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Apr 29, 2018
Nov 22, 2004
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Jiraiya, from Weekdays.

Feathers! was last seen:
Apr 29, 2018
    1. ane

    2. Drunksnowball
      Thanks for the input. Much appreciated. :D
    3. Kenneth
      hello there 'itachi' from NE

      praying someone on another forum didn't lie to me, here
    4. Juli
      Okay and sorry..>_> I'm now still leaving it open longer (until around 4 am est) because someone pm'd me her entry but the link isn't working. I want to give her just a bit of time to come online and fix the link. D:
    5. Juli
      I can extend it for 2-3 hours but not more. D: If I'd extend it to Sunday morning est then I'd have to count the votes, post the new thread etc on Monday noon my time. This would be impossible for me to do because I'll be at work at that time. D: Last week was an exception because I stayed at home.
    6. Uchiha Kyle
      Uchiha Kyle
      I understand. *thumbs up*
    7. Uchiha Kyle
      Uchiha Kyle
      I'm in no rush, take your time.

      If you want her to be barefoot or different footwear that'd be fine. Same with her shirt. It's your art as much as it is a request from me. :)
    8. VioNi
      Thanks for the rep. :hi5
    9. Uchiha Kyle
      Uchiha Kyle
      I understand. *thumbs up*
    10. Uchiha Kyle
      Uchiha Kyle
      She is Caucasian.
    11. Haruka
      i lob princess bobblogom
    12. Uchiha Kyle
      Uchiha Kyle
      Thanks very much.
    13. Raiden
      Hello. May I ask what section you once modded?

      I can't remember.
    14. Daminous Misfortune
      Daminous Misfortune
      Thanks for the rep :nod
    15. cheshire cat
      cheshire cat
      Thanks again, I didn't like the larger one either but most people posted a large one too.
      Are you going to make an entry yet ? :D
    16. cheshire cat
      cheshire cat
      Thank you :>
    17. Cocatrola
      Why yes, he is legendary indeed.
      Thanks for the rep :hug
    18. Black
      Just throwing that reminder out there.
    19. Irishwonder
      lol, well wonder bread is awesome! Thanks for the rep.
    20. Brian
      Oh man I can't believe I forgot that, lack of sleep I guess lol. Anyways I edited and changed my vote.

      Thanks for reminding me
    21. Yush
      Will see.

      Hopefully it works.
    22. Black
      Don't worry, I'll remind you once I'm unsealed.
    23. Elle
      Thank you! I'm so glad you like it :iria XD.
    24. Black
      You should rep me, you know.
    25. Sadako
      Rep thnx, Sir! (or... lady. Hell knows.)
    26. Kelsey
      Wowowow, thank you :argh.
    27. custard
      Thanks a lot (:
      Yeah, I'm quite new at drawn art, only started a couple of weeks ago, and I have no idea how to deal with water, so I attempted to portray the water spray best I could. >.<

      Thanks so much for the comment though, appreciate it <3
    28. Lapidouce
      I'm european time so that's why. :del
      Well I just forgot so it was easy to fox really. I always have a little thing to say to elaborate my top a bit. :hoho

      Well, this week was special. I had to take the train on Friday, then went to dinner, etc. On Saturday I had to go at a graduation ceremony far in France so I only had my netbook. No Corel Painter and especially no tablet, and I only came back on noon today. So with two days less it was kind of short to make it coloured. :arg

      But thank you. Even if I have a short weeek as well next week, I'll try to make it coloured. :ohpek
    29. Lapidouce
      It's the afternoon here .. :giogio
      I fixed it now anyway. :lmao
    30. Lapidouce
      Oh my bad ! I was so absent-minded. :ruri
      Thanks for telling me, I'm fixing it now. :ruri
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