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Doc. Q
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Apr 16, 2011
Jan 27, 2006
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Grand line

Doc. Q

the grim reaper of threads, from Grand line

Doc. Q was last seen:
Apr 16, 2011
    1. Kuya
      Davy Back V Registration is open :iria

      Come join :pirate
    2. Halister
      I have a question, I read your forum on inserting devil fruits into d & d and it made me wonder, would would you do for something like Marco's phoenix devil fruit?
    3. Man in Black
      Man in Black
      If you want this to be a fair fight, you'll wait until I repost my strategy to post yours.
    4. Man in Black
      Man in Black
      Come join the Trial Tournament, hopefully we get matched up and I'll be able to kick your ass around a few times.
    5. Kuya
      good luck to you too bro :). been with me since the beginning :pirate
    6. StrawHat4Life
      I thought you were using the Noro rings themselves as a kind of sword.
    7. StrawHat4Life
      Yeah sorry about that. I thought you were referring to that other Noro Noro beam sword you tried to make in a previous strat. Something to do with extending the Noro Noro beams themselves as sort of sword.

      Or was that someone else's tactic? :headcrat
    8. Candy
      its cool, it was just a practice match after all
    9. Candy
      Sup, I adresed your concern in my match
    10. Spirit
      I didn't say such thing.

      I appreciate your concern over the cause and mindset as I share that concern myself too. That mindset we're both concerned about, is not the mindset of Islam rather than a specific group of Muslims. And believe me, people have a certain mindset because they have a certain motive. Therefore identifying the "who said it" is just as important as we could identify what are the interests that fuels the motive of these people.

      Your post was offensive, it gave the impression that you posted for the sake of dissing, not even a proper respond to the article.
    11. slayaddict
      what thread
    12. No.1Moose
      I'm not trying to troll, it seems like I went skinny dipping in a pool of angry atheists :zaru
    13. Kinjishi
      According to VBD, we are re-randomizing. Apparently we are not supposed to know who we face until the match is posted. From how messed up this tournament already is, you can't really be sure what's going to happen.
    14. Doc. Q
      Doc. Q
      meh, I try to keep pertinent info under wraps, I'm just telling you about what they would do, are we really re-randomizing?
    15. Kinjishi
      Let's try to keep it to PMs. It's probably best that others do not view our conversations.

      Also, we aren't necessarily fighting Kuya and VBD. They are going to randomize the match ups again, so we might have to face another team instead.

      I just thought instant messaging would be easier, but if this is what you are comfortable with, then it's ok. I'd rather use PMs though.
    16. Sengoku
      I wish you the best of luck, Doc.

      You better show us your weapon that you carry behind your back.

      ps. throw more apples. :kool
    17. Sengoku
      Gimmie some fresh apples. I'm hungry! :D
    18. Simulacrum
      Of course identity politics is annoying, but I won't change to suit others' prejudices. You may have something with that second part, though. That's something I may have to consider. :hmm
    19. Jello Biafra
      Jello Biafra
      Did someone miss their morning enema? :awesome
    20. Jeαnne
      eheh yup :B

      if i had not joined the rubber chicken first i would have joined the pirates for sure :3
    21. Jeαnne
      oh dont worry, ark's party is our ally :D

      i am making the campaign of the rubber chicken :B

      if u voted for the pirates its good too :B
    22. Jeαnne
      hey :D

      if you dont have any party in the cafe, could you please vote for the rubber chicken party xD?


      ty so much :hurr <333
    23. Stroev
      "you are a genius stroev," :del

      "btw is the JJBA pic from a chapter release or a a single scene translated"
      If you're talking about my set, then that paart hasn't been gotten to yet.
    24. Grape
    25. Stroev
      Nearly got you confused with Teach, due to your set. :hurr
    26. HanautaSanchou
      Hey Doc. Can you please check out My Battle? If you do I garuntee I will check on yours.
    27. Black★Star
      Thanks for the encouraging words and advice. This definitely will be the first of many OP tournaments for me. I'll prepare well so please dont go easy.
    28. Black★Star
      Ok. Thanks and good luck!

      Not like you'll need it though:sag
    29. Black★Star
      Yeah I'll be there. Working on some strategies as we speak. But wait, where's the link to out match thread? Im new to this so you'll have to forgive my lack of knowledge.
    30. Dracule Mihawk
      Dracule Mihawk
      Wanna read my rebuttal and reconsider your vote?
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    dope, mostly, funny shit.


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