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Emasculation Storm
Aug 20, 2005
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Emasculation Storm

brought to you by Death, from Nevermore

    1. Bioness
      gotcha, still you had the name so long is he just messing with you are what changed?
    2. Bioness
    3. Bioness
      your name what happened :argh
    4. BaronVonAwesome
      Returning the welcome, although going from ejaculation to emasculation's a big step, especially if you'd go as far as castration. The Baron is reluctant to downgrade to Eunuch.
    5. Mider T
      Mider T
      One letter change shouldn't even count as using up one of the three lol
    6. Fran
    7. Mider T
      Mider T
      Wait, is this Ejaculation Storm?:lmao
    8. tsunadefan
      well, you kinda made me start attacking you. you negged me and i negged you back. you didnt have to broadcast it, it was from there i started to attack. i guess i deserved the first neg, even though my post didnt do something wrong. although i did say i revenge negged people. so i guess. ignorance in this case i guess is not a defence and i guess i should a read the rules in which i am going to. i have learnt from my mistakes and if you have noticed i dont give a fuck what anyone wants to see. except for people who truly care about me a lot. i did not rep whore. i did not ask for reps, i dont really want back good reps in return and i wasnt trying to look for sympathy from anyone. ijust wanted to know why the stupid annoying rep problem with me. i dont need to make a name for myself. you dont expect you to go easy on me, but you werent right in taunting me and mocking me and trying to encourage others to neg rep me. you could have stated the rules to me again but you insisted on making me throw a "tantrum" so your not right either. i am sorry i flamed but as i said before i did not diss you first but you chose to put my revenge neg on display, you were not exactly right on that either. i have learnt a few things on this forum. i am gonna try to never again neg rep people as it is negative and only people who are negative send that, but i will still like the good reps and give out good ones to people who deserve it. i have learnt what rep whoring means and that revenge negging is bad. i have learnt that this is just another bad experience on th forum for me and just something else i can get over. oh and thanks for the advice but i dont need it. i am sure i can make a name for myslef with this name if i wanted to. i dont. i am alright with just how i am now and people who have requested my friendship knows how my name is and still find me. i am ok now and i will continue to enjoy my time on this forum looking friends and being nice... you have at least had some use to me by expanding my knowledge. thanks for your time, have a good night, have continous ok time on the forums and i hope you get your cumuppance wherever and whenever you deserve it if you do.
    9. tsunadefan
      oh, so wat is rep for then? wat is it to show? and why did you have to be mean to just mock me and ignore my feelings toward rep points and neg me? the most annoying problem i have with what you did is that you negged me knowing how i felt and just wanted to upset me anyways. y? i only have 4000 reps now unlike you. what if i wanted to reach where you are? my wishes dont matter so you just neg me till kingdom come anyways?! mostly, i wanna know why attack me?
    10. tsunadefan
      i kinda care because "rep" is short for reputation. it shows you break rules or you are a delinquent. and as a result, people see you a certain way in this forum because of it. i also hate the fact that this annoying thing called rep can be distributed so freely for anything stupid. that is what annoys me. if it could go i would have no problems. i wouldnt miss it much. now if you didnt care then y give me a neg rep for saying i like neg repping? answer me that! is it because you actually do care? is it because you just see me and decide that i am too rebellious so you wanna put me in my place? or is it because your a sadistic torturer who saw the right moment to attack someone who had not hurt you in anyway?
    11. tsunadefan
      but, i saw a pink beside the comment i posted to you... so i thought you changed it in some way... no matter. i had no clue revenge negging was bad! negging overall is stupid, because i could neg you for saying you hate tsunade!! now, is that right for me to neg you for such a reason ejaculation storm?!?!? wouldnt you revenge neg me if i did that?!?! or if not, think it is unfair and stupid!! and now, as you said, people want to rape neg rep me!! but thank you for embarrasing me and for making everyone wanna neg me! i am sure you had some hate for me why you concucted such a plan!
    12. tsunadefan
      ... really?!?! i am sure i saw a positive rep!!
    13. Haris
      No, you're right.

      OIM AN 'lD mEMBAH aND i HAve iT oooT fer yoo coz u waz meen to meh in fa pst!!!!
    14. tsunadefan
      but you negged me. and when i wanted to neg you back, you changed it and made it look like a positive rep. so if i wanted to neg you now, would the same thing happen? even if it wasnt revenge neg? i cursed you cause you embarrased me in the thread by putting up that i actually did not neg you! made me look like a total idiot! and you were obviously planning the thing to embarrass me! so, i have learnt to fuck neg reps cause they are only for negative people. neg reps are kinda unnecessary to me anyways. i mean, negging people for their opinions! watever. only good reps now from me!
    15. Haris
      If I was an old member why would I bother with all of this? I'd probably just tell you to fuck off without explaining myself. I'm only trying to prove myself because you're wrong.

      I got banned from another forum for organising a porn raid which is why I started up on this one again. ¬_¬

      Go fuck your mother. <3
    16. Haris
      Look at my post count... In relation to my experience; I'm new. Fuck off you faggot.
    17. tsunadefan
      you know, i dont know what it is with you? wat is your prob? ever since you saw me you were a being an asshole to me! did i do you something?! wat is your beef?! cause i really wanna know why hate me so much?!
    18. Kenneth
      did you censor this one too
      else the mods gonna be baleeting it too before you know it rofl
    19. Fran
    20. Kenneth

      well even with the censoring it was obvious what they were doing rofl
    21. Kenneth
      now you know why i use another host for pictures like that
    22. Kenneth
      they deleted it?

      lol imgur ftw
    23. Kenneth
      :lmao:lmao i get it
      looks like pixiv art to me
      the quality of the fanart is too high to be deviantshit
    24. Kenneth
    25. Kenneth
      did you lose a bet
    26. Bioness
      your sig :geg . . .is that Kenny :wth
    27. The Virgin
      The Virgin
      and now we're friends... hehe.... from being anal talkers
    28. Xion
      That isn't the reason. I pointed out it was "vapid" and "ersatz" in the context of his recent political actions and the fact that it was nothing more than a statement to satisfy the emotional needs of the country without any deeper insight behind it. I certainly see why he did it and I'm sure he had too, but it doesn't make it any less banal and possibly even hypocritical at parts given his actions.
    29. Xion
      That's not true. But I believe others are entitled to their opinions. :)
    30. Sen
      Hey :iria

      How have you been? :byastars
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