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Final Giku Tenshou
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Nov 22, 2017
Jun 2, 2006
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Aug 19, 1990 (Age: 29)
Somewhere inside your mind
No job, yet.

Final Giku Tenshou

Done with Naruto, Male, 29, from Somewhere inside your mind

Final Giku Tenshou was last seen:
Nov 22, 2017
    1. Finalbeta
      I would have enjoyed Toriyama ending DBZ after the Cell Saga. All that comes afterwards is an outrage to Gohan
    2. Kenneth

      goat boat art
    3. Yuki
      But you don't do that half the time.

      You say. "Are you stupid?" "Are you fucking kidding me?" "How can you be this ****" Ect ect every time we debate even a little. I'll admit you didn't do it on your first reply this time, but that soon changed. >_>

      Most of the time i've been trying to stay away from debates in the FT section.

      After you got worse at least with me i stopped bringing it up with you because i thought it would just get us no where.
    4. Yuki
      Idk, i thought the last part might have made it sound more like i was talking more than still being a bitch.

      That's not true at all, a lot of people argue with me. As you've seen lots of times multiple people all at once.

      The part i hate is that out of all the people i do argue with sometimes on a constant bases like we use to, i actually like you and considered you a friend and yet i still left like i did.

      I'd feel like utter crap if i did that to a friend.

      You can argue, but you can also be nice while doing so. Something you normally are not.

      At the start of this one you didn't do what you did before. I've also said to you before you started making me feel and look like crap that i liked arguing with you over certain topics.

      I did do that, a couple months ago and i got the same treatment for doing so.
    5. Yuki
      Well i never meant for it to come off like that. >_>

      Idk what you mean, you did use to apologize sometimes when i felt like i was being bullied.

      But you got a heck of a lot worse after that at least with me, that's what made me make that post in the FT section some months ago.

      We talked, we talked, we had a disagreement with you talking to me like you did and that was that. Couple weeks later we talked as though it never even happened.

      I let it go when i made that message some months ago. I said my peace and left. But when i did say what i said, you once again acted in the same way making me think that you didn't care or even believe what i was saying and how you were acting at least towards me, so i had the thought of doing the same to you just once and when quickly let you in on it so that THIS would not happen. >_>
    6. Yuki
      Apologized for the VM? I was fucking explaining that my post in the thread was not to be taking full on serious. I had waited awhile till i could do it just so you can see from my side of things how humiliating it was to be spoken to like that.

      Also idk if he's up your ass or he's just there, but that cunt being there all the damn time when you spoke to me just made it fucking worse.

      I did it to you once, you did it to me like 10 bloody times but still my opinion of you did not change that much, a little yes but i still liked you.

      In the thread i give a legit reason and a well thought out one at that and then you go saying shit like you did. Plus you said i was saying the same shit so before i even made that post you knew fine well what i was getting at and just ignored it
    7. Yuki
      What i did there, is what you did to me every time before.

      Yea, sounded like a bitch right?
    8. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
      Hey man what's up?
    9. Juub
      Lots has happened man. Work at a well paid job. Studying in computer sciences. What about you?
    10. Juub
      Sure been a long time. Always good to see some older members still kickin'.
    11. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      As I told you.
    12. CM Pope
    13. gabies
      what the fuck is your set
    14. CM Pope
      CM Pope

      This is brilliant.
    15. gabies
      also link me your fb, i made a new FB and need to readd some people
    16. gabies
      yea the fc is active again mostly due to me

      and uh i decided to come back after my perm :lmao
      i read some new mangas now so i come here to discuss them :lmao
    17. gabies
      why dont you post in the yammy fc anymore :pek
    18. Grimm6Jack

      Now... change that SET!!!
    19. Yuki
    20. Jay.
      i love your penis
    21. ChronoDeus
      The wikia is using Albareth as that's what Crunchyroll used last week in it's next chapter title.
      But yes, all the different names are because this is one of those cases where all they names are technically valid. The Japanese is written a-ru-ba-re-su. Which can yield various things the ru could be an r, could be an l, or could be a ru. The ba could be a ba or a va. The re could be a re or a le. The su could be th, or s, or ss, or z, or su.

