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Jan 15, 2011
Jun 20, 2006
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one step closer to shining...

Ebonystar was last seen:
Jan 15, 2011
    1. Hikui
      Yeah I know about 'peinao', it never crossed my mind at all. Lol. :lmao
    2. Hikui
      Oh I can help. I don't mind at all. :p
      I'll translate the whole page.

      Right to left
      panel 1
      Naruto: Aghh! Sasuke don't be jerk! This haircut attracts the ladies!
      panel 2
      Sasuke: Of course they'll notice you've changed...but to that ridiculous effeminate hairdo!
      panel 3
      Sai: But, isn't the size of the penis what attracts girls?
      panel 4
      Sai: If so, the size of yours it's smaller than a peanut
      panel 5
      Sasuke: (thinking) Smaller than a peanut?
      Naruto: AHHH! Sai what the hell are you saying...you don't even know what you're talking about! Shut up!
      Shikamaru: (thinking) What a weird person...

      If you need any other help feel free to ask. When I saw your question I was laughing my head off. :lmao
      Now, you can see why. :p
    3. Hikui
      Bueno si dicen que hay como 7 personas muy parecidas a ti en todo el mundo. :lmao
      Y yo soy del norte de M?xico. Y no te preocupes por los acentos, ni yo que si los puedo poner los pongo. ?Me da flojera!
      Jajaja. Wow, esto si que es una coincidencia, de las m?s extra?as por cierto.

    4. Hikui
      Now this is weird. :lmao
      ¿Con que hablas español? ¿Qué tanto? :awesome
    5. Hikui
      Oh I totally understand! As of now, I'm actually sort of recovered but our teacher has been having problems with the place we train and yadda, yadda. So yeah.

      Your ranking system works similar to TKD, I in the other hand have a single test every 6 months for the rank/belt. After green you have to wait 1 year to get promoted, if you pass that is.

      This is so interesting, I was expecting some sort of I dunno....classical martial art, so I was instantly surprised. :)
      If I can't get back on track with LL, I'm thinking on perhaps doing some Judo. My dad doesn't want me to do such demanding sports, what happened to my knee was bad. So, I won't be able to participate on any martial arts that involves full contact for a while. :(

      We'll see...
    6. Hikui
      I seriously doubt you happen to know it. It's a Polynesian martial arts (developed in US) that specializes on self-defense. Some marines train it and I think LA police force too, or something like that. It's called Lima Lama (lol, don't mock the funny name :sun) I was a belt behind what it's considered black belt, but alas.....the injury hit. It's actually a pretty awesome martial art, even if it's mixed since it takes a lot from boxing and other stuff. I <3 it.

      What style do you train(ed) under?
    7. Hikui
      I'm very surprised now. You are a martial artist? :omg
      What a coincidence!! I'm am one too! Lol. Although, I've been absent due to injury, but still!

      Just wow.
    8. Hikui
      Why would you intimidate anyone? :p
    9. Hikui
      Lol, you seem friendly. And we seem to seem alike. Hello friend!
    10. Hikui
      Wanna be friends? :)
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    Shippuuden Ep. 14


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