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Double Arts Sui
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Feb 12, 2010
Mar 6, 2007
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Double Arts Sui

GB's Power of Youth!

Double Arts Sui was last seen:
Feb 12, 2010
    1. Double Arts Sui
      Double Arts Sui
      Gai has more stamina than Kakashi, or are you talking about the anime filler when he's tired as hell?

      Gai doesn't need ninjutsu: he excels at taijutsu. Also, taijutsu battles are the best in the series, whilst ninjutsu battles are the most boring ones. Had Naruto trained in taijutsu, he'd be a beast, but he got Kakashi "I-have-no-time-for-you-Naruto" on his case instead...

      It's not retarded. I only gnawed at it because you mentioned Raikiri as a 'talent' of Kakashi's. Yet he used it to menace Orochimaru and he peed his pants, it didn't kill Kakuzu (lol) and was useless against Pain too.

      We don't know Kisame's full chakra strength. Team Gai had travelled the long way before. They didn't have time to get the gist of what Kisame did before fighting him. They have Neji. And most importantly, they didn't have to save their sensei like Team Seven.

      Lastly, we don't know if Gai's best technique is the six-gated Asa Kujaku, or if there's another one. Yet he wasn't even tired after releasing it.
    2. ameterasu_41
      you criticize Kakashi for his stamina when Gai has almost none? Kakashi used an awful lot of chakra against Deva and Asura, whereas Gai almost never uses chakra because he sucks at everything but taijutsu. Raikiri is an augment of a normal jab, so criticizing it is retarded. and let's not forget that Gai allowed his entire team to be captured by a half-assed 15% clone of Kisame and had to go 6 gates and use his best technique to finish of the other.
    3. ソラのシン-사마
      You neg me for an opinion?

      Filler is filler. Get over it. //uZn
    4. Michael Lucky
      Michael Lucky
      Happy Holidays
    5. Double Arts Sui
      Double Arts Sui
      Note I don't post that much either. I'm not so blind I cannot try and argue with other fans. Even Sasuke fans. We had a friendly chat in a long post I made time ago, in which they entered not being entirely friendly.

      As much as I'm a GB hopeful, I don't usually neg if there're no rude remarks and/or spamming. The library may keep its own path and rightfully so, a lot of people fled it long ago. I wouldn't want the Konoha TV to become the library. It's an island of peace. The post you made in it was quite the invitation to smoke near a gasoline alley. I still remember the Uchiha fight days... the library was a flamebaittrollpostwhoring place.

      Even if Sasuke is appearing for his long long arc, I feel there's little need to forewarn the anime watchers, this is like some youtube spoiler comments. Let it be and let Sasuke appear and cause the uproar... when he does come.
      I feel for the people there, I wouldn't want anyone to spoil/foreshadow things, except fillers which are a pain in the ass.

      That's all there is to it. My comment was sarcastic though.
    6. Jeαnne
      why did you neg me exacly so :hurr?

      i have so many uchiha haters like friends and they never negged me because i was a sasuke fan :hurr

      my comment was no way offensive i was just telling ppl what will happen so far

      i bet you just felt like negging me because i am a sasuke fan

      your reason to neg is totally biased and you should take care, if ppl start to report you for this you will get rep sealed

      oh if you negged me because i am UG, i must say i really like GB and i have some friends there, there is no need for this :3
    7. Double Arts Sui
      Double Arts Sui
      No one is negging you because you're an Uchiha fan.
      I don't neg on specific people, I neg on posts only.
    8. Sephiroth
      Please do not neg me, simply because I am an Uchiha fan.
    9. ?
      Gai plushy lover FTW. :yell
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    Favorite Episode/Chapter:


    Golden Byakugam and Holy Gaible furevah.

    Even Sechs the GAR, follows teh Gaible:

    Spoiler: General Info

    I'm a female. Over NF's average age, if you will.
    Proud Member of GB's SBH.
    http://hmnk.deviantart.com http://www.freewebs.com/nekkyoninja/index.htm
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