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Doctor Lamperouge
Sep 15, 2012
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Jul 12, 1994 (Age: 25)
The Forge of Creation
University Student
    1. Alaude
      It was like 7 minutes :-(

      They were really good, I'm liking the world setting and Barbatos looks aweosme as fuck.

      Of course :maybe Though the 2 guys the purple haired and blonde(can't remember their names) look pretty awesome too.
    2. Alaude
      That UBW special was way too short :catsad
    3. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley
      I see. That's awesome of you to do volunteer work bro :pimp
    4. Alaude
      I agree :quite

      The pilot of the show actually leaked and I'd say it was decent enough for me to continue watching the show but I haven't read much about Lucifer only really when he's been in Sandman books and I do see similarities with the characters to how he was portrayed in Sandman after he left hell of course without the blonde hair. Anyway I don't know what his comics are like but the pilot at least was enjoyable so even though it may not be the best I'll take it.
    5. Alaude
      I remember Lucifer being one of your favorites so in case you are interested: X4bF_quwNtw
    6. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley
      Been tiring with school and all.

      How are you good sir ? :quite
    7. Alaude
      That probably worked better with the early Doctors. I'm not saying it wouldn't be possible but I do think the TARDIS in necessary these days. Or some time travel bracelet thing Captain Jack Harkness had for example if it's for a whole season. Something like a 3 episode story without TARDIS could be possible :hmm

      It could happen.
    8. Alaude
      Yeah I'm fine with them too, gives the doctor something different than the previous doctors. And besides sun glasses fit Capaldi pretty well :lmao. Yeah I doubt they'd ever get rid of TARDIS, if they did then it wouldn't really be Doctor Who anymore.

      Yeah the special effects have been good this season. though I'm waiting to see if the glasses fall down from him and someone steps on them and breaks them :maybe
    9. Alaude
      The "and we have a stick" line was amazing :lmao Clara and Missy were really good together imo and when Missy was telling Clara to say stuff as a Dalek was really good too. Yeah 2 parters are good, I like it. What do you think about the sun glasses?

      Yeah you do, it was awesome :argh
    10. Alaude
      The first 3 eps of Doctor Who s9 has been pretty good, ep 2 made ep 1 a but better as well since it wasn't so good alone but together they were a really good start for a season imo. I didn't expect ep 3 and 4 being a 2 part story as well but I don't mind, probably enjoyed ep 3 the most :hmm

      Also Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans started today and it was fucking amazing :wtf really liking the Gundam design and the characters for now at least. World setting seems pretty good too.
    11. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley
      No :maybe

      also I lost Hulu so I couldn't watch the season of Doctor who :(
    12. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley
      Just a way to get your attention :lbj
    13. Jon Moxley
    14. Alaude
      I just today watched the Doctor Who, thought it came from TV in here today so I figured I'd watch that so I get good quality and subtitles but it airs next week so I just couldn't wait.

      I actually liked a lot :hmm, I'm liking Missy a lot more too than last season. also Daleks, I like Daleks. That tank/guitar scene was pretty awesome too.
    15. Alaude
      Yeah but I'm not sure it might have been for only the Christmas special but I really luked her character do I'm looking forward to it.

      Though the first 2 episodes are supposed to be some Missy/Clara team up so I'm not sure how to feel about that, wasn't a huge fan of Missy last season.
    16. Alaude
      River Song coming back to Doctor Who :awesome
    17. Alaude
      The blonde guy in the trailer has Suzaku's VA :del
    18. Alaude
    19. Alaude
      Or maybe you know you'd destroy the time so you won't send it back :ninja
    20. Alaude
      Or you could just get that TARDIS of yours :maybe or maybe find it.
    21. Alaude
      Well in a few weeks when it arrives :ninja
    22. Alaude
      Bought Robot Damashii Master Gundam :awesome
    23. Bender

      Beautifully written post bro. :wtf :wtf :wtf
    24. Franky
      Hope it's good enough/what you wanted
    25. Franky
      Did your general request thread request :catflower
    26. Alaude
      Well true I guess.

      It's based on John Constantine aka Hellblazer comics from DC :maybe:maybe:maybe
    27. Alaude
      Wouldn't it be nice to just stomp everyone too? :maybe

      I'm not sure if you've seen it but Constantine the tv show was pretty good. It got cancelled though so only 1 season and it's only 13 eps long. I'm pretty sure you'd like it.
    28. Alaude
      I just looked at a few other entries when you linked it. Yours was the best :nod
    29. Alaude
      Obviously you did :del

    30. Alaude
      Do you want me to read it :hmm
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    Jul 12, 1994 (Age: 25)
    The Forge of Creation
    University Student
    Relationship Status:
    Too ashamed to disclose
    Favorite Character(s):
    Lelouch Lamperouge, CC, The Doctor, Char Aznable, Yang Wen-Li, Reinhard von Lohengramm, Marida Cruz
    I save the world, occasionally. Its a laugh.

    Drumming, Writing Fiction/Fanfiction


    Ilowog's Labyrinth

    ~All the World's a Maze~

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