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furious styles
Last Activity:
Sep 26, 2014
Apr 24, 2005
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September 9

furious styles


furious styles was last seen:
Sep 26, 2014
      No peeping - Lil B
    2. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      What good timing.
    3. ninamori
      yo. i'm just sitting here waiting to sober up enough to do my math hw (lol college) and i noticed you sent me a message on this weird public thing that i still don't really understand? i'm writing on it now so i'm sure when you'll eventually read this you'll know what i'm talking about

      so even though we've been in contact since then; HEYYY!!! also you called me mon-bon which is AWESOME because people irl call me that now too and maybe actually you started it which is the coolest shit in the world because i love that nickname.

    4. Buskuv
      No problem, mang.
    5. Buskuv
      Alright, a few of my favorite albums this year:







      Lil B is my friend 2012- Lil B
    8. Buskuv
      Not much, dude.

      It's been a fuckin' long time.
    9. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      I'm still around. Time to spread roots.
    10. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      We should try to hold some reunion. Set a date for everyone to remember to come back to the forums to shoot the breeze and whatnot.
    11. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      I'm guessing it's a music school
    12. Astronaut
      happy new year, m'dear.
    13. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      Yo. How've you been holding up?
    14. Shroomsday
      Damned good looking maybe.
    15. breakbeat oratory
    16. Setoshi
      please do. im gonna be your first male groupie :D
    17. Aruarian
      Just got home from a short holiday in London, was good times. 'cept for the journey home, so much tiredness and drunkness. xd
    18. Cax
      Fucking nice sounds man. Looks like you've got the technicalities of beat making down. I tried flowing over a lot of them - I found most to be more suitable without vocals. One could probably write new lyrics to some of these tracks, but I was just rapping shit I've already written (obviously). Great stuff though mate. You should pump out some more gritty, boom bap kinda Mobb Deep beats. Ones you can just lay constant bars on and slaughter the beat. I can see you pullin that shit off easily (especially since you seem to be so good at sampling too ay).
    19. Aruarian
      Sir Slick/Maggot Brain/Minami Ryusuke/Anthony J. Crowley/Karsa Orlong/Davey, actually.

      Sup Hans.
    20. ɒiƨʜɒɿ ƚɘivoƨ
      ɒiƨʜɒɿ ƚɘivoƨ
      yeah we did! :] it's been fuck ages since I came on NF though, much less went to the MD. I thought I'd come over a bit and see how things are going on. if you've been there lately, how goes the MD oldies?

      I'm in uni, doing accounting. therefore by empirical evidence, whatever you're doing is bound to be fantabulously more interesting than numbers and company policies ;p
    21. Cax
      Yeah no shit ay. That was ages ago. That sounds fuckin dope though dude. Hell yeah I'd like that. You got anything I could listen to now or some sorta site or sommat?
    22. ɒiƨʜɒɿ ƚɘivoƨ
      ɒiƨʜɒɿ ƚɘivoƨ
      glad to hear that :) what've you been up to?

      i'm surprised you could find me with the new name!
    23. tgre
      if you could see my face

      it is an expression of pure jelly

      musical collaborator?

      Do you have anything I could spin? You've piqued my interest!
    24. Setoshi
      arlight, i'll check them out friday night once im home from work. whats the name of your group?
    25. ɒiƨʜɒɿ ƚɘivoƨ
      ɒiƨʜɒɿ ƚɘivoƨ

      hey there chief! i'm uppity up. how are you?
    26. Setoshi
      Mainly the mainstream shit, but yea... I'm a huge weeknd fan. his new album is coming out soon so I'm looking forward to it... how you been bro? :D
    27. tgre
      its all about the experiences bud

      and you're rackin' em up by the truckload

      When I get my finances in order, I someday wish to do something similar either on a Eurotrip or an Americas trip.

      It's something I really want to do

      what are you doing with yourself currently ie: what leg of this uni-nomadic race are you on now?
    28. Cax
      Oh man, I thought you meant we were discussing Deck in the thread ay. Still good to read past threads though. That's an oldie. Nostalgic as hell. What're you up to these days mate?
    29. Buskuv
      ohhh shit, son

      the glory days

      it's been awhile, man

      what's new?
    30. tgre
      not bad at all

      on uni holidays right now so just following standard procedure

      music, munting after massive nights and working ungodly hours to finance my holidays

      other than that, there are tonnes of gigs that are about to happen in Australia right now so there's a massive hole in my wallet where my cash was supposed to be

      Seeing Beirut, The Whitest Boy Alive and Laura Marling in the coming year and I'm planning to go to the Blip Festival in Feb (massive chiptune festival) so I'm sticking extra shifts onto my already hectic work schedule

      I'm like double full-time lmao (if there is such a thing)

      other than that, nothing else. I was planning on doing a Eurotrip during this time (I had the money saved up) but work got in the way (wasn't able to take out annual leave during this time) so I decided to vent my frustration by drinking more and destroying my liver... as you do in this situation.

      But yeah, experiencing a Melbourne summer, and that pretty much means that it rains almost every second day. Melbourne has some of the most messed up weather, but its alright. Skyrim on PS3 has been slowly sapping away what little motivation I have to work out (which is bad because I'm getting a little flabby)


      Still on the road?

      tbh I'm really envious of your nomadic lifestyle right now D:
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    September 9
    i see through pussy like the invisible woman.


    formerly known as cheifrocka, judge|dre, dokuro, GZA
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