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Gallic Rush
Last Activity:
Feb 27, 2014
Nov 9, 2005
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Gallic Rush

Why not?

Gallic Rush was last seen:
Feb 27, 2014
    1. ane

      sorry to bug you this soon after you posted it but you forgot to link the stock you used in your tag :hurr
    2. Sanity Check
      Sanity Check
      That's cool. I've never seen the word Gallic before. Anyway sorry I didn't mean any disrespect. I was just curious.
    3. Sanity Check
      Sanity Check
      I haaateee the TSA, btw. I thought you might be a chic for some reason. Maybe it was because I have difficulty imagining guys use big words like... 'gallic'. :awesome
    4. Sanity Check
      Sanity Check
      Gender check...
    5. Red
      I haven't been to the graphic's section for a long while. Since the group disbanded I haven't really seen the reason to go back.

      Have you been doing anything graphic related since then? The other sites we used to frequent have shut down and I haven't done any serious designing for a couple years now.
    6. Red
      Well I hope you pop up here and there whenever you have the time.
    7. Red
      Yo man, I haven't seen you in forever.
    8. Shadow
      Man I just looked at the stock photo on my Samsung Galaxy Phone. Holy shit you can totally see the spot healing tool and the eyes totally did not blend. Is that why you took out the eyes? and cut the width of the stock? Im working on a IMAC with no graphics card lol. Sorry I should look at the sig more often on my phone
    9. Sayo
      Yessiirr, every year I come around and give presents.
      Besides I also share LOVE, steal shoelaces and try to enslave random NF staff members.
    10. Rockafeller
      no no you can't go! NF needs people like you!
      this sucks
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