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Oct 20, 2018
Nov 1, 2005
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You never knew., from

Dommy was last seen:
Oct 20, 2018
    1. Freija

    2. Yasha

      Happy & Healthy New Year. :p
    3. vanh
      Happy New Year Deery :spaz
    4. Yasha
      No, I'm in Ipoh. ^^

    5. vanh

      Am pretty much struggling with the schedule . Having 2 finals coming so close, 1 next monday, and one after 1 wee. The 2nd one is more annoying though, since we need to read 3 books at once just for it. I hate the subject. Also dealing with relationship conflicts is not a very nice thing. You don't encounter it very much often, but when you do, it gives you headache and pushes the aging process, which sucks so badly coz' I don't want to look 21. Hence I had my hair cut, and people now think I look much younger and think I have less brain nerves than when I had my hair long.

      When is your birthday exactly Deery Deer ?
    6. ai_love_gaara
      Lol no prob, I said thanks first :tem

      Yep I remember you and what your sig looked like at the time (strange memory that I have). Except...:hmm?...was your username always Dotty? That one I'm not so sure of XD.

      'Just happened to go back on to NF again after quite some time and I noticed the new feature of visitor messages. I thought I might as well try this out for the first time and yer...I thought about the members of this place I remember first encountering. (Although I had to kinda go back a bit to find you lol, I blame it on the name change, assuming you did have one :sweatdrop)
    7. vanh
      woa just noticed yasha's comment. Neji is of the same age as you so you guys are now 17 already. Woa, and I am now officially 21. Still remember when you guys were saying you were 15, in senior members thread iirc . So how are things over there ?
    8. ai_love_gaara
      Hi ^^

      :hug Thanks for welcoming me and helping me out when I first joined. (Which was ages ago lol.) :glomp

      I just read that the comments below me have mentioned smileys...Ironically it was smileys you helped me out with :haha

      Have a nice day :harley

      ~Ai-chan :<3
    9. Yasha
      Oh my gosh, 17 already!? Time doesn't fly, it teleports. =_="

      So you're going to have your last paper on your birthday eh? Wish you all the best on your exams!

      And the National Service may not be as bad as you imagine. It may even be fun to have some informal military training. I dunno. I haven't experienced it myself. :LOS
    10. Mukuro
      The original smiley queen. :p
    11. QuoNina
      dotty! hey yo wassup lol asdfl;

      How is it going?

      btw i love that new smiley! but it's a bit awkward to use it from my experience sometimes... i am getting old. :p

      :high :high :high
    12. vanh
      yo deery :hi5
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