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  • Oh my gosh! You're still here! I popped back in and am looking at who is still active.... didn't expect to see you back!
    Well shit, it finally happened. I knew it was coming, but I still had hope.
    They've gone past giving him Bryan's treatment, they've gone straight to Austin. And if he wins the RR then I will quit watching this shit. I know they have to make Roman look strong, but goddamn...
    They pulled out the Vince card. It was nice seeing Vince actually putting in an appearance considering he's so behind the guy. And I guess they know now that if you want someone to be over you simply put them up against Eitch Eitch Eitch. It was so nice seeing Roman being cheered, but I fear that he just doesn't have the legs to carry this for long.

    I'm lovely. Your stupid!
    Roman is having a real goddamn christmas miracle.

    Your avatar still looks stupid.
    It's really stupid trying to get him sympathy because on the one hand he's losing these matches and getting screwed, but on the other hand he still has to "look strong" and therefore he's beating multiple people by himself. He's superman, and yet he's supposed to be an underdog? The longer they try to keep him a face, the more people will hate on him and the more stupid things will get.

    Watching SS felt like a normal Raw. It had none of that... spectacle that PPVs are meant to have. They have devalued so many of their non-WM/RR/SS PPVs that none of it ever matters anymore. After Bryanson and Punk, Seth was the only one holding things together for me, and now I am pretty much done.
    Absolutely mild :lmao That's fantastic.

    Do you think they are trying to do the same thing in the hopes of getting the crowd behind Roman like they got behind Bryanson?
    Barely watching Raw is the best (only) way to enjoy it. This Reigns booing is getting a little out of hand. They really fucked up with the guy, but it's been almost a year and he's paid his dues by not being in the title picture at all.

    At this point having him back only to see him get another injury after 2 months is gonna be too much for me to handle.
    Was really awkward seeing HHH asking Reigns out in front of so many people.
    Punk is never going to happen because no matter how forgiving the WWE will be, Punk's pride won't let him.

    I've come to terms with Bryan and Punk being gone for good for a while now thanks to Seth being so amazing, but now I don't know what to watch for. I was looking forward to seeing Seth pass Punk's reign and end up a face by the end of it, maybe dropping it to a heel Reigns, but I'm not ready for Reigns to be the champ right now, tbh. He's still as boring and... boring as he always was. This is not leftover hate from what happened with him at the Rumble, but I genuinely don't see anything that would make him a good champ. Seeing him cut a promo every week will be good comedy I suppose.
    Yeah, and that felt so weird to me. These things aren't meant to be good anymore.

    Marked the fuck out at Alberto Dorito. What a nice moment considering how ugly his departure was.
    I have 3 phases I go through with the gameplay. If I need people and I want to take the mission seriously I go in with tranq. If I am in that kind of mood I take the easy route and headshot bitches with my suppressed machine gun and rush through to the goal, and if I want to mess around I take the weirder little guns with me. And then there's the water pistol and grenade launching handgun if I really want to have fun. As for getting found out (you scrub!!) I simply fulton everyone while they are shooting at me. Kind of a shame, but no balloon has been shot down yet for me.

    How cute are those puppy cutscenes? D-Dog is the best. Kind of broken, but so are all the buddies later on. I wish Quiet has less to the point she didn't exist :3

    As for wrasslin lately, FCUK what they did with that Nikki v. Charlotte match. I knew it would happen, so why did I have any hope of them not being assholes? I'm mad.
    That's both fucked up and pretty lucky.

    D-Dog is best dog. Quiet can fall in the sea for all I care.

    The reflex mode is a huge crutch and shouldn't be used by any self respecting player, but goddamn is it fun to pop heads open and empty the place. It always goes wrong somehow in missions but it is insanely rewarding going super Rambo so I usually don't mind.
    Just watched the finale and I couldn't be happier with how it ended. That one shot of him burning the book and the film looks so amazing. Could not be happier with it.

    Speaking of fucking amazing... Metal Gear Solid V, bitches!!
    Hey, I'm so sorry that I haven't responded in so long. I know how much you look forward to our conversations and for depriving you of that I sincerely apologise.

    Or maybe I couldn't come up with an adequate excuse to why I haven't responded to you, so I am just going to tell you the truth and say I have been lazy. Fucking deal with it, nerd.

    I watched the first 4 episodes of Mr. Robot and dropped it. I can certainly see why people love it thanks to the mix of Fight Club and Dexter but those were the reasons I dropped it. I knew what it was doing and watching it take itself so seriously was a little off-putting. The side characters were so clich?d and were unlikeable. Especially the friend that he likes. Imagine if you dunked a person into a vat of bleach, because that girl would be the result. I love how horrible she is at her job.

    Sorry kiddo, this one ain't gonna be part of our weekly get togethers.

    How fucking goddamn motherfucking amazing has Hannibal been during the Red Dragon storyline? I disliked a lot about the first half of this season apart from Hannibal stuff but the last few episodes have been superb. And it is the only show I actually watch now. Makes the loss that much more painful.

    Wrasslin' has been weird lately, and I think it will get even worse this Sunday. I don't want Taker to win :/
    I obviously meant this episode. It was... I don't fucking know what it was.

    I knew when Mason mentioned a surrogate that a pig would be involved, but I had no idea they would go that far.

    Yeah I saw Battleground. Or should I say I skipped to the ends of the matches, apart from the last one.

    LolCenawinslol was bullshit, but I hope they have Owens going for another belt and keeping that push alive. I knew Undertaker would come out but I had no reaction. I just don't care anymore. The guy should have been done 3 years ago, so anything he does from here on out doesn't interest me.
    That latest episode was the most fucked up episode of anything I've ever seen.

    Kinda makes sense why most people don't watch this show haha.
    No worries, dude. Actually Taxman responded to me that it can be done, but they most likely won't because the inverted 200x150 would stretch the screen a bit(although I have seen Mods with this width). Apparently it would be just a matter of creating a customer usergroup, and having people join to utilize the unique avatar.

    Anyways, appreciate the response, brother. Take care

    Fitz, need a little help please

    Is there anyway to add a custom sized avatar to the generic avatars list in the UserCP option for Avy's? Kind of like that 175x250 one or whatever that is there under the Pimps name?

    Reason being, the KT is getting amped up for the Batman Vs. Superman film next year, and we will be wearing avy and sig sets to show which side we choose. We did this in a similar way for just Superman alone in Man of Steel, but the issue is, when trying to make a transparent png file avy of the Superman or Batman logo, it gets extremely squished with the current 150x200 limit for senior members.

    If we can create and add a custom Avy to the NF directory for Avy's, it will give people a chance to use them for a short period of time(and not abuse a general allowance of a bigger avy), and then allow things to go back to normal.

    I'm not asking for much, just to flip the specs around. Instead of 150x200, it would be 200x150, so the shield logo can look okay in perspective.

    Please let me know?

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