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Dr. Leonard Church
Mar 23, 2011
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Dr. Leonard Church

on a Forums Break

    1. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      I'm sorry :( , I didn't know your match closed so soon, and thought Kyuubi was up by 2 already, I would have kept it void and left it 1 to 1 if I had known.
    2. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Rods. The first thing Madara is instructed to take out and throw. It was a spelling mistake.
    3. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      We did 4 day matches for a while, but I think we went back to three because 4 day matches made tourneys longer, which exacerbated the pre-existing problem of people losing interest in a tourney as it went on.
    4. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Haha I just posted my strategy
    5. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      I responded to your post in my match if you were interested in checking it out.
    6. Sauce
      Sure thing. I will see yours regardless.
    7. HisMajestyMihawk
      I think my post very clearly outlines how they will win. Zoro stalemates Zoro will Bart pushes the rest off the bridge. The strategy doesn't get simpler than that lol
    8. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      It's all good, I figured as much. It was just funny seeing "Thanks for Voting!" next a neg. Youre penance is you must start the Anime Arslan Senki sometime.
    9. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Hey DLC my match with Kobe has gone into overtime. I saw you posted you were neutral. Both me and him have some rebuttals up if you have time to check it out.
    10. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Revival Tournament being hosted in the Davy Back if you're interested bud.
    11. Marco
      It was actually a mistake. I was sending it in the night before but I had some network problems on my phone and the message was only sent in by the time day started. Before I could try to rescind the action, DDL had already posted the write up.
    12. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hey faffles, I responded to your concerns in this post, please check it out if you get a chance.
    13. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley

    14. Rampage
      yoo posted a rebut, check it outt if u got timee
    15. Blind Weasel
      Blind Weasel
      sorry, not my area, you'll need to ask a mod from there or report the post
    16. Invictus-Kun
      my Strat is up, please check it out, tanx
    17. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hey there,

      I answered your question about how Yamato would counter Kurotsuchi's volcano, and Farley pointed out that arrows/bolts do have a knockback effect.
    18. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hey DLC,

      I've responded to your vote here, please check it out if you have a chance.
    19. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hey faffles,

      I've responded to the concern you raised about my team's ability to kill Sakura here, please check it out if you get a chance.
    20. Invictus-Kun
      Damn, I dont know that, I thought it was just for himself, can you give me please with a match that used Onoki and he used his Fly jutsu to his team mates, cause I wanna use him.

      Combine him with Temari, Hinata, and Asakutchi, and theres havoc, more havoc if a healer like Sakura is added, since unlimited Super Heavy rocks falling.
    21. KyuubiFan
      I answered your question in my match with DW, please check it.
    22. Baroxio
      I've responded once more, if you're interested.
    23. Invictus-Kun
      Hi there DLc, does your vote for me still count? ;(
    24. Alex Payne
      Alex Payne
      Seriously? Weird. Maybe he is waiting for some tips.
    25. Alex Payne
      Alex Payne
      He is posting in our team's subsection atm. He will likely post some rebuttals himself soon. Good strat by the way. Too bad Kakashi soloes :hurr
    26. IchLiebe
      Nah, you go first.
    27. Revolution
      what is your sig from?
    28. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hey faffles,

      I responded to your vote here, please check it out if you have a chance.
    29. Dr. White
    30. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Responded again here.
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