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Nov 6, 2014
Feb 11, 2007
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Αρχίδια, from Greece

Edo was last seen:
Nov 6, 2014
    1. Megaharrison
      Putting this in a neg rep? Really? God you people.

      "lies lies, US has supported Israel in wars thanks to Kissinger, a well known Jew of course."

      The US directly supported the Arabs in their wars, with the blood, sweat, and direct presence of American troops. Israel has never gotten this luxury. US troops defended the Arabs in 1991 and throughout the Iran-Iraq War (see the tanker war).

      Thus the US has supported the Arabs more in wars then Israel.

      And lol@your racism with that ?of course he?s a Jew? comment. God you people are sad.

      "to the supplies by the US you were able to win that war....such a liar!!!"

      In 1967, the primarily arms supplier to Israel was France, not the US. In 1973 Arab equipment was modern and in many cases superior to their Israeli counterparts thanks to an even more extensive Soviet effort to arm the Arabs. IDF M4 Sherman tanks had to face off with Soviet T-62?s and AT-3 ATGM?s, Fighter Jets with the formidable SA-3 SAM, P-15 Termit ASM?s, BM-24?s MLRS?, and so on. Technological advantages for Israel didn?t even exist for Israel until the 1990?s.

      "for shrinking, well that is a joke, since 48 Israel has been growing."

      Israel has ceded the Gaza Strip, Sinai Peninsula, and East Bank since 1948. Israel was much, much larger in 1980 than it is today. This makes it physically impossible for you to be correct.

      And learn not to hide behind repping if you're going to try and take a shot at me like this, it comes off as immature.
    2. Toby
      Yup, they're all beautiful, though not as pretty as Oslo or Trondheim :hurr

      If you're in town, you have to see them all.
    3. Outlandish
      er.. nice reply almost a year later :p
    4. Outlandish
      long time no speek how u doin mate ?
    5. Panos
      elladara...ti leei?
    6. Mael
      Ouch man...but at least it was a mistake. No worries...it happens.
    7. Nemesis
      sorry for very late reply xD

      But I have been good, working a bit but all is fine here. How are things in the homeland.
    8. The_Unforgiven
      Wow that was amazing. I said this many times, as long as they dont live in palestine, Id be the first person to be friends with jews.

      BTW, finkelstein was awesome too.
    9. Outlandish
      i've seen that did u hear about the country boycots by Chavez and bolivia atleast some countries are stepping up t.t

      yeah that MP has balls, he speaks a lot of truths.


      this article was pretty amazing too

    10. IBU
      Of course Hugo is a great lover....
    11. Jin-E

      We just have to agree to disagree xD
    12. Fruits Basket Fan
      Fruits Basket Fan
      You asked what the anime is called in my sig....

      It is Bokurano :)!
    13. Jello Biafra
      Jello Biafra
      Sky is Over was banned for telling me repeatedly to go fuck myself. Naturally, I was not amused.
    14. Outlandish
      BBC is getting a little bad.. to with the iran fear mongering anyway :p

      BBC world service is awesome though =]
    15. Outlandish
      edo, edo, edo, checking out reports from Aljazeira ? they have some interesting and a little less unbiased view on this war :D
    16. The_Unforgiven
      Never heard of him tbh

      Im gonna watch the video now though. Will get back to you on that.
    17. Outlandish
      im watching them fine, it's a good video :p
    18. Coteaz
      Oh, that's fine then. :del
    19. Coteaz
      Who is you? :sun
    20. Mael
      There are idiots of every culture and of every race. What really matters if those idiots get a voice. The Romans had Nero, Iran has Ahmadinejad, the US had Bush twice :facepalm, Russia had Catherine the Great, etc.

      I also knew that idiot came from Greek διώτης. Good word.
    21. Mael
      Oh that's true...I've read enough Aristotle to know that.
    22. Hachidaime
      ...dude i understand what u did and i agree with you but u should have put spoiler tags on this,some people can't take shit like that,they could vomit or faint. If you're willing to risk somebody's health over this then fine, but warn them first.
    23. Hachidaime
      yes in fact it did, i don't have to see those horrible things to be against israel and you should at least put spoiler tags with warnings on it. I'm not one off them, but there are underage kids in the forums u know.
    24. Hachidaime
      u idiot, put spoiler tags on those images
    25. MIHAWK
      etsi deixnei,esi ti leei?
    26. MIHAWK
    27. valentine_ryuuga
    28. Zookini
      lol Arxidia:lmao
    29. SP
    30. GrimaH
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