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Dec 3, 2012
Nov 10, 2008
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Ech?ux was last seen:
Dec 3, 2012
    1. Dejablue
      Dude you negged my post. Then got upset when I negged you back. You were complaining to begin with otherwise no negging would have happened. You didn't like what I said about TWD and you negged me as is your right to do so.

      I didn't like your post about TWD so I negged you as is my right to do so. Oh wait, you're saying I don't have the right to neg posts that I don't like? Says who?

      So I'm not taking anything else you say too seriously right now. You even said I was "revenge negging". You wouldn't have typed that had my "revenge neg" not rubbed you the wrong way. If you didn't care then you would have gone on about your day.

      You were upset that I left you a little red dot. If you were not upset about the little red dot you wouldn't have posted on my profile at all. Kind of like how I didn't post on your profile until you initiated this talk.

      So please, go away. You're not saying anything I don't already know.
    2. Dejablue
      Wise words but seriously I hope you're still not bitching about the neg I gave you. That's the point of this conversation. I hope you've gotten over it. It stopped mattering hours upon hours ago.
    3. Dejablue
      To be honest I was trying to scare you away. But it didn't work. Well crap. My internet tough guy persona is fail.
    4. Dejablue
      You're being a faggot about one neg? Get the fuck out of my profile messages. You're still being a cunt about this since yesturday... Get a life!
    5. Dejablue
      It's not illegal and I legitimately thought your opinion was stupid. So I did what anybody does when faced with a stupid fucking post. I negged it.
    6. ~riku~
      no problem <3

      just don't want you to waste money trying to get something when you won't get it in time haha :D

      enjoy halloween anyway! i'm sure it'll look fine :3
    7. ~riku~
      Halloween is in SIX days, it's highly unlikely you'll get it in time. If you STILL want to risk it, then please pay ?20.60 to my paypal (angelic-ally@hotmail.com). Please cover the fee as well (assuming you're paying by card.)

      I think you need to do it soon (before 5PM GMT) if you want the shirt to be sent tomorrow.
    8. ~riku~
      well...royal mail airsure (which is 5-7 days, rare cases, later) costs about ?6 i think. ?3.60 for first class delivery from play.com (1-2 working days, rare cases, 3.)
    9. ~riku~
      hey i don't mind buying the shirt for you, however, you have to consider this; you probably won't get the shirt in time for halloween, unless you're prepared to pay a considerable amount for shipping.
    10. Synn
    11. SakugaDaichi
      Its OK dude. I apologize for coming off more strongly than i should have but its cool.
    12. SakugaDaichi
      Yo dude, this is Toriko
    13. Jay.
      negged me for double posting

      homo as fuck
    14. Distance
      I posted a few short videos in the thread. One that explain evolution and a few misconceptions about evolution, and the latter being common creationist theories against evolution. Link.
    15. andrea

      You already repped, so just don't forget to cred ;33
    16. andrea
      Thanks, sorry but it's been a busy few weeks but I promise you will have your set :D:
    17. Goofy Titan
      Goofy Titan
      Sorry for being random. I was just bored and happened to pop on one of your threads. :p

      You draw well!
    18. Goofy Titan
      Goofy Titan
      Hay! You draw? O:
    19. Goofy Titan
      Goofy Titan
      I wasn't able to get into the Dead Space games. I think it was the asteroid defence part that just put me off of the series, as that wasn't something fun or what I expected from the game.

      I too didn't like SSBB, but only because the two heavily advertised features (online and the adventure mode) were so disappointing.

      But I do have a Gamecube AND a Wii! I own most gaming systems...I even have a 32X. ):
    20. Goofy Titan
      Goofy Titan
      I guess I like good games too, but I seem to like the ones that have been around for ages. Tactics Ogre, Fire Emblem, Ys, Dragon Quest, Kirby, Mario, Half-Life, Zelda..

      I may be jaded, but I end up liking a lot more of the traditional games released today over the 'cinematic' nonsense that's usually heavily advertised.
    21. Goofy Titan
      Goofy Titan
      You know, I never asked, but what kind of games do you really enjoy? :p
    22. Goofy Titan
      Goofy Titan
      I guess that's where we disagree. I think GI has and always has been a joke just for PR hype, and you don't stand on the magazine like that. Maybe that's why you can tolerate going to Gamestop and I can't. :pek

      As for the argument for used games, considering the issues I had with the games only showed up many hours into the games, I doubt with my luck that the issues were noticed within that timeframe. The issues with FFVII and VIII didn't arise until many discs in. :p
    23. Goofy Titan
      Goofy Titan
      Uhm, you lost me. What exactly are you talking about with warranties? Maybe that's something they implemented after I stopped buying from them.

      The subscription to Game Informer is just a joke. Because...it's Game Informer. And I think it's a terrible PR magazine.
    24. Goofy Titan
      Goofy Titan
      What, with used games? To me, it's just simply a quality issue. My luck with used games from Gamestop has been pretty shit. Almost every game I've bought that was used has some noticable issue that required me to buy the game all over again as new. FFVII, VIII, X, and Tales of Vesperia are particularly noteworthy examples for different reasons. The return policies on those kinds of games go up a shit creek too, as the problems don't show up until you've made a chunk of progress.

      Sure, I may be spending more money on new product, but at least I have the guarantee that it will only fail on me in my own two hands.
    25. Goofy Titan
      Goofy Titan
      Are you referring to buying games used or Game Informer? I have issues with both. :p
    26. Goofy Titan
      Goofy Titan
      Indeed, indeed. I guess that's why for all of the good nice employees do with the games they rent out, the vast majority tamper with them in negative ways.

      That stuff and the CONSTANT annoyances of always asking me for used games or to subscribe to whatever shitty service they're offering easily made me jump ship to buying my games off of Amazon.
    27. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Oh man, totally loving Baccano!
      Good ol' times :canttouchthis
    28. Buskuv
      Fanart from Demon's Souls.
    29. Burke
      Precisely :quite
    30. Burke
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