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Doctor Lamperouge
Sep 15, 2012
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Jul 12, 1994 (Age: 26)
The Forge of Creation
University Student
    1. Bontakun
    2. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley
      Come back :cry
      1. NW, Bontakun and Rinoa like this.
      2. Rinoa
        True :blobsad
        Jul 20, 2018
        Jon Moxley likes this.
      3. Bontakun
        Did you hear, Alias?! They're making a Code Geass / Doctor Who crossover!!

        Jul 20, 2018
        Jon Moxley likes this.
    3. Jon Moxley
    4. Alaude

      In case you want some more Unicorn :ninja
    5. Alaude
      The Gundams in this show are absolutely amazing :wtf

      It was fucking amazing :argh and it's only like 15 mins, you should watch it :ninja
    6. Alaude
      Have you watched Gundam Thunderbolt ep 2 yet? :ninja
    7. Alaude
      Caught up with Iron Blooded Orphans :ruri
    8. Alaude
      I mainly post in the Moe FC, it's the old Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey convo, it just got renamed and moved so feel free to pop up if you feel like it.

      I probably will, just when I have the time to watch more anime. Yeah well those I'll watch definitely :maybe I've heard of it and think seen bits on youtube and stuff. Tell me when you finish it completely how good it is.

      Yeah it takes quite a lot of time to watch Arrow especially due to it having 3 23 ep seasons already and the fourth one is already on its 12th ep. However Legends was made so you can watch it even if you don't watch Arrow/Flash but you will miss a lot of it so if you ever want to check it out I at least suggest watching Flash before( I like Arrow more but flash is shorter and I feel like maybe more important for the story). Supergirl has nothing to do with it due to it being a CBS show while the other three are CW shows, though Supergirl will crossover with Flash next month.
    9. Alaude
      I'm notthat active either or well I visit every day but I don't post a lot. Just wanted to keep in some sort of contact :ninja

      I'll probably check Dimension W out someday, heard it was good. I'm 3 eps behind in IBO actually, I'm gonna catch up tomorrow though since a new ep comes out. I have no idea what that is about :maybe

      I've been mostly watching just DCTV(Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl) Legends is a really Doctor Who-y type of show, ir maybe it's just the fact that there's time travel and Arthur Darvill is playing the main character, it's awesome as fuck though.
    10. Alaude
      What's up? :argh
    11. Alaude
      The plot with the conqueror if worlds or whatever was pretty bad but otherwise the ep was really good. Especially liked when River didn't know the Doctor was the Doctor.

      If you still haven't seen it later today I'll link it. I've been to army fir the past 4 days(changing to civil service) but now I can go home.
    12. Alaude
      Did you watch the new Sherlock ep? :ninja
    13. Alaude
      The Doctor Who Christmas special was pretty good :ninja
    14. Alaude
      Don't get me wrong I really like the art but the animation at some points just wasn't to my liking. The music is awesome and actually a big part of the series which I like.

      He's pretty fucking awesome, I've read a bit of the manga but forgot it. Now I plan on finishing with anime :del
    15. Alaude
      Not really flaws but I just didn't like it at certain points.
    16. Alaude
      I was sleeping :argh

      But yeah it was really amazing, though I didn't like the animation at some points but that Zaku perspective getting destroyed by a Gundam was so fucking amazing I don't care about any other flaw in animation :wtf
    17. Alaude
      Holy shit Thunderbolt was awesome :wtf
    18. Alaude
      It really does look. Can't wait :ruri

      Also a Gundam mange being made into anime, this gives me hope for Crossbone and Seed/00 mangas :yay
    19. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley
      Never behind, more like move towards the future :catdance
    20. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley
      first I need to watch Season 8 :maybe
    21. Alaude
      Well do it your way :hmpf

      I meant the last ep of Jessica Jones :maybe
    22. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley
      Same :pimp

      Also Netflix finally updated Doctor Who Season 8 :lbj
    23. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley

      Gewd gewd , glad that you joined the OPM fandom bro :brofist
    24. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley
      good man :pimp

      keep watching it :brofist
    25. Alaude
      Well this is only 4 eps and there's only 4 month wait. :ninja

      I finished the last ep an hour ago or something, it was pretty good.

      You should the art is god tier.
    26. Alaude
      NOOOOOOO :argh

      Yeah it has been really good, I've enjoyed every ep of it. Btw have you watched Jessica Jones on netflix, if you haven't I suggest doing so it's pretty awesome and well David Tennant plays the villain :kickcan

      It's been pretty fucking awesome, or well I knew it'd be already since I've read the manga but the animation quality hasn't disappointed me :pimp
    27. Alaude
      Watch iiiiit :argh
    28. Alaude
      Gundam the origins 2 :wtf
    29. Alaude
      I'm not sure if you know. But Gundam Thunderbolt was announced to get an anime adaptation :faint
    30. Alaude
      Yeah :(

      The lance is awesome :pimp. Their controlling system is a bit weird though.

      That's pretty much confirmed already :maybe
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  • About

    Jul 12, 1994 (Age: 26)
    The Forge of Creation
    University Student
    Relationship Status:
    Too ashamed to disclose
    Favorite Character(s):
    Lelouch Lamperouge, CC, The Doctor, Char Aznable, Yang Wen-Li, Reinhard von Lohengramm, Marida Cruz
    I save the world, occasionally. Its a laugh.

    Drumming, Writing Fiction/Fanfiction


    Ilowog's Labyrinth

    ~All the World's a Maze~

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