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Apr 11, 2015
Apr 9, 2007
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concrete jungle where dreams are made of
lifelong student
    1. sworder
      there's a topic on CoN2

      check it out brah
    2. Luftwaffles
      I haven't played since October lol, but there should be this year.
    3. Luftwaffles
      2 years later haha and yeah
      - TheKidEveryoneHates
      - The Heartbreak Kid
      - Deus ex Shinobi

      We were in Team Canada :gar
    4. Luftwaffles
      Why you no come back to KC?
    5. The Pirate on Wheels
      The Pirate on Wheels
      You were always 101 levels above me. Just out of commission for a long time. (I actually got you mixed up with thekideverybodyhates who I was saving that speech for.) So yeah! I felt stupid when I realized that.:ano
    6. sworder
      sure thing bro :brofist
    7. Immortal
      :rofl :rofl
    8. Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake
      They can break out of it before Hossaim Ink Bunshin seals them away. They will have to deal with Jiraiya and Yamato Bunshins before they can think about confronting real Yamato and Jiraiya. But by then they will be too late... Jiraiya and Yamato would break out and already be underground.
    9. sworder
      haha always keeping fitter than you, you know how it is

      i thought you weren't around anymore cuz you got rich and had a trophy wife

      i taught you well boy
    10. eDyH
      lol nah I'm east coast

      aka the team so strong we had to ship VBD down to LAC to give the rest of the world a chance :D
    11. eDyH
      of course i am, my homeland needed me :hurr
    12. eDyH
      it's always good in eDyH's hood

      what's up? you in the WC?
    13. Keile
      I do not pretend Asian-Americans have not been persecuted*
    14. Keile
      I was not trying to justify anything. Also, African-Americans aren't a race, they are just a group. Anyway, affirmative action exists in a variety of forms; within the likes of gender, race, work experience, gpa, etc. The only thing you have contention with is the basis of merit by which one is lifted upon another. You do not think race, no matter how disadvantaged, should ever factor.

      The justification I have for having race factor is precisely because of historical disadvantage. I do not pretend Asian-Americans have been persecuted, but I compare the difficulty with being Asian in America to being Irish or Italian in a past American time. Sure, it was rough, but it was nowhere near the same as being black.
    15. Pyro
      Were you ever a poster on the Clash of Ninja 2 message board?

      I remember your name.
    16. Keile
      I met someone who didn't like that Harvard had only 10 transfer spots one year, and then a month later, the departments said they weren't going to take anymore transfers.

      She was mad as hell.

      I said, "You'll just have to settle for Brown".

      She settled for Dartmouth and now makes more than 100k a year.
    17. Keile
      I guess our sensibilities are different. I do not necessarily think that should happen all the time but there are certain instances where I may find it acceptable. In terms of the overall trend, I am OK with it happening. Individually, however, I do think it is unfair.

      But so was slavery. So is being gay in a world where people are homophobic. So is being female in the corporate world. Etc.

      Shit happens. If you don't get into Harvard because you're the 0.01% that gets fucked, well, you'll just have to settle for Brown.
    18. Keile
      "I support altering Affirmative Action so that it's primarily affected by socioeconomic status, not race. Just as I support the government taxing the wealthy, to a degree, for programs that benefit the public."

      Then you support one type of discrimination over another because, I presume, you think one is inherently unfair and the other isn't?
    19. Keile
      Do you support taxes that go towards American cities and places that you'll never visit like Alaskan mountain slopes? Or supports that you'll never need like neighborhood support programs?

      Do you support people robbing from you, a taxable group, in order to pay for a minority, the people of Alaska or high risk urban city youth?

      Do you think the government is wrongly discriminating against you because of your circumstance?

      Because it is discrimination what they are doing. They are targeting you.
    20. Keile
      Well, it happens all the time--discrimination against one group for another. It happens in neighborhood funding: places with more perceived need get more money. Those with perceived less need get less.

      You may not see this as wrong because the deciding factor is "need", which you may or may not think is the same as "merit". Well, you can say that African-Americans have a need whereas some parts of society do not, and money is taken to solve that need.
    21. Keile
      No. What I am saying is that your story doesn't exist in the real world. It hardly exists. It is a boogieman. Anyway, whether Asians do better than blacks is irrelevant. AA isn't affected by how a small minority, but how blacks perform. Is this "unfair"?

      I say No because of America's history with blacks.
    22. Keile
      Just to put your lunacy into perspective, there remains the issue of sexuality-based AA. I can vouch on this one as a Chinese Canadian acquaintence of mine was accepted to Yale with a 2050 SAT and a few essays on what it was to experience being a gay guy in a conservative family.

      Was this fair to all the straight students?
    23. Keile
      How many rich black lawyers are there?

      Again virtually zero. You are dredging up some giant myth. When URMs take spots from people, if they do, it is from people of higher class, not lower.

      There are more than enough Rich Asians that beat out Poor Asians every year.
    24. Keile
      Can you give me specific instances where this is the case? No, you can't because you don't have access to admissions data of that nature. Instead of sticking to the populist narrative, why don't you try looking at the facts?

      More than likely, the RICH Asian kid may lose a spot to a middle class URM whose income is only JUST ABOVE POVERTY. Why? Well, Asians are one of the richest ethnicities in the US and blacks are among the poorest. T

      There are virtually no TRULY rich blacks. None. The average rich black is not rich relative to Asians.
    25. Keile
      I meant, "Why aren't* you complaining about this sort of AA"?
    26. Keile
      "Women and visible minorities less likely to be promoted than white men, says study"

      Asians are visible minorities. Why are you complaining about this sort of AA?
    27. Lightysnake
      That's me, yeah
    28. DreadTalon
      I have responded to your vote; thanks for taking an interest.
    29. sworder
      what to the up baby
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