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  • Oh my, I got a huge headache when I see people voting for Roger against Kaido AND BM :kanyelul

    Both of us might not have the exact same oppinion in terms of Admirals ~ Yonko or Admirals < Yonko .. ( I would never put average Admiral > average Yonko, rather = or <= in favor of any Yonko)

    But in general, we are roughly not that far apart ... But that Kaido and BM downplay is too much in that 1v2 thread.
    Captain Altintop
    Captain Altintop
    Can you agree with this ?

    Roger > Kaido - extreme (lowest) diff
    Kaido > Kizaru - extreme (mid to low) diff
    Roger > Kizaru - high (mid to high) diff

    Because I remember you said Roger would mid diff any admiral and extreme diff Kaido which would imply that Kaido could also mid diff admiral and thus the admirals would not seem to be like monsters as you mentioned before above.
    I said it's possible for Kaido to get an extreme diff, but I am not sure. I also said that it's possible for someone like Akainu to get a high out of Roger.
    As for the matchups, I do not really believe a regular admiral gets Kaido to extreme. I just can't believe it. ūüėā
    Captain Altintop
    Captain Altintop
    Fuji definitely not pushing Kaido to extreme diff. I agree. It's a solid high diff fight at best.
    "Waiting for Cyberpunk ?"

    Yeah, but mainly because of Keanu Reeves
    Not yet. I don't even have a PS4, once I find a job I'll buy one and play it (with Red Dead 2 / God of War / Hitman)
    Great! Maybe you should wait till next year when PS5 will come out. It will have backwards compatibility. God of war and Rdr2 were marvellous
    I played RDR2 / GoW and of course Witcher 3
    Almost 100 hours on Witcher, will start NG+ later
    Of course, man. You make a lot of good points and you know your stuff. More than I do at least :gglife
    (Sick) MS Itachi is Mid-kage level as well, Kakashi is in that too.

    Both are below SM Jiraiya overall.
    I rank SM Jiraiya at Mid-Kage, but he's the highest ninja at the Mid-kage level (above 3rd Raikage, Mu, Gengetsu etc.)
    How would you rank a full equipped SM Jiraiya?
    All the big toads summoned. Ma&pa on his shoulders.
    Would he get close to base Minato's level? I think he would and I think he can even get 3 or 4 /10 in that instance against him.
    I use a different ranking system, and I'd put him in low-god tier, with Hashirama, EMS Madara, BM Minato, EMS Sasuke, Rinnegan Obito, 8th Gate Gai, DMS Kakashi, Kabuto w/ Edo & Orochimaru w/ Edo, BSM Naruto as well (of course near the highest part of this tier)

    Mid-(Demi) God Tier is Rikudo Naruto & Sasuke, JJ Obito, JJ Madara, Toneri, Indra, Asura,

    Acutal (you can call it High) God Tier is Kaguya, Hagoromo, Hamura

    I haven't seen the latest movie so I don't know about how Gaara improved, and I don't know about the main villains who seem to be godlike.

    When I call them demigods, I just mean they have powers of gods (The gods in my opinion: Kaguya, Hagoromo, Hamura) but that they're just not as strong as them. Generally, I would consider this (in my tier list) as Mid-God Tier.

    I wouldn't call Low-God tiers demi-gods, because they really don't even have the powers of the Gods (only one is DMS Kakashi, and he really only has Rikudo Chakra)
    I know BM/BSM Naruto could pull it off though, but an avatar kinda isn't the same as a normal shunshin- they're literally using chakra as legs to propel themselves.

    Unless of course he's in his humanoid BM Form (the one he blitzed to Obito with and stopped him from killing Kakashi)

    And yeah forgot about Gai, he's definitely right there with KCM Naruto & Ei.
    Well Naruto is a demigod (even though KCM Naruto [War-arc] isn't current Naruto [demigod]) he's still Naruto, so as a shinobi he eventually bloomed into demigod.

    When I talk about ninja I usually am referring to their strongest versions. I.E. Naruto & Sasuke wouldn't apply for me because they eventually became demigods (no longer conventional shinobi)

    But yeah, KCM Naruto might also be able to pull it off. But I don't think his shunshin is much faster than Eis, even though he reacted and dodged him- it wasn't by much- and Ei had to shunshin him while KCM Naruto was already running. Dodging someone =/= faster shunshin speed in my opinion- not that I think KCM Naruto isn't faster than Ei with his shunshin- I do.

    Yeah Saikyou is a moron, not sure if he changed his name though.
    Ei would be the only conventional shinobi (leaving out demigods) capable of shunshining away from it, if anyone would be able to. I don't think he could though.

    Yeah, the Uchiha fanboys have been here for years. Grimmjow has been doing the same thing for at least 3 years, Strategoob was doing it before him, and Ersatz recently started (year back) fanboying Itachi in the battledome. Keep an eye out for Nikushimi too, he's the worst one.

    Of course, you have your Gai fanboys, your Kakashi fanboys and your Minato fanboys as well. They're not nearly as bad as the Itachi ones though, Hussain (Minato fanboy) is like 1/10 as idiotic as any of the Itachi fanboys.
    I don't see why Nagato would lower the speed of the path by only running, then send him at Jiraiya alone.

    But again, it doesn't matter.
    Are you suggesting Nagato would only run at Jiraiya with a single path?

    Whether or not he shunshind is irrelevant, the point was that he kicked the path in the face without a reaction, making it a blitz.
    Haha yea man, I think people just assume (X) is more powerful than (Y) they can't possibly lose. But if you told Kishi "Tell how Itachi fights Jiraiya" It's way more complicated than "Jiraiya or Itachi Mid-Difs" and the characters like Itachi and minato are just elevated to such high powers that they essentially can't lose in NBD.
    When you're ready to be an adult and join the conversation instead of hiding behind negs, I'll be ready to indulge you. I know it can be hard for autist :wink , until then make sure to drink your milk, and don't lose your snuggly blanket.
    If you think me presenting two sides of an argument is a bad argument, then that's your agenda. However, there was not a single embellishment or logical fallacy in my post. In fact, I've argued against Itachi fans on multiple occasions. But, you do you.
    You're a pretty laughable forum member. If you're gonna neg someone for being a fan of Itachi, then you're not going to make many friends here.
    I don't think he has a good chance at it, no.

    Kamui is dangerous. The reverse summon method might work if Jiraiya's full body is warped, but Kakashi can rip off sections of his targets (Deidara's arm, for example) so it's still a threat, although I think Jiraiya has the tools necessary to pre-emptively counter Kamui.

    He's shown aptitude with Kage Bunshin utilization and in Sage Mode can have Shima blow up that dust cloud (Kamui can't be aimed at what it can't see, and Jiraiya can still sense), so he has ways to deal with it.
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