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Mar 26, 2018
Apr 5, 2010
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New Zealand
Software Engineer


chugga chugga chugga PHYSICS!, from New Zealand

DreadTalon was last seen:
Mar 26, 2018
    1. Dr. Leonard Church
      Dr. Leonard Church
      Yo, quick rebuttal on your Satetsu defense hype.
    2. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hey DT,

      It looks like the distance listed in the OP for the HN vs KF match is incorrect--it should be Long, not Medium. Since distance can be a big factor in a match, especially with a speedster like Tobirama, I'm giving the match a 24-hour extension and letting all the voters know about the mix-up in case that would affect their votes. If the match being at Long instead of Medium makes a difference in your vote, please go back and take another look at it.

    3. KyuubiFan
      According to the description of the match in the discussion thread my match with HN is at LONG.

      Please check it and rethink your vote.
    4. Edward Nygma
      Edward Nygma
      I thought of they, but a lot of people think that is a form of sensing.I'm at the dentist so feel free to bring it up
    5. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hey DT,

      I responded to your post here, please check it out if you have a chance.
    6. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hey DT,

      I responded to your vote here, please check it out if you have a chance.
    7. Baroxio
      Thanks for answering my question.

      I do have a few more thoughts on Hiruzen using spatial recomposition in his attacks, as I believe controlling the size and range of a fireball would require some spacial recomposition. Furthermore, he was able to use Karyuu Endan, which shows a decent ammount of spacial recomposition that is even noted in it's databook entry. Do you believe he could do something similar with the other elements?

      But back to the idea of spacial recomposition, I would assume a jutsu without spacial recomposition would be like the Futon Orochimaru used in the Forest of Death to blow away Team 7, which, if I'm remembering correctly, was just an omnidirectional burst of wind similar to Kyuubi Naruto's Chakra Roars. This further leads me to believe that a directed attack like the ones Hiruzen used would require at least some modicrum of spacial recomposition to give them some sort of shape.

      Do you agree, or tl;dr?
    8. Invictus-Kun
      is Onoki allowed to make my team fly/

      I mean all of them?

      Need answer please asap.

      Tnax bro
    9. Baroxio
      Well, now I'm interested.

      You mentioned that you were skeptical whether techniques like Gian, Raikiri, Chidori and KB's Vibrato Knife could pierce Gaara's defenses.

      So now I have to wonder, what offenses on the tier list do you think can pierce 30 point Gaara's defenses, aside from an FRS?
    10. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Hey, who do you think would be the better support for my team; keeping Izumo or swapping for Shizune
    11. Sans
      I know you didn't care about the match, but that's not why I felt bad.

      My interpretation of Clamkage and Nick's team is that it's basically unbeatable. At short against Ei, he would need to fuck up.

      Normally I'll avoid the matches where my opinion on a character renders strategies irrelevant (unless Nick is dumb), because that's like the opposite of the KC.

      It's the trial though, so I will make a point to show up in all the Clamkage matches; hopefully he gets murdered.
    12. Bones
    13. Bones
    14. Immortal
      We think of similar teams. Except you don't play Minato lmao.
    15. The Pirate on Wheels
    16. The Pirate on Wheels
      The Pirate on Wheels
      I am curious about your Minato idea, just to see if we were similar, so if you were going to PM RemChu, I'd like to hear too. On the other, if you weren't going to tell him, we both might be wanting to keep it secret for secrecy sake, so there's you don't have to say anything.
    17. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
      irc imo
    18. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hey DT,

      AS has opened it (along with the "How do we kickstart the KC?" thread).
    19. Bones
      Come online now.
    20. The Pirate on Wheels
      The Pirate on Wheels
      Nice spoilers DT.
    21. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Not until the Decathlon is finished mate, sorry.
    22. Mist Puppet
      Mist Puppet
      Only have powers in the Bleach section, so I can't help you there.
    23. Bones
      Hey come on online, are you busy or at work ?
    24. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
    25. Bones
      I had one more question, what does Sanbi need ?
    26. KawaiiKyuubi
      Hey, I forgot you were from NZ! Me too :D

      Where are you? I'm in Dunedin, though I lived in Wellington for a year or so in 2007-8
    27. KawaiiKyuubi
      Oh, bummer. Sorry then dude, I would've got it fixed up earlier but I had to go to bed. I feel bad now. Feel free to PM me if you ever need a vote, though ofc I can't promise it'll be the one you want :p
    28. KawaiiKyuubi
      Nope, it appears DS counted my vote as valid, so you win ^_^
    29. Immortal
      Yo, come vote in my deca match. Then when you're done vote in my match against brochu ;) hahaha
    30. EnergySage
      Behold, a Wild Rebuttal has appeared
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