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Dec 4, 2019
Feb 2, 2008
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Well-Known Member

Gallant was last seen:
Dec 4, 2019
    1. Detective
      When I heard what Hinkie did today, this was me:


    2. Detective
      He really does have no sense of honour. Or sense of camaraderie and brotherhood.

      Shameless Motherfucker.

    3. Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strike
      Forgot to congratulate you on Kaepernick ripping us a new one. :pek It was an incredibly enjoyable game nonetheless.
    4. Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strike
      The first thing that went right for the Texans that night was when Ryan Mallet threw an interception in garbage time and they scored. They were so incredibly unlucky. I still feel the better team won but the difference between the two teams is certainly not 42-14. What is the 49ers defense like this year? Haven't paid as much attention to teams outside of the Patriots like I did last year. Also, are you a supporter of Kaepernick starting over Smith?
    5. Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strike
      Patriots v 49ers next week.

      I am pumped.
    6. Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strike
      Haha, you're disdain for it is quiet hilarious. I'll have to come back to you to get some recommendations I think, you seem to know your stuff.
    7. Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strike
      Hahaha, thanks for the heads up mate, I'll avoid it. :lmao
    8. Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strike
      Hey Gal, what's your opinion on the anime Fairy Tail? Comes across to me with a similar vibe to Naruto/One Piece in terms the set-up of the universe, which intrigues me. I think I recall you mentioning that you disliked it, just wanted to know if I could get more insight from you about it.
    9. Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strike
      I'm still trying to figure out how the 76ers pushed the Celtics to 7 games in the end. You're pretty much spot on about not being able to predict the series. Now you get to look forward to the Niners, you'll be having a pretty good year sports wise.
    10. Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strike
      Game 6 should be really interesting. Obviously I hope we close out but I'm expecting a fight, Philly won't roll over. That second half changed so dramatically, Philly went through a offensive drought and the C's capitalized and were suddenly up 20 (Bass played the game of his playoff career). I'd credit the C's defense but it was almost just as much Philly handing the ball straight to some of our players, very bizarre.
    11. Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strike
      Gallant! Your Sixers are giving us a hard time.. Make them stop!
    12. Rukia
      Persona 4 has turned into a really good comedy series.
    13. Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strike
      Your 49ers were awesome this weekend. Never thought Alex Smith had it in him.
    14. Rukia
      Great mirai nikki episode this week. Stop pretending to be a 76ers fan and check it out. :pek
    15. Shadow
      Gallant do you have any other channel stream site. All my previous sites are down and out. I really need some ESPN USA
    16. RemChu
      How far are you in Ultimate Spiderman?
    17. Rukia
      Yuno is scary yo. :datass

    18. Rukia
      Good Mirai Nikki episode this week.
    19. Rukia
    20. Plush
      It truly is. :suave

      Wait...my current Ao no Exorcist set does not please you? :hmpf:gun

      Just to stay on topic, I'm gonna say: Your set is really cute~ :X3
      [Is Nichijou worth watching?] :hurr
    21. Plush
      It was for the Erio set. :distracted

    22. Plush
      Thank you so much for the rep. :X3
    23. OniTasku

      It's been...disappointing, to say the least. I had really high hopes for this series, being a Blood adaptation and all. I still consider No.6 the worst Summer season anime.
    24. Kelsey
      sets finished ~
    25. Kelsey
      sets finished ~
    26. OniTasku
      Haha, true enough. KyoAni gets its fair share of flames from fans and viewers alike. I think you're probably a bit more right in assuming it's more the studio than the series itself. If someone is seen hating on Clannad, they're more than likely not a fan of the series produced by Kyoto Animation.

      The same goes for any other studio, like SHAFT, Pierrot, Manglobe, etc...

      It's just the community we're in. Right now (and as of the past 10 years or so), the internet has really given people a venue to voice their...not so great opinions, at times. In short, it allows in large volume, a platform for people to voice their dissatisfaction and petty problems about things. Unfortunately in the anime fandom, we see it a lot. People should try to view things a bit more objectively from time to time.

      It would go a long way, I'm sure.
    27. OniTasku
      Clannad is given a hard time way too often, and I think it's become sort of a "in" thing to show distaste for the series and publicly decry it.

      Really a shame, since I think Clannad was a great series. Really enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks for the rep, man.
    28. Fiona
      Thank you fro the rep :iria
    29. stardust
      Oh gosh, if noitamina were to actually get canceled it'd truly be a sad day for anime. They're the one block which dares to adapt things that no other studio usually would. That's why I'm disappointed that Black Rock Shooter is going to air on there. It's just not... noitamina material. At all.
    30. Sin
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