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Final Jutsu
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  • Violence
    No thx for dat rep sir, if you don't like then don't watch it
    You do realize your posts were just adding to the mess and weren't even on-topic, don't you?
    Chapter spoilers...I wasn't lying..
    Namikaze Minato
    Could Obito infact be Tobi as well? :hurr

    you mentioned that sentence in your thread from 5 years ago :awesome
    Namikaze Minato
    Which picture of the two you liked? :hurr
    Namikaze Minato
    Ofc Minato would tend to Kushina Bro , see that rocking bod :awesome
    Yeah..Naruto is the one wearing it and going on a rampage :pimp

    Maybe Sakura's father is dead in the AU :hmm
    Neg Rep? =\ can't you see that its satire?
    with the amount of exageration i put in about busting nuts etc? lol nvm. >_>;
    Elite Uchiha
    Definetely adding the VIZ trans.
    Thanks for the rep mate :)
    I just happened to be hanging around the thread at the time.:)
    Gaius Julius Caesar
    Lol finally you admitted, wasnt so hard was it -.-.
    Now you see we can't take everything for granted. Cause he is too mysterious.

    And why delete the message before ?
    Gaius Julius Caesar
    Now your being childish and in desperate attempt to sprout more bullshit in. Nowhere have I even, close implied that Itachi is stronger than EMS madara nor will I be. You are getting sloopy in your VM's, maybe time to give up ? And nowhere have I implied Itachi is stronger than Jiraiya. Im trying to say if you can take Itachi words for real. Even with whole Akatsuki, they can't take down Jiraiya ? Only an uchiha can defeat an uchiha? Yeah take everything kishi says. Kabuto also says he is invincible with "that jutsu". In the end do you believe he is invincible ? Just taking few examples to slow ur brain down. Your hate is blocking your head, simple as that. Typical mads desperate basement nerds.
    Gaius Julius Caesar
    Btw care to elaborate that my ass is still hurt? Maybe it hurts so much cus im having so much laughter, just saying.
    Gaius Julius Caesar
    How can I show you when I just asked you what Itachi exactly said ? Now it looks stupid when you tryhard. Just tell me when you want to answer such easy question. You dont want to answer cause we both know you screwed yourself up. Times like that is better to say yes I was wrong, instead of tryharding like a dumpster nerd.
    Gaius Julius Caesar
    So you seem to have problem with your brain, im gonna say it again; You think Sasori, Pain, kakuzu, deidara, kisame , itachi etc. cant take out Jiraiya? Mad nerd losing braincells. Not healthy.
    Gaius Julius Caesar
    Post what ? That Itachi said even with backup, the result would be the same? You still didn't answer my question cause maybe you got too butthurt that ur tiny brain hasn't reacted yet. GGGGGGGET DUMPSTERED TRASH CLOWN GGGGGGGGGG
    Gaius Julius Caesar
    How I'm butthurt when ur the mad kid ? Lmao
    You didn't answer my question, even with more backup from Akatsuki, Pain, Sasori, Kakuzu, deidara + Itachi + Kisame. They still would lose against Jiraiya right ?

    Kakashi Hatake
    I negged you for that logic only Minato fans poses. That wasn't a question as you are clearly supporting it with bad logic. Your enforcing it as a fact.

    Minato at least = EMS Madara because of this simple comment

    A question would have looked like this..

    Does Minato = EMS Madara by this simple comment?
    Kakashi Hatake
    Dude, you should know your wrong when even Namikaze Minato and SuperMinato does not support you and they are the biggest Minato wanker on this forum.
    Namikaze Minato
    Dude , too much Itachi wanking in that thread when Hebi Sasuke and Kakashi and Kurenai were able to keep up with him just fine w/o Genjutsu.
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