geuss currently you don't either. People don't understand sometimes that most of Minato hype is almost always based in his speed. A thought he was the chosen one mostly because of jiraya but he leeter called minato a idiot but nobody remmbers that part.
    24. KnightGhost
      I see you say you had accpted minato has itachi's superior but what was your base's for such a claim when his feats aren't near itachi's lvl?
    25. Kenpachi_Uchiha
      You still around?
    26. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      Bleach manga chapters 324-325 and then watch episode 219.
    27. Deleted member 23
      Deleted member 23
      If you keep posting I'll end up in a hospital.
      The way you troll the haters is too funny. When I can I will rep you some more.
    28. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Please, do not make references to the latest chapter in your signature.
    29. UzumakiHashirama
      Dragonus Nesha/Snow Miser/Elrond Half-Elven is a fat, retarded fascist on a power trip, with Asperger's Syndrome and OCD.
    30. Grimmjowsensei
      Oh man. You are missing alot.
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    Online entrepreneur.
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    I'm something of a troll. A lot of what I say should be taken seriously, but a lot of it shouldn't.

    I don't have hobbies. I love making money and playing music. I'm very passionate about what I do.
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