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Dec 18, 2010
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Internet troll
    1. makeoutparadise
      What are the chinese character's for "female immortal"?
      1. epyoncloud
        immortal as in never dying? 永生的女人
        Feb 8, 2018
      2. makeoutparadise
        Feb 8, 2018
      3. epyoncloud
        Feb 15, 2018
        makeoutparadise likes this.
    2. cingetorix
      Are you Chinese?
      1. Mouten
        Yes a salty chinaman
        Dec 10, 2017
    3. makeoutparadise
      I've made flashcards for the vocab in hsk 4 now I need to sit down and go through them
    4. makeoutparadise
      How would you say "cool story bro, in chinese."
    5. mr_shadow
      Yeah, the forum is fucked up. A lot of non-English characters turn into gibberish.
    6. mr_shadow
    7. mr_shadow
      For the last four years, China's economic growth has slowed by about 0.4% per year. If we imagine that this trend continues from the current 6.5%, then China will reach 0% growth in about 2032.

      Though that's not the end of the world. Having less than 0% growth, i.e. negative growth, is what the news call "recession". Developed countries go into recession all the time, like America in 2008, and they usually bounce back eventually.

      A hundred years ago is about when America overtook Great Britain as the world's largest economy, probably much because Britain was getting beat up in World War 1 (1914-1918). Though they weren't yet the military or cultural center of the world. In the aftermath of WW1 America logged spectacular growth during the "roaring 20's", only to stumble into financial Armageddon with the Great Depression of 1929.

      However, it was AFTER the Great Depression and World War 2 that America (and the Soviet Union) finally eclipsed the West European empires as the military and cultural hegemons of the world. So not only did they bounce back from the depression, they actually came back stronger than they'd ever been.

      So China running into some economic difficulties does not mean that it's the end of the world or that Deng's ambitions have failed. But it might mean that the China which becomes the world hegemon is going to be a very different China from the one that started modernization in the 70's.

      There's the famous cliché quoted by western motivational speakers that the Chinese word for "crisis" (危机) shares a character with the word "opportunity" (机会). Being in short-term economic trouble can sometimes be an incentive to enact painful but necessary reforms - like Xi's crackdown on corruption.

      I don't know how large the economy can grow, but I'm of course hoping it will be close to a western-level GDP per capita. But that would require a dominance that I think is unheard of in the history of mankind.

      The world's total GDP is currently $77 trillion. Out of that America has $17 trillion and China has $10 trillion. So actually China is already at about their fair 1/7 share. They have about as large a share of global GDP as they have of global population. It's the Americans who are hogging more money than they actually deserve.

      But just for the sake of the thought experiment: we've established several times that when China reaches $17 trillion, they'll still only be 1/4 as well-off as the Americans. So to reach an American standard of living China would need to have $68 trillion, or 88% of world GDP! That leaves 12% for the rest of us to share...

      I don't know if any country has ever come close to that level of dominance, and even if you did the other nations of the would would probably not accept a single country controlling so much wealth.
    8. Finalbeta
      Hello there
    9. Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen
    10. Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen
      I've always had problems learning from others without first doing my homework. My mind rejects everything a person tries to teach me. The whole system shuts down. Ask me to go away and come back for an exciting experiment ? I will probably read the entire 1,000 page textbook by the end of the week.

      I do have a learning strategy. The most important factor is motivation. If I see no reason to learn something, there is no way in hell I can learn it. I've tried to learn things before, yet I couldn't find any reason to motivate myself. A mental block forms. A certificate doesn't motivate me. Recognition/popularity doesn't motivate a private and secretive person like me. The things that do motivate me include money and hobbies. The neurotransmitters dopamine and acetylcholine do help in the motivating and learning process so I keep those in mind. I try to create a mix of semantic learning usually involving verbal self-guidance/teaching for a few hours a day coupled with actually applying what I learned and repeating it over many years ? beyond formal education. Verbal learning brings knowledge into focus/working memory. Procedural or maintenance rehearsal is useful for what I've already learned. This process strengthens all synaptic connections in the brain.

      I find that the sort of unconscious and comparatively blind maintenance rehearsals give rise to sloppiness the more I deviate from verbally-guided or at least conscious learning. You can probably observe this sloppiness in my posts. My English spelling and grammar isn't as good as it can be because of how often I post in a forum like this where discussions are repeated endlessly and very few are meaningful. My spelling and grammar has deteriorated as a consequence over time...as you can tell I'm quite active on forums. Another area where I suspect could deteriorate is maths as a consequence of my reliance on software. To combat degradation I have attempted to clean up my English and maths with short refresher courses. I think I'd be satisfied with permanent A level English and maths. Everything else must be above that level, especially psychology.

      My learning strategy is a bit more complex than that. I don't have all day to explain it. I've told you how I learn in a nutshell.