      So Mangapanda went with it being l, ba, re, and ss, to get Albaress, likely under the assumption it was supposed to be a fantasy sounding name.

      Mangastream assumed it was supposed to be a normal name, and went with l, va, re, and z to get Alvarez.

      Crunchyroll, aka Kodansha, which should have access to what the english version is supposed to be, went with l, ba, re, and th for Albareth.

      So Crunchyroll would be the correct translation, but MP and MS can't really be faulted for their choices on this one.
    22. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      I don't think I've gotten round to giving you a Xmas&NY +Rep so if not, remind me in a few days when I'm able to +Rep again. :p
    23. CA182
      Hey there mr picard!

      How's it going.
    24. ChronoDeus
      Indeed. After reading just mangapanda's, I'm just waiting for Viz's translation for this Naruto chapter.
    25. Veggie
      Well that is actually quite a lot of manga for just $26 a year.

      You know o think I'll end up getting that too :hmm
    26. Veggie
      Well I'll probably do crunchy roll next month. But what does Viz offer exactly? I know that FT doesn't run with them :hmm
    27. ChronoDeus
      Ok I'll see what I can do.

      The bubbles in the last panel from right to left read:

      Bubble 1: sate ore wa
      Bubble 2: erande itadakeru noka
      Bubble 3: douka

      "sate" is basically well/well then. ore is a masculine form of I, wa is the subject marker, so ore wa is marking himself as the subject of the sentence.

      douka doesn't have a dictionary form for this this context, but seems to be a variation on if/whether/wonder, and google translate does turn up "or not" as one of it's possible translations, so I'm pretty sure that's accurate.

      the hard part is middle bubble. It's part of a sentence that goes

      ore wa erande itadakeru noka

      Google translate spits out:

      "I whether able to choose"

      but both the "able to" and "choose" parts are using the de, and one of the alternatives recommended for "choose" is "selected".

      I already mentioned the ore wa part means he's talking about himself. The noka part appears to be a sentence ender with the meaning:

      "endorsing and questioning the preceding statement (sentence ending particle); lamenting reflections on the preceding statement (sentence ending particle)"

      I'm pretty sure that the "erande" part is the te form of a verb for "to choose; to select" and unfortunately, that's an area I'm kinda weak in.

      The itadakeru part is a verb for:

      (1) (hum) (uk) to be able to receive; to be able to take; to be able to accept; (2) (hum) (uk) to be able to eat; to be able to drink; (3) (uk) to be acceptable; to be satisfactory

      and what seems to be "received" in this case is the "choose" part.

      All told you'll probably have to wait on Cnet and BadKarma for verifcation. In the meantime I'd err on the side of the official translation, followed by the manga panda translation.

      MP is basically erring on the side of machine translations. Viz is interpreting it as a roundabout way of saying "will I be chosen", which from what I know of Japanese, would not be out of line given that a humble verb for receive is being used. MS seems to be interpreting it as "will I be given a choice" and mangling that to "do I have a choice", which I'm willing to bet is wrong.
    28. ChronoDeus
      The short answer is that Mangastream isn't even close to right. That's one of their old errors that's a prominent example of the translator screwing up resulting in or making an unwarranted contribution to a shit storm.

      As for the longer answer, for starters, that's a chinese scan.

      The official translation of those top three panels goes:

      Panel 1: This man... has incredible power... He is truly strong!!
      Panel 2: My Armadura Fairy and Purgatory Armor are both out of action...
      Panel 3: What will I do?!

      The official translation isn't the most literal translation, but it's perfectly fine in context as long as you don't have MS's translation confusing the issue. As for what it literally says, the middle panel goes:

      Armadura Fairy mo Purgatory Armor mo hasonchuu...

