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Fallopian Tube Knight
Last Activity:
Jan 21, 2010
Apr 11, 2009
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double entendre

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Fallopian Tube Knight

gratuitous colon use, from double entendre

Fallopian Tube Knight was last seen:
Jan 21, 2010
    1. Iria
      You take my blender posts way too seriously :D:
    2. Ernel32.dll
      i would hate to be the one having sex with that guy.

      every time we get it on that picture will be before my eyes, it's like an uninvited comic-book threesome.
    3. Ernel32.dll
      my god. looking at that picture, i feel as though something sacred has been violated.
    4. Libra
      Would you like to be friends? I don't know, I just figured to ask.
    5. pfft
      can i block your fallopian tube with my (k)nightly nocturnal ravages?
    6. NudeShroom
      * s t a l k s *
    7. Kitsune
      I miss HTK. ;__;
    8. Spy_Smasher
      You're welcome. When you draw fallopian tubes on a man's head it's nice when people appreciate it.
    9. Kagakusha
      ah xD

      and no i'm not. you just have a v particular posting style that's difficult to miss ^_^
    10. Gooba
      PB came up with the name, and Spy made this.

      About the library rules uhhh... I'd go with Hiroshi.
    11. Kagakusha
      oh noez i haven't been in mod action in some time, what happened D:

      also, considering i was able to decipher your true ID from your posts alone, that still ought to say something ^_^
    12. Crowe
      I actually didn't even read your nick when i changed your username to homosexual tube knight...>_>
    13. Table
      Awwlll yay :3

      I can never tell when people are being serious on the internet >.> haha
    14. Havoc
      its like having a constant erection
    15. Hiroshi
      We try to keep that stuff out of the Library. . .
    16. Iria
      No you, my friend :3
    17. Iria
      Its syruppy sweet shoujo but I adore it, so yes!

      I shall do my best to complete what I have begun and heed your advice. Its hard sometimes but I know I can make it through!

      Thanks *hugs*
    18. Iria
      aww that sounds cute. I wish you all well :wtf

      As for me, I'm marinating in self-doubt and conflict. But at least I have Kimi ni Todoke in my life.
    19. Iria

      I am happy for you. I envy your happiness, its been a while since I felt the same.

      How did you meet this girl? :]
    20. Iria
      aww thats awesome! congrats :33

      how are you, spiritually?
    21. Iria
      I actually haven't been around much either so its alright.

      I hope you had an excellent holiday season as well :3

      Nice name lol
    22. CrazyMoronX

      There it is, you neg-repping fiend. :C Just remember: it's never getting updated. :hmpf
    23. Toiletnojutsu
      Funny thing, I checked my older posts and I guess I pretty much retreated back in late 06 early 07. That means I was about 16-17, talking about nicotine golems and how we bond and I lick them at night :>

      I remember you as the friendly quick witted guy whose jokes often went straight over my head cuz i was raised in a cave without books.

      Thank you, my looks are somewhat the same I assume. I still get asked for ID even though I'm 20.:D
    24. CrazyMoronX
      No such link.
    25. NudeShroom
      ...so hungry. :argh
    26. NudeShroom
      Oh my gosh I'm so hungry, and now all I can think of is eating little things of sushi with blue fins coming out of them.

      I wonder if they would put Samehada in it too, for an extra punch. :3~
    27. Toiletnojutsu
      You had me at hello!
    28. NudeShroom
      The truth must be known! :shakefist

      Kisame should be lightly cooked and served somewhat red in the middle. :druul
    29. Toiletnojutsu
      So NF is all cloak and daggers now. I have to say this place seems a bit foreign to me. But it seems lively :D

      Prove that you're forkshy
    30. Toiletnojutsu
      Forkshy? Wow, you're a knight now? That is so cool

      I occasionally lurk but i didn't think you were still around. Happy trails pardner!
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    double entendre
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    "Seek god, or at least seek justice and mercy, and you will often find happiness. But seek happiness directly and sacrfifice everything else to it and not only will you lose everything else, you will certainly find happiness has escaped you."

    -C.S. Lewis​
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