      The reason I asked about virtual reality was because I thought you were paying attention to tech companies.
    11. mr_shadow



    12. mr_shadow




    13. mr_shadow
      西游记 Read Swedish translation and saw tv adaptation.
      红楼梦 Read Swedish translation and saw tv adaptation.
      三国演义 Read English translation
      水浒传 Not read

      I haven't tackled them in the original Chinese yet because of the imposing length. I think each of them is longer than the 史记...
    14. mr_shadow
    15. Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen
      Epyoncloud, what's your opinion on virtual reality?
    16. Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen
      I'm not qualified to give advice on investments.
    17. mr_shadow
      Guangzhou. How about you?
    18. Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen
      You're right.
    19. Yami Munesanzun
      Yami Munesanzun
      knee-jerk reaction, much? :catblink
    20. Zyrax
      It is for irony to fit my avatar
    21. Zyrax
      What do you mean?
    22. mr_shadow
      Even in the warlord era I don't think any of the Han-majority areas were actually contemplating formal independence from China.

      That's a very big question which I'm not sure how to answer right now. The closest analogues to China in terms of population and size would be India and the United States, and those are both federations where the member states (provinces) have very far-reaching self determination to fit their local culture and conditions. However since the Han have a very long tradition of central rule, I think a Chinese federation could actually make due with just 4 member states: Han China, Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. I don't see that there's a cultural need to have different laws in the different Han-majority provinces, so within the Han state I'd probably keep it very much as it is now.

      What democracy will look like depends very much on what kind of issues the party system ends up revolving around. If the issue is labor vs capital (as in Europe) it will be quite easy to form two parties that can have a presence in all provinces, since this is an issue that cuts across provincial boundaries. But if the issue ends up being countryside vs city, then you're gonna polarize the coast against the hinterland since like Zhejiang and Guangdong will always vote "city party" and Qinghai and Gansu always "rural party".

      Marx held that nationalism was stupid because actually everyone who belongs to the same social class has the same interests. A worker in China has the same interests as a worker in Colombia, so the Colombian should want to overthrow the Chinese capitalist and the Chinese should want to overthrow the Colombian capitalist. "Workers of the world, unite!". By the same logic democracies like the United States work on the assumption that all struggle can ultimately be described as a struggle between liberalism and conservatism. A liberal in California has the same interests as a liberal in New York, and therefore they both vote Democrat; despite the cultural differences there might be between their states.
    23. mr_shadow
      China won't fragment because the Han mostly have a sense of national unity, and they're in the majority in all regions that matter.

      At most Tibet and Xinjiang will go, but who cares? Those two provinces are like balloons: they look large but are actually empty inside. The population of Tibet is only 3 million (!). Xinjiang is a bit better with 21 million, but that's still less than the population of Shanghai.

      What the Han majority needs to understand is that you can't convince borderland minorities to stay based on quasi-fictional historical anecdotes that have no relevance to modern life. "King Wen of Zhou once urinated on this rock and therefore it's part of China forever!". You need to tell them what benefits being part of China actually has to them, and there are a lot. I think economically Tibet has more to gain from being part of China than from being Nepal II. You also need to show that you respect them and trust them with authority.

      How many minority individuals are on the Standing Committe? 0. How many in the Politburo? I think 1. And he is conveniently Hui, one of the most hanified minorities.

      The practice of excluding Tibetans and Uigurs from leading national offices, and always appointing Han as Party Secretaries of Tibet and Xinjiang, makes it look a lot like they are occupied territories and Beijing doesn't trust them. The fact that the governors are almost always from the local ethnic group doesn't help, because anyone with the most basic understanding of Chinese politics knows that governors don't do anything other than polish the shoes of the Party Secretaries.
    24. Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen
      Undefinable for now.
    25. Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen
      You already know that I support AI too.
    26. Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen
      We need human engineered instruments to aid in the comprehension of things our sensory organs can't perceive. For example, human cells and their constituent organelles are releatively easy to put under the microscope and have had less time to evolve unlike a galaxy. Dark matter is even more obscure. God would be operating on scales where human physics and maths become obsolete. It wouldn't be unthinkable for a god to be able to do that considering they have probably existed for billions of years. So I'm not saying there isn't a god. We humans just haven't found any yet and thinking about it is nothing more than fantasy. Maybe our brains are limited to thinking like humans that we think only intelligent beings or sentient beings could construct complicated phenomena. With that mindset, galaxies, planets and humans can't self-engineer.....
    27. Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen
      As far as I'm concerned, God is IRRELEVANT until someone, who isn't dumb or self-serving manipulative douchebag, shows us testable evidence.
    28. Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen
      For the time being, God is just an unscientific human construct people use to explain phenomena science can't explain.

      I agree that sometimes it's best to consider the irrational by being very open minded to alternative hypotheses no matter how bizzare. However, science shouldn't be dropped because truths will never be known. After all, what used to be under investigation by scientists and considered science fiction is now science fact. Often the facts are drawn by looking at phenomena from a different angle as well as magnifying it and trying to connect it to other phenomena it interacts with. Simulations/reeanactments can facilitate understanding.
    29. Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen
      No, I'm agnostic atheist.
    30. Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen
      Genes(aka genotype) + environment = phenotype(aka characteristics).

      Fear(phenotype) of snakes is inherited(genes) as a consequence of the environment.

      What specifically are you looking for? You can PM me if you want.
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