      "mo" here being the particle for too/also/both etc.

      hasonchuu is all in kanji, and is neither a dictionary word, nor basic grammar.

      hason is a word for damage, and chuu is written with the kanji for middle. Making the literal translation something like "Armadura Fairy and Purgatory Armor are in the middle of damage." It looks weird done in isolation like this at it's most literal, but in context with the second panel having flashbacks in the background to Erza first using those armors, it's quite apparent that the intent is "My Armadura Fairy and Purgatory Armor are still damaged." Which, while I haven't checked the Funimation translation for it, is pretty much what the Crunchyroll translation for that scene in the anime says, with the caveat that the anime had used the Purgatory Armor in filler, so they went ahead and changed the fight to have the Purgatory Armor be used and broken by the Tower Burst, leaving the line to only be about the Fairy Armor.

      Basically what's happening is that in the first panel Erza's praising Azuma's strength, then in the second panel switches to considering her options. The first thought being her two strongest armors, but she's forced to discount them due to them not yet being repaired from her earlier battles.

      Mangastream's translator seems to have missed have missed the change in subject between panels 1 and 2, and mistaken Erza's comments about her armors to be part of her praise for Azuma, rather than a new thought. Then compounded his error with difficultly understanding the slightly more advanced word usage. Resulting in the translation you linked, where Erza is proclaiming that Azuma destroyed her best armors off panel, when in reality she's lamenting that her best armors are sitting around in storage awaiting repair.

      As for your question about Bleach, I can try to take a look at whatever it is if you'd like.
    29. KaiserWombat
      That is entirely possible, yes: I was mostly talking in terms of the environmental energy output, but in all likelihood, powerscaling alone will push the Celestial Spirit King and the King of Hades straight into the top-tier of shown fighters in the 'verse.

      You already had a character demonstrably more powerful than Purehito emerge in the very same arc as he did in Acnologia, and Motherglare's performance at the Grand Magical Games or whatever it was called suggests that even the lesser Dragons can match up to Purehito in terms of raw firepower and durability, so it's certainly not unlikely that Mashima had added on a couple of more dudes that Purehito would be incapable of stomping into the mud.

      Hell, I would not be shocked if we've already seen more familiar characters attain that status already: Laxus beating the strongest human of the Ten Wizard Saints pretty decisively, Gildarts obviously getting stronger in the period since his awakening from Tenrou Island, Mashima's lust for the Jellal character leading to him casually murking the entirety of post-timeskip Oracion Seis single-handedly and going toe-to-toe with Jura...
    30. KaiserWombat

      There's little to actually compare the blast to in this instance, though. The horizontal view has no major objects for size comparison (not even the Celestial Spirit King himself, who seems to have been enveloped in the light of the energy slash or something), so it'd be difficult to accurately discern the blast's length.

      Width-wise, the resulting crevice in the ground looks extremely narrow (maybe 3~4 metres wide), which is befitting of an energy slash from such a concentrated point as a blade, but doesn't assist in promoting large energy outputs via environmental destruction. The depth of the blast is more interesting and would likely yield higher results to compensate for the width, but we've yet to determine on this site on the minimum distance from the surface where sunlight fails to penetrate underground, so we'll need to investigate that angle further.

      However, I feel reasonably confident in saying that the CSK's Meteor Slash does not appear to cover as far in terms of horizontal distance as Fire Lightning Dragon Slayer Natsu's Flame Dragon's Roar on Tenrou Island (the beam was scaled to be over a kilometre in length at full release), and more importantly, the width and depth parameters of destruction were much more impressive than displayed here.

      And you have to realise that Hades Purehito didn't just withstand the blast with minor injuries or fatigue loss; he no-sold it altogether at point-blank range, without suffering even a drop in either physical health or magical reserves.

      Whatever magic he had uncovered to help isolate his Heart, Purehito certainly made the most of it. The only beings in Fairy Tail seen so far that I feel can challenge Purehito single-handedly on even terms (without PIS or CIS in play) are the Dragons.
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  • About

    Aug 19, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Somewhere inside your mind
    No job, yet.
    Favorite Character(s):
    Uzumaki Naruto, Pein-sama, Uchiha Itachi, Hoshigaki Kisame, Chouji, Suigetsu & Shikamaru at this poi
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 137
    Chapter: 305
    So basically I'm a Naruto & Bleach fan, currently contemplating on checking out OP & FT.

    Humm.. besides reading and writing? Well video games, anime/manga, and that's about it.


    Set credit goes to SinRaven
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