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Jul 26, 2013
Dec 18, 2008
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New Member

frijole was last seen:
Jul 26, 2013
    1. kusachu
      Yeah I tried posting here, but it sucks. Almost impossible to have a conversation around here. As for MH, I post there MAYBE once or twice a week, and usually only in the movie thread or my own threads. I gave up on the discussions a long time ago. Full of shit they are. ;)
    2. kusachu
      Hi bean. Seems you don't post here much either. Hi-5.
    3. Sarry
      Hey Bean/Frijole lol
      The tidha website was remade from scratch, due to overflooding :)

      Though it still has the same address.

    4. T.D.A
      life's a bitch
    5. T.D.A
      no are you sure you're banned? I didn't ban you.
    6. MarkDurocher
      our names will always forever be on MH :p Sorry to heart about the incident on MH.

      Something is not right in that place.

      i think they have gotten worn down or withered down.
    7. Tyrion
      Shit you got perma banned as well. So if you get 20 infractions you get a permanent ban? Fuck.
    8. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      I'm trying to fix it now, and belisar is helping.
      it should be up very soon, then you'll have all the the threads you want!
    9. jdw
      oh, i see now :)
    10. jdw
      Frijole, who are you over on MH?
    11. T.D.A
      I guess rather than moving they want to stop the OT altogether.
    12. Hello my name is ren
      Hello my name is ren
      Yh why don't they do that any more (move comments) it is faster than deleting them all, shedding out infractions and thinking whether to ban the person or not.
    13. Addy
      yes it is retarded. 15-20 points for OT what the hell, instead of removing the coments to another thread, they ban us. i mean, i got banned because of that for a month i think then forever for creating another account. im not gonna return there ecept for spoilers or episodes and game news. they just suck at it.
    14. Hello my name is ren
      Hello my name is ren
      :O thats rudeeeeee. Now thats confirmed my statement that MH has shitty RUDE mods.
    15. frijole
      in response to my "courthouse" thread:

      Not an appeal. Case closed.
      -tthxdragon whatever the fuck his name is
    16. T.D.A

    17. Hello my name is ren
      Hello my name is ren
      Damn we will just have to wait one day then.

      Bean join T.D.A's forum it is beastly
    18. frijole
      it's not really what you're making it out to be. All I did was say thanks for the 3.5 years that I've been a valued member there and they've made MH a better place.
    19. Hello my name is ren
      Hello my name is ren
      Bean made a thread in the court. Bean copy and paste what you wrote
    20. T.D.A
      who told the mods ren?
    21. Hello my name is ren
      Hello my name is ren
      Yes finally someone has told the mods of MH about themselves and how they have F'd up the community.
    22. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      but they can't keep banning members like that, just when the community was recovering.
      you did offtopic, but that does not warrant a perma. pron, trolling and harassment that to perma, but not offtopic.
    23. Hello my name is ren
      Hello my name is ren
      Have you made a thread in the court room?
    24. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce

      But that doesn't even make sense
    25. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      for what?!!!!
      you didn't do anything?
    26. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      Not yet, it's still open. and you should be back very soon I hope.
    27. MarkDurocher
      Hello Mr.Bean.

      How are you? Figured I drop by and said Hi. How's MH doing? A lot of noobs still?
    28. MarkDurocher
      they f*** me over. That's what happened. lol

      Nah, I'll send you a pm.
    29. T.D.A
      the mods protect the noobs
    30. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      lol, too many fanboys scared me and NF welcomed with open arms :)
      though I still like MH and drop in every once in a while. Especially when I see friendly names, don't wanna be discussing with noobs smile-big
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