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Jun 13, 2016
Dec 18, 2006
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Dec 30, 1986 (Age: 32)


Hidden leaf shinobi, 32

Dralavant was last seen:
Jun 13, 2016
    1. Maracunator
      Hi, all you have to do is take the characters that appear after the "v=" in the Youtube URL (and in case they are followed by an "&", stop right before it), and then paste it into the Youtube tags, like this:


      Take "aZhZa0LNC1Y"...


      And voila!
    2. Revolution
      Thank you for posting that info about the Dragonball movie. Where did you find out about it?
    3. Lyanna

      Ino vs Temari is already up


      Click the link and vote now :iria

      P.S: You're welcome and thanks for voting :33
    4. Majin Lu
      Majin Lu
      Happy Birthday :X3
    5. RasenganSake
      the new season is just scary, because clementine is all alone now.. :cry I can't handle that

      Buuuut, clementine is such a beautiful name! :c
    6. Lyanna
      I don't know which movie, show, etc. the gifs are from, but the lady in my set is Gu Hara, the pretty face of Korean girl group Kara. And yes, she is really pretty :hurr
    7. RasenganSake
      YOU DIDN'T KNOW!? It's soooo gooooood :cry
    8. Gipsy Danger
      Gipsy Danger
      Yeah, It's called Pacific Rim. It's a really amazing movie, actually.
    9. Diddy
      Thanks a lot for the rep:33.
    10. Lady Hinata
      Lady Hinata
      :hug Thanks for the rep Dravalant!
    11. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Sasuke is nothing but a bore and pain in my ass thats all I can say. I don't care how you think he is important to the story his name is not even his title.
    12. girlycard
      Yes give Maracunator all the rep! :nod
    13. SAFFF
      Sets from Samurai Bride Ep 5. :LOS
    14. Noctis Lucis Caelum
      Noctis Lucis Caelum
    15. Silo
      Haha I know, crazy right :zaru?
    16. Silo
      Thanks for the rep :ohpek
    17. Zale
      thanks for your rep :high
    18. santanico
      loiter squad is awesome, it gets too much unwarranted hate
    19. Onihikage

    20. girlycard
      Thanks for the rep. :amazed
      You know it's Sakura on that cover, don't deny it. :LOS
    21. Annabella
      Thank you for the kind rep! <3 :33

      I should make moar edits of the zombie:kukuku
    22. RasenganSake
      Everyone in the FC get's a free kick out because of being a badass breakruler. :quite
    23. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Its no wonder that Hiruzen was so harsh on Naruto who never told about his parents. He took things more from his sensai and team captain, Tobirama's way of doing things for the greater good.
    24. SAFFF
      I can't deal with all that! ^ (use bro) wearin a snuggy while gettin pancakes and a feel.
    25. Sirena20
      deserved! I really like drawings about NH family *-*
    26. Utah Jak
      Utah Jak
      Thanks for the Rep!
    27. MCTDread
      Cute name.
      Thats understandable. It sucks to have long work schedules and have a pet. But your doing best and thats what matters. Did you study on Ferrets before getting one? You know a lot :lmao.

      Oh a Cruise. Thats awesome. I didn’t know you could bring a pet on board one. Never been on a Cruise. You still got a lot of time to train her.
    28. MCTDread
      I think you did say 11 weeks. I made the mistake by saying 11 months :sweatdrops.

      What’s her name? Also good to hear your taking care of her. Yeah those things are a helluva thing to get rid of. My sisters dogs had ticks on them and I can tell you it’s a real bitch to rid of them :p. Does she run around or just stay near you?

      Again, congrats :thumbs with having a ferret.
    29. Skywolf666
      My thanks! :3
    30. Skywolf666
      I may just do it... With your permission, of course. :3
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  • About

    Dec 30, 1986 (Age: 32)
    Favorite Character(s):
    Naruto, Jariya, rock lee, shikamaru, kiba, neji, kakashi, Shino, and hinata
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Video games and sports


    "Did you know that at least 75% of bitches all suffer from some kind of hearing loss? This alarming statistic means that more often than not, talking isn't the most effective way to communicate with a bitch. That's when you have to hit her."
    - Apimpnamedslickback -

    Spoiler: A Proud Member of The NaruHina FC!

    NaruHina: Because it just makes sense. ^_^

    Spoiler: Also A Proud Member of The IchiRuki FC!

    "Rukia is a Ray of Light for Ichigo" - Tite Kubo


    Come stop by my Deviant Art page Here! :iria
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