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Jul 3, 2014
Mar 26, 2007
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where angels fear to tread


who's afraid ofa big bad wolf?, from where angels fear to tread

drache was last seen:
Jul 3, 2014
    1. Bishop
      I am Emma, J was just here for a day.

      I do like fictional, but more older fiction from pre-1800s
    2. Bishop
      Ah, I did not mention but I am Justin, better to be clear than to deceive. Maybe Em would like those books, I'll suggest it to her.
    3. Bishop
      German will come, but they need to know the founding languages so they can just branch out later; German is close to english, jap/kor/thai are like chinese, french/itlian/port/ are like spanish, etc etc.

      Ah, the Harry Potter Saga has gotten ahold of you eh :kaga
    4. Bishop
      Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, English

      Whatcha been reading?
    5. Bishop
      That's what I'm saying :maybe

      They've been able to put together sentences for about 4 months now; so far they know 4 languages well, but, as with having twins, we have a talker and an appeaser; the girl will repeat what you teach her but the boy will just nod so you don't know if he has learned it unless J is with him. :(

      How's life, I haven't been on alot so I don't know how active you are on here or working longer
    6. Bishop

      Twins are very well, they talk and think now so it's good
    7. Bishop
      Been busy, investing a lot of time and energy teaching the twins alot and deciding which one of us will get cliped/tied
    8. Bishop
      Go o sleep Mikhail, your caption above your avatar is misspelled.
    9. Stalin
      I think what would help solve my problems would be to create structure in my life.
    10. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      A bit of an uphill battle trying to prove objective morality when the supposed source of it isn't even objectively verified. I wonder if bacon has realized this yet.
    11. Stalin
      Phone numbers. I'm better at expressing myself through actual real life talk.
    12. Stalin
      Do you want to exchange numbers?
    13. Cyphon
      I am not going to continue this with you drache. You continue to fall into the routine of simply insulting people when you have no actual point to make or anything to add to the discussion. I have given you many chances to improve on this behavior but you seem incapable of being mature at this point. So once I again, I will not be repsonding to you any more. If the forum is still good in a year or 2 I will see if you have grown as a person and give you another chance. I am quick to forgive most transgressions but you have had too many oppurtunities and continued to disappoint.

      So good luck to you sir.
    14. Cyphon
      It really is impressive just how ignorant you are. I don't post in the Blender. Where did you even come up with that?

      Are you seriously so incapable of having an adult discussion? Do you know nothing of maturity and civility? Are you so far detached from reality that you don't see these things right in front of you? If someone makes a point you don't like, you counter it. That is kind of the point of a debate. An attack on someones character adds nothing to the argument. You got some learning to do my friend.
    15. Roman
      You mean 5 years since you practiced? What did you do back then?
    16. Roman
      Didn't know you do martial arts :O
    17. Stalin
      I am the one and only Stalin, eater of flesh.
    18. Stalin
      Can I slice off your face and use it as condom?
    19. Stalin
      And I will stab you so many times, you will look like a wedge of cheese.
    20. Stalin
      Remember, you all will end as my dinner.
    21. PR DE
      PR DE
      I'm sure it was. Your 'rolling on the floor laughing' icon demonstrate that well. Also, kindly get lost. You're a brainwashed douche.
    22. JusticelordofMorgoth
      Had a business in my ways : late replies: Happy New Year
    23. JusticelordofMorgoth
      Thanks for informing I will keep that in mind :D
    24. JusticelordofMorgoth
      hey could I add you a friend?
    25. JusticelordofMorgoth
      thanks to advise me sorry about being overeacted
    26. JusticelordofMorgoth
      Although I am new to this forum..........
    27. JusticelordofMorgoth
      Oh I didn't know that it was too big....I was trying to design it to fixed...sorry
    28. Yami Munesanzun
    29. Yami Munesanzun
      Yami Munesanzun
      It's from Apocalypse Now.

      "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. It smells like victory."
    30. Bishop
      With marriage, it's best to approach it from a cynics point of view with the attitude of a protege of greatness; find all the bads and make it so you have the edge on eliminating it, plus have back up plans.

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    where angels fear to tread
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    reading, science, computers, anime, go, chess and anything else that i find interesting


    In the end we're all just chalk lines on the concrete​
    Drawn only to be washed away​
    For the time that I've been given​
    I am what I am​

    I'd rather hate you for everything you are​
    Than ever love you for something you are not​
    I'd rather you hate me for everything I am​
    Than have you love me for something that I am not​

    Wer ist normal hier?
    und wer ist hier krank?
    Nichts wird mehr wie fr?her sein
    Zum Gl?ck bin ich verr?ckt

    Spoiler: Is karma fiscally conservative?

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