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Feb 1, 2019
Aug 16, 2006
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The land of warriors
Aspiring musician


Is Having a Raging Clue, from The land of warriors

ElementalShinobi was last seen:
Feb 1, 2019
    1. J★J♥
      Wilder is a little bitch
    2. CA182
      Woah I have you as a friend.

      I'm sorry for forgetting about you.
    3. Freechoice
      Thanks for the rep, and the guy in my sig is Netero from Hunter X Hunter.

      Definitely worth checking out.
    4. Lance
      I don't know! I just googled it! :ano
      But +reps much thanks
    5. Quuon
      Thanks for the rep man, I agree.
    6. Datassassin
      The gif is from the ongoing 2011 remake; one of the best anime adaptations I've seen really. = O
    7. Kanki
      'Kingdom'. A series based on history - the 7 warring states of China who're all at war. One person wants to unite 7 states and by doing so has to defeat all the others.

      The main character was an orphan who grew up as a slave who along with his best friend (and fellow slave), aspired to become a 'General'. Obviously the highest rank in the military.

      It's an awesome manga - many people on here regard it as their favourite current series.

      You'll see the main character join the military from the bottom, become a commander and progress (100 man commander, 300 man, 500 man, 1k man, 2k man, 5k man, General, Great General).

      There's also some politics involved with regards to the throne of the King, as people want his seat. As the king is only 17 he doesn't have actual power until he's 22 (Chinese law), and his brother and more importantly the chancellor wants to take the power from him in a civil war.

      You'll see the state of Qin invade other states, defend from being invaded themselves ect. There's a lot of tactics involved too - some Generals are 'Strategic', others are 'Instinctive'.

      My sig has the 7 strongest Generals in the state of Qin. All with their own, unique backstory and personality. The plot has a lot of depth and heart. It's a million miles away from a simple war series. Manly tears are shed, epic quotes, emotion, politics, strategy. And you'll see legends from various states clash.

      Hope I haven't just killed your page lol. There's been about 280 chapters translated, but we're about 90 chapters behind the raws and as a result we get 6 chapters a week (3 on Thurs, 3 on Sun). The series has a long way to go before reaching its climax.
    8. Shinthia
      thanks for the rep :)
    9. Arya Stark
      Arya Stark
      It's Soul Eater, anime differs from manga at some point (ep 35) I recommend it's manga also. :33
    10. Jay.
      sorry bro .
    11. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Thanks for the rep!
    12. Kronin
      Really thanks for the rep :)
    13. Magician
      Shingeki no Kyojin. Only 5 episodes in and already one of my favorite anime. :vegeta
    14. Neelix
      my sig is from Hunter x Hunter 2011
    15. Renegade Knight
      Renegade Knight
      DC Showcase: Catwoman
    16. Raiden
      Lol thanks a lot!
    17. Shadow050
      thanks for the rep :brofist

      that clip is the funniest video in NBA history... hands down
    18. Kuma
      i don't believe it's new. I think it's the Kyoto fight
    19. T-Bag
      u still under the hypnosis dawg?
    20. T-Bag
      its a joke man i picked it off some website :LOS
    21. T-Bag
      my gf lol :lmao

      u jelly?
    22. Jeαnne


      Rurouni Kenshin live action xD
    23. CA182
      Thanks for the rep :hurr
    24. Anju Ratti
      Anju Ratti
      Thanks for the rep ^_^
    25. Marcο
      Thanks for the rep. And glad you like Marco, I was beginning to think he had few supporters on this forum. :amuse
    26. Louis-954
      It's alright, mistakes happen I guess. xD
    27. Louis-954
      And I had just given you a pos rep too, nice guy. But yeah, i'm the "pathetic prick" heh.
    28. Louis-954
      Was that neg meant for KiShiDO, or me? o.O
    29. dream
      It's from the movie Sword of the Stranger.
    30. Raid3r2010
      Im pretty tired.

      Actually I tought it'll be good if i'll get some sleep in 15 minutes or so.

      So you're a Naruto fan ? Any other series you're reading ? :)
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    The land of warriors
    Aspiring musician
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    Pimp Garra of course
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    I like to live life, and I am bored so I am here.

    Playing sports
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