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Faye Valentine
Last Activity:
Jul 22, 2015
Apr 12, 2006
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a mile away

Faye Valentine

forever young, from a mile away

Faye Valentine was last seen:
Jul 22, 2015
    1. Naruko
      I can't reach you, anywhere. I hope you're ok. I hope you got your card >< Please call or write or something. I miss you :wtf
    2. ane

    3. Hisagi
      Hey hey you you! :love
    4. kire
      Hiya faye V!
    5. skygal22
      hello! first of all i would like to let you know that the anti naruhina forum is not even about anti naruhina ..it looks like a chat lobby to me with all the spamm and random posts ,some of them are shorter than 3 words..i want to know why is this fc still up if nobody is willing to discuss about naruhina anyway..they always talk about random things,and when i wrote to them that they should stop because that is not a lobby of off topic random chat,they started being offensive and bothered
      take a look here http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=991189&page=20
      and you will see what im talking about..all the fcs have rules and i havent any fc allowing users to go off topic and talk about other things rather than the main subject..there are other fcs or even chat lobbys for these users to go and talk there if they realy want instead of clogging up a fc up to 100 pages with nothing but blablering off topic talk..it would highly apreciated if you would send the owner of that fc a warning first,since he most oviously doesnt know how to handle a fc..the fc needs either a warning or get closed because they are broking the rules of naruto fanclubs and that is going off topic constantly
    6. Major
      Hey sweetie. Come say hi when you have a moment! :high
    7. Last Rose of Summer
      Last Rose of Summer

      there's some unwilcomed presence in Anti-Itachi FC: Nikushimi once again writes in Anti-Itachi FC despite being adviced by other mods not to do this anymore.

    8. Luftwaffles
      I want to create a Toriko FC :gar we have a ton of followers and well, I'm hoping to get more people to get into this great manga :LOS
    9. Ender
      neeeeeeeeee-chaaaaaaaaaaaan :ohpek we miss u here :cry :ano
    10. Luftwaffles
      Any chance I could start a Crimson Chin F.C in the Joke Fanclub section? :kaga
    11. Legend
      Hi there im the owner of the naruto FC, i need my 2nd post back which holds my member list
    12. Mutant Anemone
      Mutant Anemone
      Hi there. :33 I don't mean to be a bother, but I was wondering, do you own this FC or are you a placeholder because the previous owner was inactive/didn't want to run it anymore?

      I was just wondering because I wanted to ask if they'd like to affiliate with the NejiHina fanclub, but now I'm not sure who I should be asking.
    13. Revolution
      I just sent in a new Club. Can you please tell me when it has been approved?
    14. Para
    15. Harlita
      Any idea what happened to the Manga FC?
    16. Rinoa
      Thank yuo so much.:33
    17. TekJounin
      Hi, sweetie-hime! :heart
    18. Naruko
      :hug Poke me sometime so we can catch up. And http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?p=42479749#post42479749

      Hope you're ok, Lulubelle <3
    19. Jeroen
      I wanna be forever young.

      Now I have that song stuck in my head...
      Not that I mind, though. It's a great song.
    20. Summers
      There is not a lot of new Naruto lemon fics out. At least the sexy smutt pwp kind I like. Tons of Yaoi though. I honestley think I have skimmed through them all if they come from FF or AFF.net.
    21. TekJounin
      http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa319/TekJounin/Emoticons/jap31.gif So happy to see you posting again!
    22. Admiral Kizaru
      Admiral Kizaru
      I love your videos. :LOS
    23. Jessica Amelia
      Jessica Amelia

      Could I make a Fate/Zero fan-club? Or is there already one?

      Fate/Zero is a new anime that started. It's a prequel to Fate/Stay Night.
    24. carcinoGeneticist
      holyshit, I see Starfighter in your theme..
    25. Harlita
      LUNA!!! Wakeytime, WOMAN!!
    26. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      May I create a "Parody FC"?
    27. Blazing Flames
      Blazing Flames
      Hi. I have looked around and saw that there is no Android 18 fanclub from Dragon Ball Z.

      Is it ok if I make one?
    28. Kelsey
      Faye, I was wondering if you could go to the members FC help & request thread and check the requests, please! Nobody else has bothered to check them in a long time. Thanks :ruri
    29. Aries
      Hey not to bother you but I want to ask a question. And want to finally get a answer to it. Can you help me out?
    30. Suhoon
      Starfighter :LOS
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