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Apr 29, 2016
Oct 5, 2004
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August 30
Believe it!!! ;)


The Smexiness has arrived, from Believe it!!! ;)

FFLN was last seen:
Apr 29, 2016
    1. Nefertieh
      XD Right on the money.
    2. butcher50
    3. butcher50
      Kurapika is the typical soldier boy from a great clan/tribe in many many japanese shows.

      and he's my favorite.
    4. 【Temari】
      aahhh. got it! thanks! :haha :hi5
    5. 【Temari】
      oh shit! :druul you look like him :drool what's the name of the guy again. he is the man in "so close" movie right? :haha :haha :haha
    6. 【Temari】
      you're profile picture is my old time crush :wtf
    7. LegendaryBeauty
      Bijuu-level. K. :lmao

      Hancock > Gai. :pimp
    8. LegendaryBeauty
      Yaoi is yaoi. :hehee

      Gai is more comical. Excellent feats, recently.
    9. LegendaryBeauty
      So I've noticed. Gai isn't the best looking yaoi-material (:LOS) around, but Lee does a good job.
    10. LegendaryBeauty
      Your set is disturbing as ever :argh
    11. LegendaryBeauty
      Orly? I love me some pirates. :lmao
    12. LegendaryBeauty
      Thanks for the rep. :maybe
    13. Dralavant
      Hello FFLN. I don't mean to disturb you, but do you know how to translate manga pages? If so, could you translate this for me please? Link I'm really eager to know what it says. If you can't than I understand. Thanks for reading.
    14. Kitsune
      You still have that awesome avatar. Nice!

      Did you play Pokemon HG/SS?
    15. King of the Internet
      King of the Internet
      your avatar gave me nightmares :twitch
    16. The Boss
      The Boss
      lol a lot of bromance between Maric and Loghain eh? :LOS

      I haven't seen Avatar yet, :-( Imma go see it soon in IMAX.. I hope.
    17. The Boss
      The Boss
      Wait.. wut? What do you mean? :pek
    18. The Boss
      The Boss
      Maric has an elven fetish.. maybe it was passed along to Alistair as well. :zaru
    19. The Boss
      The Boss
      I like Alistair both ways. :jk

      .. you're being mean. :pek I have more than just one character you know. :LOS
    20. The Boss
      The Boss
      Noble dress eh.. I'll see if I can find it in the strategy guide.

      Oh, I found out yesterday that if you ask Alistair to marry Anora before you kill Loghain (and if Alistair is harden yet)... he will tell you he rather marries the Archdemon (I lold. :LOS) than to marry Anora, then you have to king him or Anora. Well.. I king him... and then he breaks up with my character... and I was a noble. :uwah I was so pissed. :apathy It doesn't make any sense.. :pek Why would he do that... :uwah
    21. The Boss
      The Boss
      :lmao Where did you find it? I might want one so I can wear it in the end. :zaru
    22. The Boss
      The Boss
      What the... Anora.... :wth I don't like her... and I still don't.
    23. The Boss
      The Boss
      I've done Liara as male and female. :gar It's the same... I get no excitement form her though.. :pek

      :lmao Oh yes.. everyone in DA has huge boobs.. maybe they are all milf. :LOS
    24. The Boss
      The Boss
      lol Liara... :LOS She goes down on your character.. :zaru That was unfair.. I wanted my character to go down on Alenko too. :ho

      Hmmm.. a really loving mother.. :33 Sounds scary.
    25. The Boss
      The Boss
      There is only one d-stick I want in Mass Effect and that is Alenko. :pek I dun care for Jacob... and I will only cheat on Alenko if you can romance Anderson, Wrex, or Garrus. Thane is questionable. :LOS Alistair is like.. the perfect guy. It will be hard for Bioware to top him IMO.

      :lmao omg.. wouldn't she know it's her kid? :lmao
    26. The Boss
      The Boss
      DUDE!! I would be sooo piss if the expansion kills off Alistair or he breaks up with your character cuz he finds out you both can't produce an heir... or some gay shit like that happen.. and knowing David Gaider.. he would do something like that. :arg I dun want to play the expansion if it's gonna be depressing.. in which it will be. It ALWAYS is. So depressing.. but sooo goooood.. :argh

      lol Alistair get's with his mother who bleach her hair blond? :LOS Awesome.

      Oh goood then if i's only about 40 hrs... not to bad then.
    27. The Boss
      The Boss
      70 hrs.. :uwah Maybe I should reconsider... until I know how to control my usage of time. :zaru

      ANYHOW! Alistair is back in the expansion Awaking. :iria ... and I think it was somethign to do with the book, "The Calling." Also a Blond elf mage appears in the trailer... :awesome
    28. The Boss
      The Boss
      You mean KOTOR is longer than Jade Empire? :argh

      Well, I choose KOTOR over Jade Empire cuz I like Star Wars.. :hurr
    29. The Boss
      The Boss
      They have a few but they are sooo looong (but sooo goooooooood).. :argh How long is Jade Empire?
    30. The Boss
      The Boss
      O M F G ... $40 for more Alistair.. :drool Yes. Do fucking want. Bioware has my munnies. :LOS

      I love Bioware.. but I don't think I will get around to playing all their games. I don't want to be addicted.. I have to... do other things too.. or so life told me so. :zaru im going to slowly finish KOTOR first.. then we'll go from there... How I wish I had more time. :(
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    August 30
    Believe it!!! ;)
    Favorite Character(s):
    Naruto!!! Believe it!!!
    Lee and Gai
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode:Dropout's Hidden Power
    Chapter:All of them!


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    Spoiler: Fun with Hyuugas

    Spoiler: Akatsuki Weekend

    Spoiler: Sasuke's True Reason for Leaving

    Spoiler: Interview with the Cast

    Spoiler: Smexiest of them all?

    Spoiler: Naruto's true power?

    Spoiler: What if...

    Spoiler: Chuck Norris in Naruto

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