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Last Activity:
Nov 12, 2010
Mar 19, 2006
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Messiah With An Attitude

FrostXian was last seen:
Nov 12, 2010
    1. _Grimmjow
    2. Dreamer
      I don't use IE though but I can use this sites contact.
      1. DemonDragonJ
        Jan 9, 2018
    3. Dreamer
      Ohh sorry, I notice the name was different.:( I had no choice but to create a troll monster to devour the others based on their spam.smile-big
    4. Reisorr
      Everything seems fine so far.
    5. Mio
      Skype... :eek:
    6. Kobe

      ben de Manisalıyım, hemşeri sayılırız :p
    7. Kobe

      nerelisin? :LOS
    8. Kobe
      are you Turk? :quite
    9. Cadrien
      Heya Frost, I looked at your SLwiki page and saw that you too are a VCD student (though I switched to Web Design)
    10. Hoss Delgado
      Hoss Delgado
      I think belly dancers are hot.
    11. Noitora
      Don't be fooled, Turks steal your ladders after they paint your house.

      Wait.. thats Irish.
    12. Reisorr
      wierd* geez, some retarded typos, picking up new thoughts too fast :x
    13. Reisorr
      Hurhur, Turkey, I am surprised about that, because TR people usually have the wear "i" and personally I got rather negative experience with them ( Not in a way like I'm having with you, this is OK, it's cool to argue n shit ) as in that they speak their own TR language and bad english + Extreme ignorance.

      Tbh, I am not panicking, it's true, that I probably know less about the situation than you, but knowing ze internets and the world, I am fairly certain access to manga isn't going anywhere, at the very worst they get delayed, but we'll just adjust to the new times.

      Perhaps the amount of sources lessen -- the "noob" manga readers would get lost, while the veterans still find their way to it.

      hurhur, I don't know, but I would be very very very ( LIKE VERY ) fucking surprised if anything SERIOUS would happen, the internet is too big and uncontrollable for that and as long as the manga keeps coming out in Japan it will find its way to us.

      I could be in denial, but we'll see in time what happens, I could join the front of ragers, but currently I truly doubt it.

    14. Reisorr
      I'm too lazy to keep on posting in that thread, but I find it funny how "The FrostXian" reacts in such a way. I also like how you keep on assuming, assuming and assuming. Pretty cool that your profile says that you are 22.

      Could you please let me know where are you from ? Just asking, it's okay if you refuse to. :pek

      Oh and yes, I broke my promise somewhat to be out, but I was too interested in what you'd reply, too bad you just kept on going with your bullshit, the worst part is I got nothing to prove my point/opinion/view, but yet again, I wouldn't care, but you keep on trolling/provoking me. Q_Q
    15. Krombacher
    16. colours
      don't forget to rep and credit since i see you're only using the avatar :amuse
    17. colours
      your set is complete ~
    18. alchemy1234
      if you don't mind me asking mate, where are you from?
    19. Lovewitches
      Nice work on that Rukia/Ichigo poster thing. I wouldnt have been to do it myself.
    20. TSC

      I see many people do this responds but I don't get what people are trying to say with showing person's avatar. The one you did in my respond to hatifnatten included

      Did I say something stupid there?

      Sorry if I sound stupid or ignorant, I just don't catch this joke fad.
    21. T-Pein™
      dude my neg rep is because I pwned some OBD n00bs with my superior Knowledge
      They lost so they neg me
      Thats how it is
      Anyways thnxs for the support
    22. Safer Saviour
      Safer Saviour
      Yes. The thing is, he's been at sea for several months now, yet he hasn't had a birthday. He'll probably just turn eighteen.

      I really don't see where a timeskip would fit because there's too much going on right now. At the very most to another Strawhat and leave Luffy off screen for a while but a timeskip would be jarring and would derail things that are still continuing atm, like the Supernovae, BB, Shanks vs. Kaidou, the big broadcast etc.
    23. Zetta
    24. Noitora
      Oh, now I can.
    25. Noitora
      I'm unsure, I can't seem to view our conversation. :pek
    26. FrostXian
      How strange, did the visitor messages get wiped?
    27. Noitora
      Show me your manly parts, my good friend.
    28. Kalashnikov
    29. Kalashnikov
    30. Kalashnikov
      Me? Never! :uwah
      Just popping in out of boredom.
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