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Feb 19, 2011
Jun 3, 2007
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Jan 5, 1989 (Age: 30)


king oof the tipito world, 30

fakund1to was last seen:
Feb 19, 2011
    1. Kuya
      Davy Back V Registration is open :iria

      Come join :pirate
    2. Olgiebear
      So negging makes me sensitive?
      It was just a comment which I didn't like so I negged. No big deal.
      People hand out reps for no reason a lot of the time but one neg and all of a sudden the sky is falling.
      I don't care when people neg me but when people come to my page and start insulting me because I gave them a neg, then it's very obvious they are sensitive and care very deeply about their rep. Well, unless the comment that came with that neg was very offensive to them.
      If someone were to neg me, unless it were about something very personal and had gone to the point were I have to talk to them, I wouldn't go a insult them just because I got a little neg.
    3. Olgiebear
      Just because Maka doesn't have boobs bigger than DD makes anyone who does like her a pedo?
      Not everyone want's boobs that cover half a girls body.

      I don't know about you but it's great to have a normal looking girl in a manga once in a while...although I don't like that Ohkubo is sexualizing her so much lately.

      Jeez. People are so sensitive about rep. One neg and shit hits the fan.
    4. Enigma
      You still in school?

      Sounds like fun. :LOS
    5. Enigma
      I've been good bro. School starting again for me soon though. :tomasulk
    6. Enigma
      Do you not see what you typed? This is what you said.

      "$300 from your dead aunt but first you need $50 to pay for the form right?:LOS I pay 50 and then we split it"
    7. Enigma
      Good deal. :LOS

      Late reply. Long time no speak. :lmao
    8. narutogeass
      hahahaha thank you :D:
    9. Z
      Indeed. Wish there was more screen time of him.
    10. Z
      I'm not sure about that actually
    11. Z
      It's Grandpa Gohan actually :lmao
    12. Isshy
      Wow. :wtf Yeah, hope we get along.

      Yup, I'm so desperate. I want more chapters of one piece. :cry
    13. Isshy
      To the extremes. :wtf
    14. The Immortal WatchDog
      The Immortal WatchDog
      some traditional American food (Re cowboys/early colonial era) food is very similar to the Argentine stuff which makes considering the two nations are geographically similar...Fucking criodillos..for example..only in breaded form..so you get ball milanessas and shit

      and for the life of me I can't figure out why the fuck people like it...here or at home..but it seems universal

      in the Americas any ways..despite the abundance of good steak mother fuckers will still chowdown on chinchulines Mondongo and all that nasty shit

      Americans have their own version of everything we have-and its just as gross only with more whisky and beans
    15. Enigma
      Yeah, brah. I have this useless $300 and I just want to give it away. I guess I'll have to look for someone else then. :hehee
    16. Enigma
      Hey bro. Do you have a paypal account?
    17. Haruhifan21
    18. Haruhifan21
      lol thx. Mind I ask where I gave this impression to you?
    19. Z
      So am I .
    20. Z
      Yeah I know lol.

      But then again. Whitebeard has a bare chest.
    21. Z
      I lost a bet. :(
    22. StrawHat4Life
      Well he's gone anyways now. :lmao
    23. StrawHat4Life
      I've already warned him and such future behavior will not be tolerated. However you guys don't make it any easier by giving him so much red meat to cling to. You're just encouraging him really.

      You know the old saying about not feeding the trolls. Also some of you guys just jump over newcomers (not saying you in particular) when they express a different opinion. Just because someone has a radically different viewpoint from yours doesn't always mean they're trolling.
    24. Z
      Thanks. :rotfl
    25. Z
      Right on second one. :ho
    26. Z
      I got negs for saying Moria is weak compared to Doflamingo and 4 Pacifistas would murder him. I also get negs from saying Mihawk and Shanks are on par with each other, with it slightly leaning towards Mihawk.
    27. Z
      Lol, dumb neg from him.
    28. Z
      Yeah, thanks.
    29. Z
      That mathias whatever is being a retard.
    30. Z
      You must spread rep before giving it to fakund1to again. Gay.
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    Jan 5, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Favorite Character(s):
    naruto, sasuke, rock lee, kiba, shino
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