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Nov 11, 2018
Oct 6, 2006
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Mr. Flibble's very cross

I agree completely with Seraphiel, I keep hitting home without thinking, it's driving me nuts. Apr 23, 2016

Enclave was last seen:
Nov 11, 2018
    1. Vespy89
      so tell me are you on gamefaqs trying to get ppl to buy FF 14 instead of Neverwinter? i know FF 14 is the better game but i see why ppl including me will try neverwinter cause its free.
    2. Enclave
      I agree completely with Seraphiel, I keep hitting home without thinking, it's driving me nuts.
    3. Vespy89
      from what i can gather there is no english dub in this game which is fine. but yes it is much better.
    4. Vespy89
      SAO: hollow fragment is now on PSN for 20 bucks. i'm thinking of getting it i love JRPGS
    5. Vespy89
      i'm thinking i'll start on behemoth and find a good group to team with as i work up to level 50 but i worry no one will be left once heavensward comes out.
    6. Vespy89
      what class is a good class for a beginner like me? i'd like to stay out of the way so maybe scholar or white mage? i don't wanna step on any toes.
    7. Vespy89
      can you explain how the class and job system works? can i only do one class per character?
    8. Vespy89
      i'll let you know what server i wind up on once i buy the game itself.
    9. Vespy89
      is there anyway PC players and ps4 players FF 14 can play together?
    10. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Hey dude, how are you?
    11. SuperSaiyaMan12

      Got a few trolls here Enclave...
    12. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      Check out some of the responses in the thread and you'll see why I need help. :zaru :blinditachi

      I agree with you in just leaving the battle between them as it is, as a victory of Naruto, but some people, actually many, are too butt-hurt to oblige.
    13. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      Dude, mind helping me out in my thread about Naruto vs Pein?
    14. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      Hey, Enclave.

      What's up?
    15. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      Hey, dude, thanks for all the support in my thread about Naruto surpassing Minato and Jiraiya.

      Your help in my thread about Naruto and Pain would be greatly appreciated, if you have the time.
    16. EvanNJames
      Oh that totally blows:wth... I couldn't get my best friend into it, let alone my boyfriend.

      No, only I, and my immediate family (father,mother,siblings) have what it takes to be...a Dwarfer. Up, up, up the ziggurat, lickety-split!

      I apologize for that. :(
    17. EvanNJames
      I know right? You don't know how many times I've called my friends Smegheads and have to cry out in agony that they have absolutely no idea what the hell I'm referring to. :(

      Uh-oh...I'm about to get nerdy...*runs away*
    18. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      Do you think Naruto > or = Pain just yet?
    19. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      Dude, whom do you think is stronger: Sasuke or Naruto?
    20. qwijibo
      no negs so far. only profit
    21. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      Hey, dude, do you think Itachi can defeat Pain?
    22. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      Happy New Year, dude!
    23. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      Nidaime is powerful, but I seriously doubt he is not below A and Sasuke level.

      Shodai had feats and hype. Hiruzen had hype and a feat in fighting on par with Orochimaru despite him having a massive advantage he would never have normally, which is a feat indeed. Tobirama had no proper hype. Minato had hype and feats. Tsunade had hype and feats.

      However, even with Edo Tensei, Orochimaru fails to approach the level of Itachi completely, and Pain and SM Naruto would still stomp him. They could destroy the coffins very easily before he can use them.
    24. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      Except defeat Uchiha Madara, who Itachi spoke so highly of, and who Onoki admitted could defeat him and the other Kages very easily.

      If he were referring to the Bijuu, note that Kage-level shinobi have before now taken down Bijuu more or less easily. Deidara himself stated that a Jinchuriki is harder to take down than their actual Bijuu.

      And after that statement, Madara was only speaking about his own power. He brought the Bijuu's power into the story much later.

      Did I say Nidaime's abilities were superior to Shodai? I said they were superior, as in a sense, meaning superior to most shinobi or almost all of them. No note about Shodai here.

      Without the Bijuu, SM Naruto, Pain and Bee are clearly above him. Everybody else are still below, as one must remember he put up quite a fight against EMS Madara. Who is far from a pushover.

