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Mar 18, 2011
Feb 27, 2006
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Active Member

Gambitz was last seen:
Mar 18, 2011
    1. Narcissus
      Hey, why did you get banned?
    2. Sasuke
      Thanks for those links
    3. Narcissus
      Basically, the DGM anime much worse than the manga because they dumb down the violence by a lot. I'd say stick with the manga, but it's your choice, of course.

      As for my computer, the damage is bad. My charger (not the cord, but the piece inside the computer) is broken, which will take some time to fix. And like $200. But my roommate is nice and let's me use his.

      Did you catch DH, BTW?
    4. Narcissus
      Doll House tonight! :iria

      I admit, her acting could be a bit better. Odd though, 'cause she did so well as Faith. But then, she seems like the type who can easily slip into the "bad girl" role. Well, the shows still new, and has time to improve.

      Oh and thanks for the comment on my avy. My good friend Masuaro made it for me. Do you read D.Gray-Man?
    5. Narcissus
      You're welcome. :amuse

      I'm hoping that Doll House will last a long time. The first episode was good, and it has great promise. Assuming it keeps enought hits, it should stay on, and Joss does have a good number of fans.
    6. Narcissus
      Just thought I should let you know, the vid you're trying to use in Heero's Gif Request is no longer up.
    7. Narcissus
      Hey Gambitz, Doll House comes on tomorrow, doesn't it?
    8. Narcissus
      I'm all right, just real busy with college nd whatnot. :zaru
    9. Narcissus
      Hey Gambitz, good to have you on the friends list. :zaru
    10. occasionalutopia

      Drunken Master ------> Hozuki-----------> Gambit 16/12/08 (change 1 of 3)

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