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Doctor Lamperouge
Sep 15, 2012
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Jul 12, 1994 (Age: 25)
The Forge of Creation
University Student
    1. Algol
      Haha thanks for the rep
    2. Aeiou
      Ah, the Eureka 7 series, eh.. :hurr Interesting
    3. SubtleObscurantist
      I will explain my reasoning for giving Hasharima the powers I did.

      For starters, you understood why I gave Hasharima Tsuande's strength, right? Because Madara said all of his techniques were on a different scale than hers. Now, he would later take that back when he encountered Byakugo and her full strength, but still, that means his healing and strength were just like hers. And we know that by pumping chakra through your legs, you can become way faster for a moment. Sasuke and Sakura both did this quite a bit in part I. Tsunade also could so super charge her legs thanks to her mastery of using chakra to enhance her physical abilities that she can leap to incredible heights. If she can do that for height, I surmise she can do that for speed, which would actually explain why someone with a 3.5 in databook speed can accomplish what she does. If Hasharima has the same super chakra strength as she does, then I surmise he could do the same thing, and given that he already has Sasuke's base speed, I think that he could probably pump himself up to 'V1' Ei speed.

      I figured that in order to fight someone like Madara, who has dojutsu upping his reflexes, Hasharima would have needed some kind of reflex helper himself. And as the Uzumaki and Senju are cousins, who share the same powerful chakras and lifeforce, I figured that there is a good chance that the ultimate representation of Senju power would have similar powers to the Uzumaki. He already has a healing factor, which is the same as Karin who can heal others and based on what Kabuto said, her self. Without seals the same as Hasharima. And since both Karin and Nagato, Uzumaki, are sensors, I figured that Hasharima being a sensor is plausible.

      As for Kakashi intelligence and mindset, that is a little harder to explain. I mean, it seems to me that obviously Kishi would portray Hasharima as extremely intelligent so I figured that Kakashi is a good example of top level intelligence. He clearly has WoF, but I also think that Hasharima, who was good at power politics in a way Naruto isn't, would also have a calm and rational mindset. So again, the example of Kakashi came to mind, since he both has WoF and a calm, rational mindset.
    4. Twilight Aurora
      Twilight Aurora
      hey just wondering, the GIF at your sig, where is it from?
    5. ammarz
      Thanks for the rep!
    6. Samehada
      Reppage back :iria
    7. Jak N Blak
      Jak N Blak
      Ah yes. Welcome to the friends-list of BOSSES.

      You are now Jakanese.
    8. Inferno
      T-Bag is a dumbass. :giogio
    9. Thunder
      Thanks for the rep. I like your threads in the BD btw.
    10. DaVizWiz
      Did you want to address the other part of my post on page 2 of the Obito/Minato duo thread?
    11. Ricky Sen
      Ricky Sen
      Post more, beotch. :blinditachi :zaru :giogio :winny :notrust

    12. ueharakk
      should I negg him?
    13. raizen28
      You dont have enough posts to give positive rep however I appreciate the act of repping me.
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  • About

    Jul 12, 1994 (Age: 25)
    The Forge of Creation
    University Student
    Relationship Status:
    Too ashamed to disclose
    Favorite Character(s):
    Lelouch Lamperouge, CC, The Doctor, Char Aznable, Yang Wen-Li, Reinhard von Lohengramm, Marida Cruz
    I save the world, occasionally. Its a laugh.

    Drumming, Writing Fiction/Fanfiction


    Ilowog's Labyrinth

    ~All the World's a Maze~

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