      A > B > C doesn't mean A will beat C, but then again, just having a counter to the MS won't help, Gai would have been defeated had he fought a serious, bloodlusted Itachi with no intent to hold back, and instantly.

      And Madara has EMS, which is far more dangerous. Unless you think Bijuu were the source of all of his and Shodai's power.
    25. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      Hey, Enclave.

      How's life going?

      And do you still think Shodai may be weaker than Sasuke? That, by gum, is one of the funniest things I've heard.

      And where did you get Nidaime surpassing him, anyway? That isn't true, Part I and Part II both confirm it and Databook only stated his combat abilities were 'superior', meaning they were superior definitely to most shinobi.
    26. Psycho
      http://www.parachute-pants.com/ (strangely that is a real link)
    27. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      Hey, dude - who's Mr. Flibble?
    28. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      And you seem to be forgetting that Madara only started talking about his power source later on. The way the conversation was going, it seemed like it was clearly Madara's pure power the Tsuchikage was referring to.

      Otherwise, why say 'I'm a shell of my former self' if he lost to someone defeated by Sasuke.

      And not to mention, Shodai Hokage had numerous Bijuu under his command. A good number of Bijuu, unlike the Kyuubi, aren't susceptible to the Sharingan's evolutions, can be used much more safely, and can finish enemies off faster.
    29. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      One more thing - this is a shonen, and everything so far leads up to Madara Prime being one of the strongest shinobi, possibly even the strongest. The man's chakra completely prevented him from dying even at the age of 100. Kyuubi himself noted his chakra's inferiority to the guy.

      Itachi himself stated that even when Madara was a shell of his former self, he would still require the EMS to surpass him for all his power, which dominated ninja like Orochimaru easily as if they were your average Genin-level fodder. And this was Tobi without possibly even half of his full power!

      He also spoke of Madara with such admiration and respect, when speaking of him in the old times. Clearly indicating that Madara in his prime was far stronger than the strongest of the current generation, so far. This is a shonen, and it only makes sense this way.

      Plus, it would be lame for Madara to be much weaker in the past, and start catching up with the ages. Doesn't fit him. He's already stated that he is a complete shell of his former self - extremely powerful and dangerous, but not enough.

      And no, Tobirama is not stronger than Hashirama. That is worse than saying Hiruzen is. At least Hiruzen has more to back him up.
    30. Uzamaki Nagato
      Uzamaki Nagato
      Also, one more thing...

      Madara is a person very confident in his own power - neither he nor Hashirama are the type to throw Bijuu around, unless they are really pressured. Even against superior numbers, they're the time to at least do what they can, and if it's true that they can't win, then they use the Bijuu.

      Madara used Kyuubi against Hashirama as he feared his power even then, and believed fighting alongside Kyuubi was the only way to defeat him, as neither he nor the Bijuu could do it alone.

      If Naruto was indeed kidnapped by Akatsuki, wouldn't the other Villages know of it? They certainly knew when Killer Bee was 'kidnapped'. Konoha would then themselves try to call a Kage Summit and not Kumo.

      Amegakure is the only village with poor contacts with others, such as that Jiraiya didn't know of Hanzou's death, and that Pain or Nagato was the leader of the village until actually entering the village. Heck, he even thought they died a long time ago, when even before they changed to Akatsuki, they were there preaching peace. Then again, it isn't one of the great Hidden Villages and its leader hasn't qualified himself as an official Kage, like Otogakure - thus people may not know. And even the Ame Shinobi were not sure who their leader really was. Then again, this was also necessary for Pain to make Akatsuki much stronger and to prevent leak-outs.

      Kumo indeed recognized Sasuke's MS on first sight, and knew about Orochimaru and the Sand's attack on Konoha, and his fight with the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen. Iwa knew about Kumo's deceitful, criminal and evil methods against Konoha in what they could do as long as they would get the Byakugan in their hands - kidnap a kid Hinata, and have her father killed when he did this to protect her. Instead of apologizing and themselves be the one to make up, and quaralled unnecessarily, Konoha stepped in front and offered to hand over Hiashi's body.

      Raikage knew Kirigakure was the place where Akatsuki first formed, even though this was never said in the manga. He also knew that there were Missing-Nin from Konoha, Iwa, Suna as well in Akatsuki.
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