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Last Activity:
Feb 18, 2020 at 6:32 AM
Apr 6, 2010
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Jul 24, 1993 (Age: 26)


----, Male, 26, from Florida

Fayrra was last seen:
Feb 18, 2020 at 6:32 AM
      About where to find Ultimateking's translations:
      Dunno. There used to be a place, but it got nuked
      Try putting his name in the searchbar of Reddit's OPM page
      That'll net you the latest batch, but not everything, sorry.
      1. Fayrra likes this.
      2. Fayrra
        It's cool, thanks. Yeah I googled searched but I was too lazy to go full detective mode so I only got to page 5 before I decided to quit. I actually did come across the Reddit and the most recent UK translation as well and added it to my favorites when doing that.
        Mar 2, 2017
      3. Fayrra
        Of course not to mention the link you posted leads right to the Reddit if I remember correctly, but I went failed detective mode before you posted the link.
        Mar 2, 2017
    2. Pyriz
      Just dropping by to say I'm enjoying your content. You're slowly becoming one of my favorite posters. :)
      1. Fayrra
        Haha, oh man. That's ridiculously flattering, considering I've been enjoying your content for quite a little bit now. I'm a horribly lazy poster though.

        I often forget about convos at the drop of a hat and by the time I remember I'm too lazy to go back, or get half way through an explanation but then slam my finger on the backspace button because I figure it'd be less effort. Or I won't respond for months.
        May 21, 2016
      2. Pyriz
        Haha well I'm glad to hear that!

        Also, I have a habit of doing that as well. I'm generally extremely lazy and can't be bothered to illustrate the entirety of my thought process and so I would either make very short, vague remarks or avoid posting altogether.

        Now that the HxH section is back, however, I've been far more enthusiastic about posting. I love HxH discussion, so I've got a bit of motivation now.
        May 21, 2016
      3. Fayrra
        Yeah, HxH starting up again sort of sparked something in me a bit. I'm also going to try to get my uncle to watch the 2011 version this time around (he hasn't seen any version or read the mango). Previously, I was too lazy to make a case/explanation for why it was special as a work of fiction, but currently I'm not.
        May 21, 2016
    3. BlueDemon
      Thanks for the rep!
    4. Zorp
      Thanks for the One-Punch Man reps, man. :brofist
    5. Chrollo Lucilfer
      Chrollo Lucilfer
      It's cute, isn't it
    6. pinug
      Hi mate! Would you be so kind to tell me what's the manga in your sig and profile?
    7. Kusa
      Lol I am a pretty weird person and a bit tooooo complex. There are so many sides of me. My emotions and feelings are way too wide ranging. I have so many thoughts, I can't order them my mind is such a chaos. As a result I am just way too confused and overanalyse myself too much. It sucks to be me tbh

      I am glad you think that way doe
    8. Kusa
      Thank you for the rep. Was that rep for being brave enough to share something like that ?
    9. Kusa
      We have similar taste in women. Lets be internet bros/sis
    10. Kusa
      Sometimes I like showing more than my internet personality.

      You are not weird at all. Those kind of girls are pretty hawt.
    11. Kusa
      My computer is a hoe, not your fault.

      I see. She is pretty hot.

      Thanks for the rep :catsalute
    12. Kusa
      and now I remember why. Did type an tldr 3x times as long as you and then my lap stuck for 20 minutes I got so angry that I screamed fuck it and somehow ended deleting my last paragraph which made me even angrier that I gave it up. Life is too hard :(

      who is she in your avy ?
    13. Kusa
      kinda forgot to reply to you :hm
    14. Kusa
      lol nah dont worry bro. It's me who did not put much thoughts into it and i must admit when i was being edgy like 'deal with it It' I was not really serious but expressing my grudge to this 'shitty hard world" we live, but after such a long well thought post of yours I would feel guilty if I I did not put more thoughts into it myself. So tomorrow I will post a better written post.
    15. Kusa
      sorry for what :lmao
    16. aiyanah
      is ur ava from prison school?
    17. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Thanks for the rep :brofist
    18. LyricalMessiah
      Hey man, thanks for the rep! :)
    19. imouto
      don't worry, not as if it matters :lmao

      no bar looks sexy :hurr
    20. Prince Vegeta
      Prince Vegeta
      thanks for the rep + :pleased

      and you're absolutely right :vegeta
    21. tari101190
      Thanks for rep.
    22. rocconorth
      Cool. Sugar rules and I'm glad she takes the credit!
    23. rocconorth
      Thanks for the rep. My post wasn't anything special so I'm guessing it's the sig? I'll take it.:)
    24. Revolution
      If you REALLY want to check out animation, go on vimeo. That is where it is!

    25. Revolution
      But thank you. The guy does have talent for being a youtube animator and that catchy id=vMRSRyYZtuk;list=UUir4goG7LBQCh5rc3frkHuA
    26. Revolution
      I wish I never asked
    27. Revolution
      what a weird gif. What is it from?
    28. Suit
      Thanks for the rep
    29. Pliskin
      Glad to hear it. Just what is a Mibs exactly? \_(^,^')_/
    30. Endless Mike
      Endless Mike
      It's on my list, but there's a lot of other stuff before it
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  • About

    Jul 24, 1993 (Age: 26)
    Interests: Motorcycles, Table Tennis, Skydiving, Rock Climbing. Science, Mathematics. Vidya Games, Animu/Mango, TV/Movies.


    "I will never forget you, even through the end of the Universe."
    "Silly, it'll never end. That's what we all worked so hard for."
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