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Jul 22, 2013
Apr 15, 2007
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May 12


All returns to Nothing, from Shitamachi

Frambuesa was last seen:
Jul 22, 2013
    1. Legendary-flames
      Frambuessa, I've never seen any of your pics. Would you be a doll and pass them to me please?
    2. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      When did you get back?

      Oh well, happy belated birthday though!
    3. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      No sorry, your "Akiko, Moosbeeren, Javiera, Norikoko" made me think of some other member. lulz

      What does it even mean? XD
    4. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      When I saw Akiko, I thought you were talking about the member. lulz
    5. txsfld
      poppin' in to say hi, if you remember me lol
    6. Naruyamcha
      If not for Mr Nibbles, I'd gone "C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!" ;33
    7. Crowe
      i'll give them to you once you become a smod ;33

      i'm okey, hope you are better then okey ;]
    8. ♠Mr.Nibbles♠
    9. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      I have classes and work to finish up, plus I have to move soon. So I have been busy.
    10. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      I have classes and work to finish up, plus I have to move soon. So I have been busy.
    11. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      I'm doing okay, how are you really?
    12. Tiger
    13. Crowe
      I am like old used tissue *sighs*
    14. Crowe
      !1111 WHY ARENT YOU ON
    15. Crowe
      papapapa, i'll tell you when i see you on :hoho

      It's not weird, you're just back to your old pattern...don't you remember that you used to be tired 24/7 and nap 24/7?? That's how we lost contact yo!:wth:gun

      Uni seems extra tough this year? Oh, I'll try to be on. If I'm not poke me on nf and ill try to come on.

    16. Crowe
      papapaappapapa, you do know it. You just dont want to boost my ego by telling me that you dream about me :hoho don't worry.

      rofl, you at least remembered now. I hate when you really like and enjoyed a dream and then when you start thinking about it, you can't recall anything t__t

      catching a cold? Whuut? You were complaining about it being too hot just 2 days ago .mad
    17. SayoSenpaiPls
      Now that sounds like the summerbreak id spend as well. Being lazy, in the sun, bikini, beach.....:jk

      Haha yeah seen it javi <33. Now you just have to get online at times so we can catch up with talking. Santiago is the Capital isnt it? Id love to see it by any possibility, worlds just tooooo big.

      Hmm what have i been doing , nothing too much really. Only rehab and a few other things, but basically I had rehab from 8-10/12 most of the time. afterwards i was just lazy playing video games or something. Cant do too much else.

      Well i could learn or read :LOS but ive never been a fan of forcing myself to do so.

      Oh my seriously....i wouldnt mind having some sunny holidays :ohpek
    18. Crowe
      Pervert?! ME?! NOOOO! I am not a pervert, I will not take such accusations without a fight! I will ban you if you call me pervert again... LADY "I GOT SO FAIR SKIN YOU CAN SLIDE DOWN MY BODY".

      ROFL! wth! I guess all the talk about Toshiba got you dreaming for a toshiba boy. :hurr
    19. Crowe
      Of course I'll value it. I value everything you touch! Touch my peso baby :aroused
    20. SayoSenpaiPls
      :LOS lol pek and his swedish money, they wont stop thinking its superior until some austrian shows them the real powers of the €.

      Yeah ive been fine <3 thank you dear. We gotta talk on msn at times again. my old one got hijacked so i dont have your addy anymore ;x. but if youre ever on it add me! (mariogruener@yahoo.de)

      WHAAAAAAA? its the deepest winter :C and you guys already have summerbreak? U-N-F-A-I-R :pek

      what have you been doing? been on holidays?
    21. Crowe
      your pesos are worthless ! I thought you guys were rich but if it requires half a million to buy a computer...

      worthless :C
    22. Crowe
      sorry i wouldnt do such thing! i was kidding! no one gonna touch that skin of yours :mad
    23. Crowe
      I'll sit on your forhead with my toshiba buttcheek so you'll get branded too!
    24. SayoSenpaiPls
      HEYYYYY O_O!! i thought you left nf or something, never seen you online again <3 how are you ?
    25. Crowe
      nooo! YOU ! MEANIE! I'll put volvo on your ass :C
    26. Crowe
      Oh, I bet you do :}

      Send me a pictureee
    27. Crowe
      rofl, ill do my own show. one anda half man :LOS
    28. Vetano-sama
      Just some guy from the "Österreichisch" Thread ;>

      Although the thread is dead, I tried to revive it somehow :D

      You probably don't know me, because I just posted now and then with Sayo, Nikiita, Emily and the others ^^
    29. Crowe
      Of course it was ! :hurr

      Well to be honest I only got like 3 gifts and they were all RL gifts :p
    30. Crowe
      Where we gonna go :canttouchthis?
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