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Jan 13, 2018
Aug 24, 2011
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Apr 29, 1990 (Age: 30)


King of the Autumn Sidhe, 30

EnergySage was last seen:
Jan 13, 2018
    1. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Your match has been posted in the DB. Good luck.
    2. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Hey ES we extended sign up time for round 1 so if you wanna fight in the Davy Back sign up within the next two days :pirate
    3. Vagrant Tom
      Vagrant Tom
      Yo dude, saw you have read the strategies in my match. I invite you to be the one to cast the deciding vote
    4. KaiserBunny
      Shit, just saw the positive rep. Thanks bro!
    5. Gibbs
      no such luck :( :cry

      If you can give me the link here to what you are copying from, I bet we both can finish it quickly
    6. Gibbs
      I can potentially bring all those posts back you made in the list. I'm going to do a cache search and see if I can find it that way.
    7. Gibbs
      Hey Donar,

      I made some more threads for discussion on LF. Can you give a look?
    8. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Hey now that your match ended would you mind dropping a vote? I'm kinda overwhelmed by the Ibuse soloes, and know you'd give a great vote.
    9. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Am I allowed to edit my strategy before Sam posts? Not an overhaul or anything just small error
    10. Reznor
      I'm undecided at the moment there. I'll vote if it gets to 24 hour.
    11. Sans
      Oh I'm not blaming you for it in the slightest, the outcome of what happened just wasn't what I expected and it was hardly going anything good for the KC.

      No hard feelings for you dude.
    12. Luftwaffles
      I've posted a tl;dr vote in case you want more reasoning. It basically states the same thing I already wrote.
    13. The Pirate on Wheels
      The Pirate on Wheels
      Would you like me, or mind if I became an organizer, so I can post matches, close, then, and take care of other stuff you have difficulty doing on mobile?
    14. Luftwaffles
      I've closed the matches. The one's who advanced were: MistPuppet, KawaiiKyuubi, Unicornsilovethem and Dr. Leonard Church. You can post the next batch whenever.
    15. Reznor
      Yeah, I submitted it. Forget that he does that.
    16. Reznor
      Juugo [16]
      Kimimaro [16]
      Kido [12]
      Sai [10]
      Sakon/Ukon [8]
      Shino [8]
      Tayuya [6]
      Hinata [6]

      You want to generate it?
    17. Reznor
      Forgot that you challenged me to a KCL thingy awhile ago.
      I can do that after I'm done losing my match if you want.
    18. Bones
      I edited two teams in that post, what do you think ?
    19. Reznor
      Cool. Just standard match rules, points, etc?
    20. Badalight
      I'm super defensive. I don't die much (until team fight phase) but my kill count is usually pretty low as well. I only have like 3 champions bought.
    21. Badalight
      Oh, that much. Not one of my better ones ;-; I did another aram and got Vayne again and ended up 27/10/22. Not bad. I'm only level 8, havn't been playing too long.
    22. Badalight
      lol really? What was your name? Yeah that was probably me - I go by Badalight. That's funny haha.
    23. Turrin
      If your getting this VM your match or the match your judging has been posted, please check the BD to find your match.

      Competitors have 2 days to make their post and Judges have 2 days after that to score each competitors in the various categories and declare a winner. Other than that have fun and if you have any questions PM/VM me or better yet post in the discussion thread.
    24. Edward Nygma
      Edward Nygma
      Bro, you should go add a vote to the 30 point option in the Tobiranma thread. I know you wanted 24, but it isn't getting any votes, and a bunch of people are trying to add him at 82.

      I think 30 is the lesser of two evils here.
    25. Baroxio
      Don't forget about our [URL="http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?p=47696871]match[/URL]. :maybe

      Request an extension if possible.
    26. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hey ES,

      How's the new nephew/niece doing?

      Do you want me to put up your match with HS, or should I let him know that that one's being postponed as well?
    27. Ranma Saotome
      Ranma Saotome
      Nothin too big planned, just saving Ibuki. They'll be heading out to the base when Zenki opens the letter, and from there it'll be a straight forward rescue mission unless one of you guys plan to throw in a twist.
    28. Ranma Saotome
      Ranma Saotome
      Yeah, somewhat. Only the escape portion. We were trying to hit a point thing, not sure if we got it or not I got pulled away late last night. We're still going ahead with the second trap part though. I'm quickening the acquiring arms mission to get to it faster.
    29. Ranma Saotome
      Ranma Saotome
      Yo, ES. I'm on Mibbit atm if you've got the time. You had a question tho'? Feel free to VM/PM me whenever if you do. :)
    30. Bones
      That's good point. Just so I am understanding what you are saying, a 36 lead alone is suppose to be a heavy threat to 42+.
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