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Sep 25, 2014
Jan 4, 2014
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Los Angeles, California.
McDonald's (I'm still in school!)


BlackOutRising Clan, from Los Angeles, California.

Fiiction was last seen:
Sep 25, 2014
    1. Bkprince33
      Its kool bro nothing to feel bad about lol trust me i don't really hold grudges
    2. Blu-ray
      An eye for an eye as they say.:lmao
    3. celebrei
    4. ARGUS
      I never said that the rinnegan kept the sharingan abilities,,,,,,

      1. Sasuke could resist IT,,, he was right near the moon when IT was casted,,, and unaffected not only that but the manga has stated multiple times that sasuke wont be affected by this genjutsu due to him having the rinnegan,,(thereby proving that even the strongest visual genjutsu) wont work on the rinnegan,,,,

      2. Sasuke only waited so that he can protect naruto,,, otherwiise he has no chance at all against Madara,,,and he even stated that,,,,,,, that he they have to fight together,,,otherwise its over,,,,

      3. Rinnegans chakra is far too powerful for the sharingans genjutsu to work,,,, Genjutsu is basically casted after a user,,,can control the chakra and manipulate the flow of the users chakra,,,, not only that but due to users like nagato and madara having chakra rods embedded within them,,,, there is already a disruption in the chakra,,, something that the sharingan user would never be able to do so,,,

      4. Even if a sharingan user magically gets a rinnegan user under it,,,, the rinnegan user would very easily break it,,, by overpowering the or disrupting the flow of the chakra and through chakra rods and shared viisons

      5. Yes sharingan and rinnegan are different eyes with different abilities,,, however it has been stated multiple times that the rinnegan is the next level to MS/EMS.,,, not only that,,but due to the extremely powerful chakra of the rinnegan (something that even Obito could only implannt 1),,, there is simply NO way for the sharingan to overpower it,,,,

      6. The nagato and itachi thing, is not dumb,,, Itachi uses Genjutsu as his main arsenal and starts everything with genjutsu,,, he fought nagato,, and for kishi to not show us,, is infact even more of a proof that visual genjutsu on the rinnega is useless
    5. ARGUS
      man,, visual genjutsu is a no go against someone with a rinnegan
      the fact that even something like IT isnt working on sasuke due to the rinnegan is enough to understand that,,
      the fact that someone like Itachi (who uses genjutsu against every opponent) didnt use it against Nagato is also why,,,,,
      the fact that,, the chakra of the rinnegan is soo strong that it can easily overpower the sharingan,, and disrupt its flow,, is logically why sharingan genjutsu is not working against a rinnegan user
    6. Lance
      Much Thanks! :laugh
    7. ARGUS
      Thanks for the rep man
    8. Fiiction
      My bad bro.. it is just a forums site lol.
    9. Rain
      Get off my dick already crybabies.
    10. Fiiction
      Yeah I can agree that prime Nagato is beating SM Minato. I wonder what I posted lol.
    11. ARGUS
      Eyy man,, i dnt wna quote u on the Minato vs Nagato thread since the minato fanboys will lose thier minds and wont accept anything
      but ST has been undetectable by pretty much every one and its actually instant,,,,
      ST also has a large AOE that FTG wont be able to avoid,, moreover he wont be able to detect it at all,,,,
      Minato is getting hit,, annd his use of FTG is nullified completely since his kunai are repelled away
      CQC is actually suicide for Minato due to human and asura,,,
      minato lacks the firepower to defeat Nagato,,,,
      he literrally has no counters to CT and that alone ends it for him
    12. Fiiction
      You're overrating Preta path on how fast it absorbs. Then you make it seem as if PS slashes won't just harm it but obviously it can't according to you and that rikudou guy. Without animal path Nagato loses and with kurama it's a stomp and without any restrictions Nagato still loses. So of course something had to be restricted so it'd be fair. Prime EMS Madara > Prime Nagato.
    13. genii96
      No i am not. Everything ive said is manga proven. You claimed yasaka can destroy the core,when it took a tbb from a full bijuu, a yasaka and FRS to do that. How am i overrating him?
    14. Fiiction
      I wonder how he's gonna react to last ch. Get ready for some more minato wanking.
    15. Fiiction
      Lol I can see that now.
    16. ARGUS
      Don't argue with Elia
      He's the biggest hashirama/tobirama/itachi hater and naruto/minato wanker
    17. Fiiction
      Okay I got it.
    18. blackguyinpinksuit
      Essentially yes hashirama does. Madara can possibly last a long time by playing his cards correct(strategically destroying the wood dragons head, playing keep away from the wood golem as long as possible while spamming shockwave slashes etc). But at the end of the day he is going to be outdone.
    19. SuperSaiyaMan12
      None of what I said is 'fanfiction'. You do know what extrapolation means right?
    20. ARGUS
      Thanks for the rep man
    21. Fiiction
      Ok thanks, and I'll change my avatar right now.
    22. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Above and below the list of threads, on the left side, there are two buttons labeled 'New Thread'.
    23. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Images from the latest chapter are not allowed in avatars or signatures until the respective Telegrams section is cleared.
    24. Lurker
      Nice avatar.
    25. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      You should still be able to click the 'New Thread' button in the appropriate section.
    26. Triggenism
      Welcome Fiiction!
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  • About

    Los Angeles, California.
    McDonald's (I'm still in school!)
    Favorite Character(s):
    1) Madara Uchiha
    2) Hashirama Senju
    3) Tobirama Senju
    4) Itachi Uchiha
    5) Minato Namikaze
    6) Na
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: naruto shppuden 330
    Chapter: 657
    Only manga I read is Naruto.

    Basketball, Football, Manga.


    "Only Hashirama can stop me"
    ~ Uchiha Madara
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