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Nov 20, 2013
Jun 11, 2011
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Dec 31, 1994 (Age: 22)
Shropshire, UK
no contribution to society :P

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Probably offline, 22, from Shropshire, UK

droidsteel was last seen:
Nov 20, 2013
    1. Psychic
      Hi new friend :)
    2. Twilight's Edge
      Twilight's Edge
      hey how's it? :P
    3. Twilight's Edge
      Twilight's Edge
      Hey its up. :D

    4. Twilight's Edge
      Twilight's Edge
      Dude you better post them, I want to see them. >__> You've really come a long way since hinata and i'm impressed watching you improve over time. Keep it up man.

      So you doing alright? Hey tomorrow i'll be uploading a pic for one of my best friends. You can check it out if you like. I'll let you know when its up. :P
    5. Twilight's Edge
      Twilight's Edge
      What's up? How's your drawings coming? I'm going to have see them pal. :P
    6. Twilight's Edge
      Twilight's Edge
      They were good. Happy new year droid!
    7. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I wonder whoever made that episode should pay attention to the manga and try not make Naruto flatout saying things like that.

      That was out of character for Naruto after all the past events where Sakura already made a fake confession to him and pushed her back knowing those aren't her real feelings and Hinata's confession, that Naruto hadn't has the chance talking to her about it.
    8. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Me too. I really want Hinata to finally show her potential during the war. BTW you've read chapter 558 and 559?

      It would cool to see 3 Konoichi's from 3 Lands having a Girl talk when it comes about Naruto.

      I don't care if its filler, its still Naruto series. Well episode 235 was badly written.
    9. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Next episode looks like it going to be good. Naruto meeting with Kurotsuchi, Onoki's Granddaughter. Well this going to be awesome, I wonder if during the War arc we may get some girl talk moment between Kurotsuchi, Hinata and Karui since they were on the same team. Its likely they would talk about Naruto.
    10. Twilight's Edge
    11. Melodie
      Thanks for the rep. :iria
    12. Extasee
      Oh cool, you negged me. :I Let the butthurt commence.
    13. Kyu
      & since when did I say I don't care about the characters?:maybe

      Don't go assuming such things there are still characters I still enjoy in this manga.
    14. Kyu
      And whats wrong with reading the manga for feats?:geg
    15. Louis-954
      Ahh I see, my bad. xD
    16. Louis-954
      You read the latest Naruto chapter? Shits starting to get real
    17. Louis-954
      Stumbled across this this morning. http://www.saiyanisland.com/2011/12/88-of-one-piece-fans-are-adults/ made me think of our conversation last week. =P
    18. Artful Lurker
      Artful Lurker
      Flamingo or Hawk?
    19. Golden Circle
      Golden Circle
      I feel guilty for giving you that revenge rep so I'll pos rep you when I can.

      To be honest, in hindsight, I don't agree with that post either. It's gone.
    20. Crona
      Thanks for complimenting my good taste in sensing badassery :kaga
    21. Dinelle
      thanks for the rep and the sig i know right :hurr
    22. Twilight's Edge
    23. Louis-954
      It's gonna start off slow either way. The manga starts off with main protagonists past as opposed to out right jumping into the story and exploring his past in episode 4. I personally, watched the anime first then went back and read the manga. There also isn't much filler, maybe 70 episodes of filler throughout the entire series. Much less than Naruto and Bleach.
    24. Louis-954
      Magma* punched through he chest yes. The anime doesn't edit it at all either. On a serious note man you really should give the series a shot. I'll be the first to say that it strts off slow and the art isn't that amazing in the beginning but both improve and only get better as time goes on. It's just as great as Naruto in my opinion. The art will grow on you and improve I promise. Don't let the art keep you from experiencing an otherwise amazing story lol.
    25. Louis-954
      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/103-46758-14/one-piece/chapter-573.html
      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/103-47005-8/one-piece/chapter-574.html
      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/103-47005-11/one-piece/chapter-574.html
      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/103-47005-15/one-piece/chapter-574.html
      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/103-47298-5/one-piece/chapter-575.html

      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/103-47876-13/one-piece/chapter-576.html. This is your idea of tame and playful looking? You can't seriously believe that lol. XD
    26. Louis-954
      You can't say Naruto was meant to be read by the same age group as Death Note either then since the brutality in One Piece far surpasses that of Naruto's. There's a reason why OP is #1 in sales.
    27. Sketh
      Thanks for the rep
    28. Twilight's Edge
      Twilight's Edge
      Well im on thanksgiving break now lol (which is already almost over >.>) Then we go back to school for a little while then christmas break.
    29. Twilight's Edge
      Twilight's Edge
      Just enjoying thanksgiving break I guess. :p

    30. ℛei
      Thanks for the neg :awesome
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    Dec 31, 1994 (Age: 22)
    Shropshire, UK
    no contribution to society :P
    Favorite Character(s):
    hinata, orochimaro, konan, nagato, kimimaro.
    drawing, writing, reading, playing d piano, playing on ma ps3, hanging with mates


    Alduin, the world eater :amuse
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